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Illustrations one of the most primitive mediums of communication and an ancient genre of art. Many years ago businesses used to feel unpleased at using illustration sin their marketing materials.
In the beginning, there were only one or two major types of illustration known to the artist community. As mentioned earlier, illustration arthas its gigantic importance in almost every field of communication. So, forget about what others say that illustrations are not as important as the content, because illustrationsweigh fifty percent of the overall communication. Whenever you have time on your hands, all you need to do is get a plain paper, pencil and start sketching. You will have to fall in love with the concept of sketchingonly then you can improve your illustration skills. Write for UsThe content on Dzinepress comprise of general design articles, how-to articles, design tutorials and miscellaneous matter related to designing, the blog also covers topics like Blogging, CSS, Fonts, WordPress, Tutorials, Web Designing, HTML and Inspiration in general.
In his “Vanishing Act” project, Seattle-based photographer Art Wolfe unveils one of the secrets of the wildlife that is crucial for the survival – camouflage skills. Illustration has been in practice of the human race even before the words and languages were invented and Egyptian hieroglyphics is one such example.
Although manual illustration has its own classic charm, artists who are skilled in digital illustration design are also in demand. However, like all other art forms, illustration art flourished and took many different forms with the passage of time.
In all aspects of creating marketing materials for your clients business, an original and distinct material with the right illustrations can help boost the product or service your client is selling. Being able to send a catchy, brilliant and crisp visual impression to your prospects can entice them to stop and take a closer look at your visual communication.
However, remember the advertisementyou are providing through the product illustration should be perfect and accurate. If you are stuck with a project and you don’t know what to do, you can create mind maps and word lists.
You can even draw the worst possible designs in order to come up with something exceptionally well. If you will continue to ignore things from the fear of mistakes, you won’t be able to learn anything.
The only way to improve illustration skills is constantly trying, drawing, sketchingand coming up with something extra ordinary.
If anybody would like to use any images, graphics, source files and language codes or content which we are also using, his duty is to find the real owner of that images, graphics, source files and language codes to use it according to the license (terms and conditions) of that content. Unlike simple graphic designers, who develop logos, brochures, post cards, business cards and similar communication, Illustration designers are frequently expected to create lively, character-driven illustrations with personality and often a touch of humor.
These digital illustration artists make use of vector illustration or the illustration software to make illustrations for their communication material. The first great point in advertisingand other mediums of communicationis to draw attention towards yourself and then retain it long enough to tell your story. With so many advanced tools available to enhance the quality of illustration, you can include a good flashy illustration by deeply uprooting the idea through digitally enhanced visual elements in the minds of your clients. In this scenario, all you need to do is create a list of important words which are related to your subject and then you can shortlist a few best words.
However, making sketches on a paper will be more convenient as you will have the freedom of creativity as well. If you will try too hard to be perfect, you won’t be able to come up with even an average thing.
In order to fall in love with sketching, sketch anything, sketch everything and sketch everywhere. She is big fan of world cultures and is the proud co-founder of dzineblog360 and webblog360, alongwith her husband.

If anybody have desire to modification, edition, deletion and print or any kind of use in that stuff he should find the real owner.
From comics to character-making, illustration has its strong impact in the individual as well as commercial designing. Using color illustrations on printed flyers can help create buzz for a nightclub event, a grand opening, or a sale.
When words cannot deliver what you want to tell your customers in the right way, a professionally designed illustrationcan perfectly deliver the messages you want to tell them.
Give some importance to ugly stuff as well because drawing ugly stuff will clear the blockage in your mind. It will be stress reliever and later on you can actually come up with something extra ordinary. Let your mind produce the ideas and let your hands flow with them and make something extremely creative on a paper which was blank. Instead of trying to be perfect, draw something extremely unusual just for the sake of experimenting.
The use of colors are getting complex and the way thoughts are illustrated on the canvas is getting even more intricate.For any beginner, it might be difficult to get used to the different practices and styles the artists follow in creating paintings. Here are some of the common painting styles artists follow today.The Western StyleThe Western style is one of the most commonly followed art painting style today. Remember, all the master pieces were rough sketches at one of point of time with a lot of mistakes.
So, you need to understand the fact that sometimes even mistakes can be a blessing in disguise.
Somebody had to draw a line and it turned out to be the art critics who took up the responsibility. So, now, Modernism is officially the period between 1860 and 1970.In simple words, modernism is a break away from the traditional form of art painting.
The thin brush strokes, common and ordinary subjects, unusual angles etc are some features of this style of art painting. Outdoor sceneries of landscapes and even streets became settings for impressionist painters.If you look closely at impressionist paintings, you will find that black is a color that is rarely used. The artists were very keen about making the color and reflection right for every object on the canvas. Impressionist paintings were even considered as an alternative to photography, which then lacked the luxury of colors.Abstract StyleAn abstract painting by Victor FigolAny art that illustrates anything, but not in the truest of forms, can be classified as abstract art. This is a real product of radical thought.In abstract paintings, you will never find a man, animal or even any real life object.
Sometimes, the shape is scaled down to produce the effect the artist wants on the canvas.The colors on the canvas represent emotions and shapes symbolize objects.
The expressionist paintings either represents emotional state of the artist or is intended to induce some kind of an emotional echo within the viewer.Jackson Pollock was one of the biggest names in expressionist art painting.
The final product will be a blend of actual form of the object and some geometrical shape.Today, Cubism is another style of abstract art painting. But, Cubism was a strong presence in the art world even before abstract painting became prevalent. The world of art painting would have never been the same without contributions from these Cubist artists.SurrealismA surrealistic painting by Vladimir KushAlthough not the purest form of abstract painting, you will find traces of abstract thinking in Surrealism. The first technique uses detailed and precise brush strokes while the other is the common watercolor painting.The artists are not just drawing the appearance of an object. They also try to keep the use of extravagant and vibrant colors to the minimum.The Chinese artists follow six principles of painting, which was actually set up in the 5th century. Xie He, an ancient Chinese artist, said that without Spirit Resonance, there was no need to look further.“Bone Method“, or the way of using the brush. This refers not only to texture and brush stroke, but also to the close link between handwriting and personality. They are ready to try their luck from outside the box of tradition.Japanese Painting Style A beautiful Japanese paintingJapanese art can mesmerize you in many ways.

If you look at it from the outside, its charm, simplicity and fluency can greatly make you want it.
But if you try to learn more about Japanese painting, you will find yourself in a world of bewilderment. Japanese painting takes influences from Chinese, other eastern and western art.Japanese painting art has its own schools of thought and styles. The kind of paintings Japanese artists produced using only black ink would amaze any world-class artist. This school of art was result of a direct influence from Chinese art and Buddhism.‘Kano’ was another school of art that budded in the 15th century.
Use of common people as subject and portraying their emotions was characteristic of this school of art. You can identify this school of art by the use of natural scenes and subjects like landscapes, flowers and even cultural influences.The Indian StyleA Rajput Painting by Nihal ChandBeing extremely diverse in culture, you can expect Indian painting tradition to be diverse as well. Indian painting is mostly a direct result of traditions and changing life styles over the years.
The caves of Ajanta and Ellora are famous for its mural paintings.During the reign of Mughal empire, Indian painting tradition took a new turn. Rulers of that time, Akbar, Jahangir, and Shah Jahan were all keen in promoting the art of painting. However, Aurangzeb showed little interest in arts and this probably led to downfall of art painting afterwards.Next major era of painting started during the Rajput Empire and is called Rajput Paintings.
The artists preferred creation of miniatures, but the subjects of the paintings were diverse. You would find paintings illustrating events from great Indian epics, landscapes and human life. An interesting fact about the colors used for these paintings is that some of the colors used were made from precious stones, silver and even gold!
Like any other classical South Indian painting, Gods and scenes from Hindu mythologies found its place reserved in Mysore paintings.The creation of a perfect Mysore Painting has many stages.
First the throne or anything of that importance are painted.  Even gold foils were used for a better output. Then, watercolor is used to complete the painting, but only gentle tones.A beautiful Tanjore paintingTanjore painting is perhaps the most important and old classical painting of south India. Use of rich colors, attention given to every minute detail and, most importantly, elegance, are some specialties of Tanjore paintings. Dyes were used for giving color to the paintings.When it comes to modern times, there is only one prevailing style in Indian art painting.
That has to be the Bengal School style of painting.Artists like Abanindranath Tagore promoted this painting style in spite of many controversies following this new thought.
The modern Indian painting is a result of struggle by Indian painters to break the shackles. Raza etc are the people who started Indian modernist approach in art painting.SummaryDifferent cultures around the world have produced different types of art paintings. Although each form of painting is special, you will be able to relate more to a specific form of art painting.
Following the inspiration and creating a splendor on the canvas is all you need to do!What other painting styles are there? If you add it to your paper, it will be a complete source of general knowlage about painting ?? Thank you Shyam Reply August 22, 2014 at 10:53 am Tara,Thanks for the feedback. However, you have missed a few of the oldest and the most important art styles of painting.
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