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Dog tattoos are often sported by many people as they are an excellent way of expressing one’s personal affection and love for his or her canine companion. Over the many thousands of years together, dogs have evolved to become one of the most loyal and friendly canine companions from our vast animal kingdom.
Dog Tattoos are perfect tattoo ideas for men or women who either want to express their affection towards their own dogs, or simply want to ink their passed away dog in loving memory of. You may wish to accompany a quote with a simple dog tattoo design, by the way the quote is so true! Don’t let your imagination run dry, tryout some weird tattoo ideas with your pet dog! If you prefer to be more concealed with your love of dog tattoos, then a small ink behind your ears is the perfect location!

A dog tattoo does not have any specific symbolic meaning and can represent whatever the wearer wants it to. There is no question as to dogs being our most popular furry pets, and it would only justify their companionship through inking these lovely animals onto our skin to express our love towards them as well. The most common symbolic meaning of these tattoos include confidence, loyalty, strength, teamwork, friendship, obedience, protection, courage, intelligence, guidance, determination and perception. Dogs have been man’s best friend for a long time and they have been exclusively featured in many myths and folklores of the ancient world. By tattooing a dog, there may also be charitable benefits such as helping animal fundraisers like Ink for Animals in providing funding for adopted animals. There’s plenty of tattoo ideas to play around with dogs, so check out the below tattoo designs to see if you find anything interesting that can be twisted for your own dog tattoos! If you prefer cats or dolphins, you may also wish to check out our Lovely Cute Cat Tattoo Ideas and Designs or Captivating Dolphin Tattoo Ideas and Design for your inspiration. Whatever the reason, a dog tattoo is sure to look amazing and help the wearer make a bold style statement.

According to ancient Egyptian, Greco-Roman and Celtic mythologies, dogs were also believed to be spiritual guides or psychopomps who assist people in their transition from the physical realm of the living to the non-physical realm of the dead. This website offers some amazing ideas for these tattoos that can be customized easily to increase its symbolic value.
Dog tattoos can be done in simple black ink, or they can be drawn in attractive coat shades like brown, yellow and white.
Both realistic as well as cartoonish impressions of canines are equally popular as tattoo arts.

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