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The dolphin tattoos are mostly displayed on arm and feet but they are also engraved on other body parts. This dolphin with a shell necklace is very concerned about her looks and likes to wear jewellery. A black dolphin with red outlines making a splash in the waters, inked above the ankle, looks cheerful.
These three dolphins with orange stripes are like the three musketeers who always stayed together. This tattoo with four dolphins and bubbles created on the arm in a round resemble a family of four. A large dolphin swimming in the sea with a celtic symbol and butterflies hovering over it looks amazing.

A slim, black dolphin lying around the ankle with blue sea waves below it, looks beautiful. A blue-green dolphin motif with waves carved on leg has a sparkling touch that looks vibrant and bright.
The girl has carved this small dolphin tattoo with heart shapes on her upper back in the loving memory of her mother. A tiny dolphin tattoo created below the belly about to take a massive dive into the sea has a sexy look.
A small and broad outline of dolphin picture created on the shoulder-blade in black looks tasteful. Two dolphins following each other in a circular form with a kanji symbol at the center, inked on leg.

Very lovely collection of dolphin tattoos, all of them look very good, some in a cartoon style and some look more realistic.
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