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In Asia , particularly in China , there are found many ancient objects that contain symbols and dragon image .
Dragon , in China , is depicted in various forms , including the dragon turtle , dragon koi fish but the most popular is the form of a snake with four legs that grip.
Dragon meaning is a symbol for strength , power and profits are closely related to the water element.
Dragon has a snake-like body shape but has hard scaly skin with plenty of serrations on the back , antlers and long mustache .

In Europe , dragon is described as an animal that can spout fire and identified with chaos and crime , but instead in asia dragon even as fertility symbol associated with the element of water and sky . In fact there is a parable that is assuming extraordinary person as a dragon , while the weak nature of the worm. YG family is all hip hop and they're known for all their members having tattoos which follows their hip hop status. G Dragon has 3 now (one on each arm & now on his back), all of 1tym's members (except 1 i think), se7en, moogadang, jinusean, perry, masta wu, perry, even mr.

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