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Chinese dragon renderings generally have the nine basic elements of this revered and powerful symbol.
Chinese dragons have the head of a camel with the eyes of a rabbit, the horns of a deer and the ears of an ox.
Hanging a Chinese art dragon in your home or place of business brings the protection and power of the dragon into your space. Chinese dragons are generally friendly, wise and beautiful, unlike their counterparts in the West.

In many depictions of Chinese dragons, they are accompanied by a traditional "shining pearl." Some link this pearl to the beast's association with the sun and other celestial orbs, while others think it represents the celestial dragon's love of jewels and gems. Adding a single dragon statue to your home or garden brings protection, good luck and prosperity. Referred to as the divine mythical creature, Chinese dragons are known as the angels of the Orient. They have the head of a camel, the horns of a giant stag, the eyes of a rabbit, and the ears of a bull.

Their body is covered with scales of a carp and their tiger like paws have claws like an eagle. They are covered with the scales of a carp, have the paws of a tiger and the claws of an eagle.

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