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If you didn’t know, Miley’s family has Cherokee roots, so she was always surrounded by Native American symbols. The dreamcatcher tattoo Miley has on the right side of her rib cage represents something very dear to her, a real dream catcher that is hung above her bed, and which has four feathers that represent her brothers and sisters. This object, the dreamcatcher, is thought to have been created by the Anishinabe people from the Native American tribes, also known as the Chippewa. If you like this Native American symbolic object, you can have a version of it tattooed temporarily on your skin from our website, just add it to your cart and it will be delivered the next day! Miley Cyrus has a total of 17 tattoos, many of them small and discrete, many with classical designs and some which are more original. Best wishes to the wearer – Good dreams go through the hole in the web and bad dreams trapped in the web.
TIME flies, I find that I’m only a DREAMCATCHER, and the DESTINY of the dreamcatchers is Failure, because the dream is in the LAPUTA. Her brother has also a dreamcatcher tattoo on his neck and also Geronimo’s face drawn on his hand and back.
It is a lucky charm that protects the family from bad dreams, as the Native American tradition says.

According to a legend of theirs, there was a spider woman who used to visit the cradles of all the babies and weave magical webs above them, in order to protect them from bad dreams and bring peaceful ones to their sleep.
It could be feminine and a perfect way self expression for women if the design and the placement is done properly.
By using needles and electric tattoo machine, it has been a lot precise and lessened the pain when puncturing the skin. Tattoos of all flowers, feather, tree, dreamcatcher, quotes, etc., are good tattoo ideas on rib. Her father, country singer Billy Ray Cyrus also has Chief Geronimo and Chief Joseph on his hands. As the tribe expanded and children became many, every woman took this task in their own hands, creating dream catchers for their babies. Native Americans used the arrow as a symbol in their culture, along with many other symbols which they used to communicate, as they were a highly spiritual people.
Girls who admire their bodies and beauty of the amazing art opt to get their first tattoo on less visible area of the body.
I’m interested in the pattern surrounding the text, which seems influenced by tribal pattern.

Rib or rib cage is one of such good locations for its larger area and flexibility of invisibility.
It’s a larger canvas for tattoo artist but the skin here is relatively thin compared with other parts of the body. Rib is one of most painful areas on the body to get tattoo although the pain varies person to person.
If you get a tattoo on rib, the tattoo is invisible to yourself, not like a tattoo on back. For its larger area, there are plenty of choices to think about a meaningful tattoo on your ribs.

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