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Heavy knights are often what people picture—steel armor, great swords, and a shield at the ready.
Knights also exist who eschew the heavy armor and arms of their brethren while still achieving prowess in battle.
Eagle Knights are champions of liberty, revered at home in Andoran, yet often reviled in other nations, including but not limited to Cheliax. The Knights of Ozem protect Lastwall and all of Avistan from the demon-infested Worldwound and the undead of Ustalav.
Mendevian Crusaders are less organized than other knightly orders, united primarily by their desire to eliminate the expansion of demons from the Worldwound.
Ustalav's House Graydon is well-known for being absolutely loyal to the country's ruler, even if this loyalty leads them to perform less than honorably.
House Khavortorov of Brevoy is represented by a white dragon with a helmet embedded in its chest. While knightly orders are often drawn from ancient traditions, a few have been lost to time altogether or receded into secrecy. The knights of the Order of the Green Feather were the holy warriors of the Peacock Spirit, and served the runelords faithfully as specially trained militia used against enemies of the empire.
Dwarves are the epitome of the archetypal knight clad in heavy metal armor and weapons, often forgoing the use of a shield and mount.
The rare gnomish knight often imitates another race's knightly traditions, using halfling-style weapons and mounts.

Humans are often credited with the development of mounted knights, even if the rest of their claims of inventing knighthood are debatable. The most common mount for a knight is the horse,[21] though other animal mounts are also used depending on the prevailing environment. The most effective leaders among knights are able to attract powerful and intelligent creatures to serve as a mount.
As knights can have innumerable backgrounds and expertise, their weapons are more defined by the skills of their chosen profession. Some seek out glory and champion causes and commoners, all while wearing shining armor astride a mount. Whether their power is arcane or divine, these knights use their spells both on and off the battlefield.
Members spend time within the district of Westgate as a sort of city watch, or as patrols throughout the Isle of Kortos, or abroad on missions of importance to the city. Membership is hard to obtain—each knight in the guard died in service to the Pharaoh or country and was resurrected by order of the Pharaoh. Many of these knights gained their position due to accident of birth or by having the right network of connections.
These masters of battle have short tempers and exhibit expertise with the Aldori dueling sword. Even though these codes are not as strict as those that bind paladins, knights that stray are prescribed penance to atone.

One such magus, the half-elf Serren, developed a spellbook, Serren's Field Manual, to collect useful spells to aid his knights. After these interesting sagas, a modern story will be told that will include flashbacks to pre-Hispanic times. Those trained from early age in the martial pursuits, such as cavaliers, fighters, and paladins often become knights of this type. Leading noble houses that maintain their own knights include the houses of Darahan, Eiredor, Germande, and Merrosett.
Over the past few centuries, other wizard followers of Nethys have spread these spells throughout Golarion’s knightly orders.
Presently, these Eagle Knight sagas have 18 registered characters and more are being developed, so campaign sponsorship is very important.
For some this purpose might be faith and holy orders, while for others the glory of their home country is paramount—either through influencing others while abroad or providing defense at home.

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