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Tattooing requires a pair of pliers and numbers or letters made of sharp, needlelike projections which pierce the skin. On dark-pigmented ears of cattle or goats (for example, Alpine goats), use green or white ink instead of black. The restraint of animals for tattooing will vary with the age and strength of the animal but requires that the ears be stable with little movement. Be sure to maintain tattooing equipment, keeping it clean and replacing broken or dull characters (letters and numbers).
Apply a generous amount of ink over the area to be tattooed, usually between the middle ribs of the ear.
Keep a firm grip on the calf or kid to avoid any movement that could cause the tongs to slip. After several weeks, the ink will dry and flake out of the ear, leaving a legible tattoo and a permanent means of identification. However, it is not easily viewed and may require another complementary method of identification, such as an ear tag, that is visible from short distances. The tattoo ink is forced into the punctures and remains visible after the puncture wounds heal. Many brands of indelible ink are available through your livestock supply house, local livestock store or cooperative.

Other measures to decrease spread of disease include wearing gloves, using separate cloths or pads to clean animals’ ears and disinfecting equipment between animals.
The animals are easier to restrain, the smaller numbers are easier to insert in the ear and the tattoo will grow with the animal. Wax interferes with the permanency of the ink; if wax is mixed with the ink, the tattoo will most likely fade.
After verifying the correct tattoo by punching it into a piece of paper, position the tongs in the center of the ear between the ribs of cartilage and squeeze firmly. Sanitizing Equipment Sanitize the tattoo kit between calves by spraying rubbing alcohol on the tongs and the individual tattoo pieces that have been used. A note of caution – remind your veterinarian there is a tattoo in that ear and that it should be avoided if a vaccination tattoo is inserted. This publication primarily addresses tattooing of dairy and beef cattle and goats but is applicable to other animals. Tattooing is usually done on the ears, and tattoos can be seen best on animals that have white ears. The roll-on applicators, rather than the paste, have been proven to save ink and make the job cleaner.
Older animals should be placed in a stanchion, chute or thrown and held to the ground by assistants.

This cleaning will minimize infection in the tattoo and should be done before and after each procedure.
PENNINGTON is professor - dairy and goats, University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture, Cooperative Extension Service, Little Rock. Those with black pigment in the ears can be tattooed, but the numerals and letters are more difficult to read.
If no alcohol pads are available, rubbing alcohol and a soft, clean cloth or cotton swab also will work, as long as the wax is completely removed. Water is normally not used to clean the ears as it can get in the ear canal and may cause an ear infection.
If you must re-tattoo, tattoo in the exact same place as previously unless no portions of the tattoo can be seen.

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