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Cross Walking And praying For The Men, Women, Children And Families Living In East Los Angeles.
After a special walk in downtown Los Angeles, I headed west on 6th Street that eventually turns into Whittier Boulevard and headed for the heart of East L.A. This is a largely Hispanic city and I know I’m always going to get a great reception from the Spanish community. Of course, East Lost Angeles has a reputation for being home to one of California’s largest gangs. At each street corner I hoisted the large cross and bowed my head, praying first against the satanic forces that adversely manipulate people’s lives and which inflict misery, greed and fear on humans.
As I walked the cross, shook hands, smiled big, and prayed hard, God’s power from on high began to descend.
This Cross Is A Large Spiritual Plow Designed By God To Break Up The Fallow Ground Of Hardened, Stony and Thorny Hearts And Expose The Good Ground So God's Good Seed (His Word) Can Set, Germinate And Grow Upwards Unto Eternal Life. Today, East Los Angeles and its people would experience first hand just what a little bit of soul-winning can do. Porky, 16, right, and Jaime, of the Marianna Maravilla Diablos, an Easl Los Angeles gang, hold his machine gun in front of a car that Porky was shot in. Danny, one of the Evergreen Boys, looks out of the window after waking, as his homeboys call on him. Mark, 12, and other Evergreen Boys throw bottles at their enemies who are on the way home from school. Largo, 14, an Evergreen Boy, waits for the bus, watching the streets carefully for his enemies returning from school. FINISHED PRODUCTS—Manny Velasquez, a muralist from the Dia de los Muertos festival at East Los Angeles College stands next to one of the murals he created at Van Nuys High School with some of his volunteers, from left, Fernando Palacios, Kimberly Zuniga, Carmen Barajas and Joel Giron.
For the last 30 years he has helped youth through art, helping them with their problems trying to get them to understand that there is more to life than where they stand.
Velasquez is currently putting up three murals at Van Nuys High School in the San Fernando Valley.
His murals are seen all over San Fernando Valley Hollywood and around the Los Angeles Area.

Before becoming a full time muralist, he taught at California  State University, Northridge. Velasquez says that working at Van Nuys High School helped him notice that many of our youth face many issues in which schools and parents do not help them understand.
So far, he has helped many students understand that life is not just about having fun and smoking marijuana. There is more to life than that; he has helped convey that message to the youth he has encountered over the 30 years of his profession.
Velasquez states that when he was a director in Positive Alternatives for youth he would work 12-14 hour shifts but did not mind. He is currently helping students at Van Nuys High School understand that school is the way to go. During that time, he helps them understand what type of goals they may have and know what steps they should take to accomplish those long-term goals. Velasquez added that he was hired to only do one mural at Van Nuys High School, but is doing two more for free. For example, he received an offer of about $500 for a mask he did, which was displayed at the D?a de los Muertos festival.
He refused to sell it because his mother, who is currently diagnosed with dementia and Alzheimer, helped him with the mask. Some of his works include the Ritchie Valens murals at Pacoima Middle School and Ritchie Valens Park in the San Fernando Valley, which inspired the creation of the movie La Bamba. He tries to help out communities by reaching out to the youth and helping them so that they can change their communities in positive ways. HEAR THE MUSIC—Muralist Manny Velasquez reaches out to youth to show them positive ways to change their communities. It was late, so I decided to get a motel room for the night and walk the cross in East Los Angeles the next morning.
Early the next morning I ate my normal McDonald’s breakfast (which has become my on-the-road office of sorts) then headed east on Whittier and found a great parking spot. Then I asked the Lord of the Harvest to spiritually transform the cross into a large plow and plowshare and break up the fallow ground of the hearts of all people who see the cross.

His parents are "veteranos " (veteran gang members) from the previous generation in Maravilla.
Velasquez was a director at Positive Alternatives for Youth in Panorama City for seven years, among many other things.
Unloading the large cross, I lowered it to my shoulder and headed west down this large and very busy boulevard. Like all people in every city, life can turn your personality and soul into a hardened, stony or thorny heart.
It’s a symbol of the greatest truth ever revealed, the greatest love ever shared, and the greatest power ever displayed.
His power and love would break through the darkness, shatter the darkness, and command the darkness to depart. His father, Danny, 18, is a member of the Evergreen Boys, and is finding it difficult to get a job. But beneath all hardened, stony and thorny heart-soil lies the good heart-soil  just waiting to be turned up and exposed to the good seed, the Good News. I felt the oppression that accompanies fear and distrust lift, and in its place a new freedom and liberty in Christ filled the streets of east Los Angeles. The magic, if you call it that, is what the great God and Savior Jesus Christ did for East Los Angeles residents over two thousand years ago. His mother says she knew the older Maravilla gangs, but they were less violent than the ones today. Many would simply reach out and touch or kiss the cross and then go on their way, a smile on their faces and a new song in their hearts to the God of glory. And only Jesus Christ the Resurrection and the Life can give the command and lift the lives of all people out of the tomb of despair and into new beginnings and new hope.

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