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Wedding photography is extremely fun, and it lets you apply your creative skills unrestrained.
Soft focus: Soft focus effect adds a certain ethereal haze or halo element to crisp photographs.
Dodge and burn: Dodging and burning lighten and darken different areas in a photograph to create an artistic yet natural look. Vignettes: This artistic effect that involves lightening or darkening the edges of a picture can draw a viewer’s attention into the photo.
Multiple exposures: You can experiment with traditional multiple exposure techniques to create contemporary styled photographs. Cross processing: Cross processed photographs have both a color cast and a high contrast to them, and are growing more popular through magazine adverts. Color popping: Popping generally works well with wedding photographs and it emphasizes a colorful and bright part of an image. About the AuthorJim Harmer Facebook Twitter Google+Jim Harmer is the founder of Improve Photography, and host of the popular Improve Photography Podcast.
Slimjim, completely disagree with your statement- the author clearly stated that these were tips, i.e.
Being a photographer who’s done weddings as well as a high end retoucher, the article was spot on with the methods you can use for creative wedding photos.
The 2 things i would add to the tips is to NOT go overboard with the effects- less is more. I cannot see how you could have digitally removed that person and recreated all the detail required (dress, arm, veil, background) to complete the after edit shot. A lot of the creative touches mentioned here, in my opinion, should be used in moderation and as additional files to the clean edits.
I have seen in most of the cases the post processing of wedding photography is done in a decent way. You can choose from a wide range of photo editing software that’s available as online editing, paid or even free to download software.
I prefer that using the masking tool is more well-organized than an eraser tool.You can always undo when using masking tool, whereas undoing an eraser tool is very limited. I WON'T KNOW FOR SURE UNTIL I HAVE THIS PHOTO PRINTED OUT, BUT IT LOOKS FANTASTIC ON THE COMPUTER. Really impressed with the fix and the speed with which you got my photo back to me, many thanks! I was hesitant to use this service because I have good knowledge of photoshop, but I was surprised with the quality of the photo I received. Behind-the-scenes professional editing can transform your wedding photos from good to great.
With the market brimming with amazing quality cameras, good photography comes easy even to those with basic skills and knowledge.

Regardless of whatever software you choose, here are a few useful wedding photography editing tips that could help you come up with some incredible keepers.
This may include copying the raw image files from the camera to your local computer, the editing process itself, and finally saving the edited files. While you can experiment with modern techniques, make sure that you do not go overboard with the effects.
For instance, shadows on the brides face can be softened by dodging while burning can intensify shadows to enhance focus on a subject. I see way too many over-vignetted and over cross processed photos which makes the image look gimmicky and unprofessional. The topic here I found was really effective to the topic which I was researching for a long time. How is it possible that you ‘reconstructed’ so much of that image after removing the unwanted person? Good photography does not come from a camera, it comes from the person behind it- controlling all of it’s functions.
Editing can improve a photo that just needed some adjustments, as well as add those creative touches. The photographer probably shot multiple images of that scene, and in this shot the bride’s face looked the best but some guy stepped into the frame. I came across a photo editing site called Pictricks and I’m wondering if it’s worth saving on the actual photographer and then having the photos I love edited? Nothing overly edited images are expected at all and need to be aware of the fact that natural look should be intact.
With years of experience in digital photo manipulation software, my services are top quality. Whatever is the software you choose, here are some tips for effective wedding photo editing.
They removed a person from this picture & changed the background and you can't tell it isn't an original photo.
Photo editing, which Seattle wedding photographer Alex Shiu says enhances images the same way that flattering lighting and elegant furnishings can make a good meal taste even more delicious."If you don't have good color correcting and editing skills, the image is just flat," says Shiu, owner of Eastlake-based Alex Studio. However, if you want to create an impact with your clicks, proper photo editing is probably the way to go. Considering the huge number of pictures and the high expectations that are placed on the results, wedding photo editing can be creative and also wearisome at the same time.
Throwing in your creativity at the right place, and mixing and matching different styles can be very effective in producing breathtaking photographs.
However, converting color photographs to black and white during the editing process is known to give better results. Overall I have found Usefull info on this site and I really appreciate that you give info about products the average person can afford.

The adjustments of brightness is mostly done in editing wedding photos.Some important points has been sorted out here, thanks. So, it becomes quite complex for a photo retouching specialist to satisfy the customer easily. Ranging from basic color and contrast adjustments to advanced retouching, editing and restoration, I am able to take on any Photoshop challenge with stunning result. But your wedding is the most significant event in your life and you will want it to be pictured perfectly. I just feel that you have way to many articles that don’t really give the info the title suggest and they are a little vague.
Spot-coloring is a trend on it’s way out (in my opinion, for good reason, as it detracts from portraits). However, this article seems really useful to satisfy the weeding couples with their weeding shots by editing the images according to the mentioned advice. My skills include but are not limited to skin retouching, facial enhancements, acne and blemish removal, posture correction, background extraction or replacement, adding or subtracting elements from photos, eye color correction and flash glare wedding album corrected, don’t hesitate to buy my gigs and leave your worries behind. I want people to look at it and say, 'Wow!' immediately."For decades, photographers would shoot a wedding, then send the images to a lab for expert processing and retouching. Though I’ve worked on some rather challenging projects over time, not once have I had one unsatisfied customer.
His team now finishes wedding photos from overwhelmed photographers in Seattle and as far away as Australia and Egypt."People wonder, 'Why isn't my image as good as the professionals'?'" Shiu says.
He backs them up on two separate hard drives, sorts them in Adobe Bridge, then edits and posts them online. He figures he spends three to four hours in post-processing work for every hour of shooting.Gessel used a wide-angle lens called a fisheye to capture this windswept, color-saturated, romantic panorama. Rather than settle for an overcast sky, he changed the white balance on the photo to make the image "really, really red" and added a sunspot for extra effect, resurrecting the absent sun."Photoshop can enhance what you've done, but Photoshop cannot get you a great image from a bad one," Gessel says. They estimate that 40 hours per wedding is spent meeting with clients, shooting and, later, editing and fine-tuning images. Person says digital photography and photo-editing software have "really just freed up a ton of different styles." Before going digital, she'd have to use different film speeds and develop film in specific ways to achieve a desired effect. Rather than experimenting with digital's expansive special effects, she limits her alternatives to mostly sepia tones and black-and-whites, preferring a more classic, timeless approach.Photo-editing software can give any image a vintage feel, but it takes a skilled eye to make a truly crisp black-and-white, she says. She estimates she spends at least 20 hours per wedding getting everything in shipshape, including color correction, cropping and other editing. It's that attention to detail that gives this photo of a glowing bride and her clutch of bridesmaids at DeLille Cellars an extra boost of radiance."If you look at my original, it's a decent exposure," Harrold says.

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