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The Egyptian tattoos presented in this site can add a mysterious element to your aura, thus greatly increasing your overall appeal. The most common approach to Egyptian tattoos employs the ancient Egyptian script, known as hieroglyphics. As you go for Egyptian tattoos, you can opt for two types of writing: logograms and phonograms.
Hieroglyphics began with 24 consonants, but in the end became a rich body of over a hundred symbols.
Egyptian symbols are extremely popular as tattoo designs due to their ornate styles and symbolic value.
The hieroglyphs may be the most recognized Egyptian symbols, but they are not the only options used for developing fashionable tattoos. You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. With its rich cultural heritage and a mystical form of religion, this country has been able to fascinate both historians and civilians ever since the earliest times.
Known for its rich iconography and timeless appeal, Egyptian culture makes a fitting design choice for one’s tattoo.

As the scripts were carved in the stone temples and in the tombs of the pharaohs, it was believed that the words carried their own brand of mystical wisdom and knowledge which guided the journey from this life to the next. Though it never developed into a true alphabet, it fueled other scripts to life, such as the Phoenician, Hebrew, and Greek alphabets. Egyptian symbols, like the Ankh, the Eye of Horus and the pyramid are often featured in meaningful attractive tattoo designs. It is thus no wonder that people love to associate themselves with this culture and a great way to do so would be to sport tattoos that depict the symbols so frequently associated with the ancient Egyptian civilization. The Egyptians refer to their script as “god’s words,” a notion supported by the Greeks who call it hiera grammata or the sacred letters.
Moreover, recent studies developed the thought that each symbol stands for an abstract idea that cannot be boxed by any language—ideas that appeal directly to one’s understanding. With the beauty and richness of these symbols, it’s no wonder why Egyptian tattoos are popular until today. The Egyptian ankh tattoos symbolize eternal life while the Eye of Horus tattoos stand for protection and the all seeing eye of God. Egyptian tattoos are quite diverse in their range and may include pictorial symbols like the Ankh, the Eye of Horus or the Udjat and the Shen or The Endless Circle.

Generally, hieroglyphs were carved from right to left; but left-to-right and top-to-bottom orientations were also widely used. Tattoo designs based on Egyptian Gods and Goddesses are highly searched for as well with Anubis, the jackal-headed god of death and afterlife, and the Cat Goddess Bastet being some of the most popular choices.
Other popular motifs depicted in Egyptian tattoos include various gods and goddesses such as Ra, Anubis, Isis, Horus, Seth and Nephthys; the scarab beetle, the cat, as well as hieroglyphic symbols. One of the glyphs, a bird, looks in a certain direction to mark which way the passage should be read. These phonetics are often followed by a determinative, which are mute characters that give the reader a clue to the meaning of the word they proceed. Egyptian tattoos can look very intriguing no matter on which part of the body they are done. No spaces or punctuations were used in hieroglyphics; this adds fun and character to Egyptian tattoos.

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