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We have gathered up 14 Scary Clown Tattoo Designs for you all to see, and be prepared to have the socks scared off of you! This clown is truly terrifying just from the fact its painted like a skull, and the red eyes and snarling grin, also make it scary to even look at.
One look at this clown with the wide grin will make anyone go screaming into the night whether they are afraid of clowns or not! This man has a black ink jester tattooed onto his chest, and with the red colored nose, it really is quite an amazing and cool tattoo! There is something really unsettling about a clown that does not look quite right, and this warped clown sends shivers down the spine! Anything that does not look quite right can be frightening, but when it turns out to be a mutated clown, the fear level can go as high as the sky! Some people love masks to hang in their homes, but these tattoos are two scary clown masks, and each one of them has a frightening expression!

This tattoo is very brightly colored, and to make it even scarier, it has a long snake-like green tongue coming out of its mouth! The combination of a scary clown, and a skull with horns, makes for a terrifying yet interesting tattoo. This tattoo of a scary clown looks like the clown is twisted and warped, and the fact it has hair that is messy also adds to the fear it can inspire!
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The idea of a man or woman hiding behind clown makeup can be truly terrifying to some, but others may love scary clowns so much they decide to get a scary clown tattoo!
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