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I love the colors in this one and I love how it looks sweet but really is a little evil too. Some of the very things that steal so much of our time each day (yep, we're talking apps) can be just the things we need to help us keep on top of our good health and wellbeing.
The first reason I think she is the most evil is because she played with the security of a child.
The second reason I think Mother Gothal is the most evil Disney villain is because her abuse was mental. The last reason I think Mother Gothel is the most evil Disney villain is because she has the perfect evil persona.
After reading your post I have to agree-Mother Gothal is the most evil villain of them all!!
Destinations in Florida to provide you with perk-filled vacation planning for FREE! Plus, Pixie Dust Savings helps you keep on top all the latest Disney news! In the realm of body art, nothing surpasses the exuberance and beauty possessed by fairy tattoos. If you’re serious about getting a fairy tattoos, you better be prepared to be under the needle for some time and to pay good money.
The 32-year-old Pitch Perfect actress lends her voice to the Pixie Empress in this week’s all-new episode. When they don’t have the proper form of payment, they are forced to work off their debt in the Shard Mines until the Pixie Empress develops a crush on Ferguson.
The following will help you look after your body and mind, even when you're short of time.

I love how you were able to take something so simple that we all talk about and cover such important issues! When watching these movies (especially Disney movies) I never really pay attention to the underlying issues. Though popular among the females, this tattoo has also accorded an increasing number of nods from the male population.
If you want to feature a fairy typical of those in cartoons, then you can bank on solid outlines and vibrant hues. Why, for something that’s intricately adorned, you don’t expect it to come fast and cheap, do you? You see glimpses before Rapunzel sings to her and more throughout the movie when she is without Rapunzel and her magic hair.
It’s delightful to note that beneath these tattoos’ quirky polish lay rich symbolisms that appeal to people of various sexes, ages, and lifestyles. These iconic tattoos also reveal a touch of old world literature, for fairies are common characters in myths and legends. If you prefer the fairy featured in mythologies, you can have a more intricately-designed tattoo. Once done, however, you can be confident to exude some pixie dust as you go about your day. She also told Rapunzel that no man could love her and the only reason Flynn Rider was sticking around was because he wanted the crown. Experience the magic for less, know what is worth the extra money, and where you can cut corners.

They have long been a part of our lives, especially during our childhood days, and it’s only natural for these tattoos to take us back to those days of youth and innocence. What’s more, the magical creature depicted in your skin can be in flight, in full regalia of her wings, or just kneeling by an old tree trunk. Rapunzel lived in a lie her whole childhood, she thought she was in the protective care of a mother when in fact she was in the care of a self-serving kidnapper.
Fairy tattoos, with the cheerfulness they exude, make a unique statement about your equally fun and imaginative personality. The various themes and patterns that can be accommodated by fairy tattoos promise to etch that hint of magic in your skin. She made Rapunzel believe she was her mother, since she kidnapped her at such a young age, and used her for her own sinister purposes. Even though Aurora was away from her parents, her parents knew and she was in the loving care of the fairies.
The same is true of Gaston, the Evil Sea Witch, and Snow White’s witch- they were all just temporary trials.
Rapunzel has to deal with a lost childhood, lost self-confidence, and let’s not forget the trust issue.

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