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Victor Joseph Espinoza, a Santa Ana, Calif., man with ties to Mexican gangs, received a 32-month prison sentence after pleading guilty to false imprisonment charges stemming from his attempted kidnapping of a 10-year-old boy in October 2012.
CBS Los Angeles reports that charges of street terrorism and a sentencing enhancement for gang activity were dropped in exchange for Espinoza's guilty plea. According to LAist, Espinoza approached his victim, who was on his way to soccer practice, and asked the boy if he'd liked to see his gang tattoo. Witnesses claim Espinoza then grabbed his victim and sniffed his arm, but that the boy managed to break free and run away. Although the details of the attempted kidnapping skew bizarre, police did not take any chances in pursuing Espinoza.
Santa Ana police spokesman Antony Bertanga described the suspect to ABC News as an "old school, old time gangster" with more than 60 prior arrests over 30 years, and a rap sheet that includes drug possession, assault with a deadly weapon and attempted murder.
While it may sound extreme to most, women in the country of Senegal have been doing it for years. Although she's brave at first, Marieme soon succumbs to the pain of the needles jabbing into her gums as they inject a black powder made of burnt oil and shea butter, only making it through four of the seven recommended layers of pigmentation.

If you need a bit more convincing, the procedure is also said to boost dental health and eliminate bad breath, all of which could be yours for 1 Euro (that's less than $1.50) and the nerve to make it through a torture session. Furthermore, we honestly can't see much of a difference between Marieme's pre-tattooed gums and the darkened result. Check out the video above and learn about other bizarre beauty treatments in the slideshow below.
This popular treatment has become a spa go-to for women around the world who want softer, smoother feet. He said that he grabbed him and he started smelling him," the coach, who wished to remain anonymous, told ABC Los Angeles at the time. Santa Ana police also released infrared video of Espinoza hiding in a yard moments before his arrest. Joining the list of treatments like extreme butt implants and Japan's "bagel heads" comes gum tattooing. The West African country inherited the custom from their ancestors and believe it will help women attract men.

I would never recommend this torture to anyone," she explains after the tattoo is finished.
And for the record, the women in this film are already beautiful -- no black gums required. Essentially, this treatment involves dipping your feet into a tank and letting hungry little fish -- Garra rufa fish -- gently eat away at the dead skin cells that make your skin feel rough.
We're now learning about this unique beautification method thanks to a video that has surfaced following a young woman named Marieme as she undergoes the procedure.

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