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Apat Na Alon Tribe, a group made up of largely young Filipino-Americans seeking to revive the tattoo traditions of their ancestors. Accessibility is the number one factor that folks in the hood don’t do yoga or have better health food options.
So far, the month of January was slow, in terms of attendees and even classes (two per week), but it has been beautiful for the support that has come through. In between February to October-November, the dropping of flies couldn’t have been more of a blessing. Reminiscing of those sloppy hammered moments by mixing the unthinkable, waking up to royal headaches and the like, I can honestly say by looking back that I was an amateur beer connoisseur at best. Today, I would like to say I enjoy a good beer like it were wine but amongst a social setting, a good beer is just beer. Once upon a time, I wanted to pursuit the food service business but I understood the restaurant game was the number one failed commerce in America. You could say I was the first to have the vision to pioneer the use of the internet for my tattoo genre on a grand scale. Here is one of my first concepts that I had customized by a 5th generation jeweler in Dubai in July 2011.
One of the founders of the Tribe, tattooist Elle Festin, opened Spiritual Journey Tattoo last year, which offers traditional, hand-poked Filipino tattoos in addition to being a full service studio of all tattoo genres.
A class with just me and the instructor to having as many as five people has been the turn outs so far. This is my six or seventh time here in the last seven years but my first time in Brisbane en route to Melby, Syd then Christchurch, which will be my first time in New Zealand as well. The difference of people’s personalities, work ethics and interests took a toll on me and little did I openly confess, it was an anvil on my spirit. I had spent six years with several people sharing space, time and energy and I had never felt more alone. I spent time away from Long Beach to spend time with family in Las Vegas during the Christmas holdiay.

I was a 14 year old rock starĀ living and breathing in Belgian air like waffles and pomme fritesĀ (french fries).
There were hundreds of breweries and it was my high school job to attempt to drink them all and collect their signature mug at the same time.
My cousin, Allen- another Mad Max fan, introduced me to Foster’s my junior summer year in Phoenix, Arizona. I had moved to Dallas, Texas and I noticed my high school mates (who all congregated in the southwest) befriend 21 year olds to get our hands on those magic elixirs in 24-case cans. I invested in a mixer to make longganisa (Philippine sweet sausage) in attempt to pioneer what had never been seen east of the Philippines with the menu item destined to make history; The Longganisa Burger. As much as I wanted to have a mobile tattoo studio in a truck or camper trailer, a store front was a no brainer.
To honor and depict life, love, family, strength, protection and countless other influences by way of images, symbols or words seems to be endless.
As an extension of my tattoos, I have always wanted to make my tattoo creations into jewelry.
People traveling as close as a half a mile away to people driving down from Los Angeles and West Covina to Cambodia Town has been nothing short of amazing.
Valentine’s Day was spent with good Aussie company, Ronnie and Scott as I tattooed what I came here to do.
My mom even got into the shoplifting scheme with me by putting a medium goblet (and stand) in her Ikea sized hand bag.
It was if the builders of this barn knew that an American kid was going to stockpile glassware like trophies.
Those brews tasted like water or worse yet, tasted like nothing, and consuming piss water was enough for me to not indulge. I wanted it to be the one-stop website for everything Filipino tattoo related but I didn’t know how to execute that outside of the simple HTML code. My friend, the buyer, not only supported my artistry but, he gave it to his fiance as an engagement present.

I will never forget how beautiful I found the studio that I built that so many did not maintain to appreciate or respect. I spent three sleepless nights creating new designs when I was en route to Durban, South Africa.
The short version of this episode is that my partner wanted to run at a different speed and we amicably parted ways. Needless to say, we just gained weight trying to make longganisa from scratch and failed in getting the right flavor. It was opportune to give back to the community something else that I was passionate about-yoga and good health in a creative environment. As distraught as I was, I pursued yoga teacher training to investment in myself with something that I knew would be beneficial for the rest of my life. My nursing and accountant cousins caught wind of his racket and followed suit in Maryland giving up their full-time jobs to work part-time and make more money in one weekend than they did all month, combined. My URL choice of words was a bigger blanket, from the surface, it appeals and is accessible to everyone. 2 days of nothing but sleep, sweat and aches I am surprised I didn’t lose more weight than I did. Luckily for me, the unwritten law in Belgium (perhaps all of Europe) is that if you can reach the bar, you can drink. I kicked the virus (I assume it was a virus or infection) by drinking home made cold-pressed green juice.

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