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If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Mexican Tattoos, Asian Tattoos, Arabic Tattoos and Indian Tattoos. Filipino Sun Tattoo A black colored sun with three stars made on the hand and completed with two flowers on the wrist. Sleeve Tattoo This is a detailed tattoo covering the full hand and showing mother Mary on the arm. Buddha Tattoo This tattoo is a representative picture of the Buddha meditating and surrounded by bamboo trees.
Tattoo on the Arm Historically, Filipinos inked tattoos on their arms to celebrate victories after war. Philippine Sun and Stars This tattoo depicts the sun and three stars, thus representing a part of nature. Lakas Baybayin This tattoo is representative of the baybayin script having mostly S-shaped and wavy letters. Filipino Flag The sun and three stars reflecting in the Filipino flag are depicted here in this tattoo. Filipino Flag This tattoo represents the Filipino flag with its blue and red stripes and the sun and stars. Tribal Leg Tattoo This tattoo is made on the leg and depicts the sun carved within an intricate design. Flag Tattoo This tattoo represents the unison of two countries Philippines and United States of America. Tattooed Feet Tattoos on the feet were done by historically by Filipino women and were seen as marks of beauty.
Filipino Tattoo on Guys Tattoos on arms and chest were a symbol of strength and power in olden days in Philippines and were worn by soldiers.
Cross on the Back Tattoo in the form of a cross on the back is also a popular tattoo design that is inked by many people. Popular Philippine Flag Another tattoo showing the sun and the stars which feature on the Filipino flag. Tattoo on the Biceps This tattoo is inked on the biceps and represents strength and vigor for males. Tattoo on the Chest Tattoos on the chest of males signified strength, power and are worn by warriors.

Tattoos on the Chest Historically, this kind of tattoos were worn by Bontoc Igorots men and symbolised the number of humans they killed during their hunt.
Tribal Tattoos A tattoo on the full chest were worn by the tribal leaders and elders during the earlier times in Philippines. The beauty of a knuckle tattoo lies in the fact that even though it does not cover a large space of your body, no other tattoo can beat it when it comes to amassing attention. An interesting aspect of knuckle tattooing is that generally, knuckle tattoos are inked only on eight fingers.
Not only does it sport the words Rich Life in a stylish font, the tattoo also comprises of minute drawings above and below it that add some extra charm. This tattoo urges a person to live his life without failing his moral duties as the doomsday will sooner or later descend upon him. This tattoo could either mean that the person is dejected or that he is planning to defeat someone.
The person wearing this beautiful tattoo has one thing to convey: I am a poet and I know it. This tattoo is an indication to the often forgotten fact that everyone, no matter how rich or poor, dies alone. The shiny black color and the peculiar font style look good together, a match made in hell. This tribal tattoo starting from the wrist and extending to the fingers is a stunning piece of artwork. This tattoo sees the marriage of simplicity with elegance making the motivational words a treat to look at.
The color red is effectively combined with black to give this tattoo a devilish look that further reinforces its message Dark Side.
Another red and black colored tattoo; this tattoo challenges all to match the greatness achieved by the wearer.
This dripping ink tattoo is a tribute to the legendary Tupac Shakur who coined the word Thug life. This Maori tattoo is an enthralling piece of art that pays tribute to the indigenous Maori tribe.
The half blue and half black colored motivational tattoo inspires people to stay true to themselves.

The simple font style of the tattoo is perfect as it effortlessly manages to convey the person’s emotion.
An inspirational tattoo to say the least, this tattoo, clearly represents the thin line separating life and death. The tribal cross tattoo, even though inked only one finger, is a constant reminder of the person’s faith. Highly popular among gamblers, this tattoo sport a different card symbol on each of the fingers. Every Knuckle tattoo is so unique in design and quotes written on fingers is also different. Card Player Tattoo is very funny to have in our hands,all other tattoo’s are very funny,thanks.
AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. The right hand has tattoo on her arm and the left hand has a tattoo of a lady on her inner wrist. I like to have it on my own knuckles however, I would like to choose another font which is finer and cuter one. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. Tattooing is also a part of expressing one’s inner desires, dealing with one’s inner fears or just being in touch with yourself or your loved ones. Love Hate, Game Over, Hell Yeah are some of the most common knuckle tattoos that we come across. The knuckle tattoos, as already mentioned, is a quick way to garner attention as they are in one of the most visible places of a human body.
Also, as the fingers are used more than any other part, it requires greater care and attention. If you are looking for some knuckle tattoo ideas, the following collection could inspire you.

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