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The purple, pink, and white tulip arrangement (above) is a nice accent to traditional or contemporary interiors. If your style is more eclectic and you are up for a DIY project, the bold arrangement featured above would be a great choice.
If shopping for fresh flowers is not in the budget, check out the Lamps Plus faux floral products. There is a difference in the basic way of making floral designs and also the type of utensils and devices used for floral decorations between Japanese traditional Ikebana and European floral arrangements. If you don't see a photo of what you like or in a price range you want to spend, please give us a call and  we will be happy to help you within your price range. They leave the basic vases behind and opt for interesting and unique ways to display flowers. I envision the chic and feminine flower arrangement in a woman's version of a bachelor pad. The pink roses are a great color for Spring and the newspaper wrapped vase adds a craft element.
Nevertheless we find some similarities in terms of balancing in using flower materials, artistic way of approach, delicate sense of designs and combination of colors whatsoever. It is common to find elaborate flower arrangements at weddings, but why not incorporate the same beautiful arrangements into your everyday decor? If your home's decor features Japanese inspired furnishings, the orchid arrangement would be a nice compliment.

If your home features hand knitted blankets and textiles, the arrangement could be an extension of your existing handmade style of decor. This means that a person who is familiar with Ikebana arrangement has lots of advantages when it comes to learning European or American style of floral designs. Take time required for mastering European floral designs for instance people who are familiar with Ikebana require much less amount of time compared with amateur who has no experience of Ikebana arrangements. When European floral arrangement landed in Japanese Island back in 1980's, young women showed interest in learning this new trend of floral designs. And before long European floral arrangement became very popular especially among young ladies. As a result, European floral designs became to rule the considerable percentage of flower arranging market in Japan. When they say "flower arrangement", it automatically means European floral designs OR contemporary flower arrangement.
As already mentioned in the above, there are some similarities between Ikebana and European arrangement. Therefore it did not take so much time for Ikebana instructors to master European floral art.
Nowadays we find many Ikebana instructors who offer classes of European floral arrangement in addition to Japanese Ikebana arts. In a sense, they are successful in modifying Ikebana arrangement into European style of flower designs.

No matter which designs they specialize in, Ikebana or contemporary designs, professional floral artists can earn skills by way of modification and application of their own techniques into another type of arrangement. Being such situation, floral artists who learned both Ikebana and European floral arrangements are in a better position to make or develop a unique and creative designs.
California Flower Art Academy offers a variety of programs from Ikebana to European floral art AND Wedding to Funeral decorations. You will never be disappointed with a WIDE RANGE OF PROGRAMS we offer and you can find a program which definitely fits your requirement. If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area or Silicon Valley (San Jose, Cupertino etc), you can easily commute to and from our school. Lessons are offered not only on weekdays but also on the weekend to support busy people like you.
California Flower Art Academy is authorized by Flower Decorators Association that is one of the best established and most prestigious floral associations in Japan.

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