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A tribal design is very much applicable if you want your design to have an aura of ancient culture and the great meaning attached to it.  You can opt for the legendary Maori tribal design or Hawaiian tattoo as great sleeve tattoo designs ideas that will surely fit your taste. Lace is an openwork fabric, patterned with open holes in the work, made by either machine or by hand.
With the prevailing of tattoos, this old fashion style seems revived today, in a different lacemaking technique – tattooing.
Lace tattoo is naturally favorite choice for women to create feminine style of tattoos and express their fashion statement.

Originated in about 16th centuries, the lace could be made by materials such as silk, gold, or silver threads, cotton thread.
Lace tattoos are depicted in many forms – lace ribbon tattoo, lace flower tattoo, lace butterfly tattoo, etc.
With the industrial revolution, the hand-made laces tended to be faded out instead of machine made laces.
If you are looking for inspiration on lacy or feminine tattoos, here’s a collection of 45+ refined pieces.

Driven by fashion industry, more intricate fabric designs and applications emerged and got popular.

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