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If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Feet Tattoos, Scarlett Johansson Tattoos, Scorpion Tattoos and Tattoos On The Heart. This oriental dragon is an attractive choice for a tattoo with beautiful flowers and leaves.
This tattoo of a fox among beautiful flowers and leaves is bright, colorful and eyecatching. Proclaim two important words that you believe in with this tattoo of flowers on the top of your foot.
How about going for an elaborate design featuring purple flowers placed along the ankle on to the foot? Go for this turtle design especially if you wish to express your concern for this endangered species. This tattoo of a kitten will look appropriate on a teenager which can be placed on the top of her foot. Pretty hibiscus on a stem are paired with green leaves and placed along the toes for effect. This tattoo is an outline of a mouse which looks cute and can be placed on top of the foot. Go ahead and jazz up your foot with stars in different colors and a pretty butterfly for company. Make your foot look beautiful and attractive with this orange and red flower placed in the centre.
Get both your feet tattooed with flowers and a message in muted colors for a gentle effect. Place this black butterfly as an accessory on your foot and get loads of undivided attention. These waves in different shades of sea green rise from the top of the foot high up the ankle. Make your feet look spectacular with this simple but beautiful arrangement of three flowers.
Express your religious sentiments and feelings with this rosary and cross on your ankle and feet.
Try these pretty flowers in red and yellow arranged attractively along the top of the foot. Get your feet done in totally different abstract patterns and get some unexpected attention.

In three different colors and glitter for accent, this tattoo brings a lot of expected attention. Glamour up your feet with this little picture of a sun done up in attractive fluorescent colors. A message to stay with you forever reminding you of the love you share with your loved one. Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics.
Those who are born between February 20 and March 20 belong to Pisces zodiac sign; they are devoted, kind and compassionate and if you belong to this zodiac sign you just ought to have Pisces tattoo on your body.
Just like Gemini tattoo designs for Pisces zodiac sign there are more alternatives that can symbolize Pisces.
If you are the lover of tribal tattoos you can find tribal fish tattoo that will become a perfect alternative for Pisces zodiac sign.
Tattoos never cease to tempt us as there are so many interesting locations on our body, where you can sport a tattoo.
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Angel Wings On Feet An angel wing on each foot to inspire you to fly and chase your dreams.
Both Feet Tattoo A fantasy woman on one foot facing off against a skull figure on the other foot.
Cute Feet Tattoos Purple birdies with background, which will be colored pink on completing. Da Feet A smiley flower inspired from original interpretation on flash done by Dan Rainha and a cancer ribbon inked to pay tribute to mother who lost battle to cancer. It Was Then I Carried You Words from poem with the two sets of footprints in the sand turning into one. Freehand Tiny Toe Tattoo Freehand toe- tattoo of a little flower shaded with sprinkled dust style. My Feet Tattoos A cute cupcake with legs and a scary zombie teddy bear wrapped in a ribbon. My Butterfly Feet Gorgeous light purple butterflies with bold black outlining with lovely little pink flowers.
Blue Bird Swallows Tattoos Sweet peace and love on feet represented with these blue swallow birds..

Feather Foot Tattoo A black bird feather designed with eye-pleasing details for fashionable foot tattoo. Bat Foot Tattoos Flying bats on feet inked in glossy black to create perfect little silhouettes of bats. Foot Flower Tattoo Tiny tender water lily tattoo with thin vine rendered in really soft tattoo. Feet Tattoos Completed Red Koi fish on black shaded background and a budding lotus piece on the other foot.
Little Star Tattoo Stars outlines and beautifully done swirls for a fashionable ankle and foot tattoo. Ham Tattoo On Feet Peace sign designed in Celtic knot style, a cool symbol to sport together with your friends. Sailor Jerry Feet Cute colorful creatures on feet are taken from a Sailor Jerry’s design. Those are only several examples of the most popular zodiac tattoos but you can surely find infinite ideas if needed.
Just like any other zodiac sign this can be a perfect choice for a small tattoo and will look beautiful on wrist, behind ear and nape.
Both large and small tribal fish tattoos look beautiful but keep in mind that tribal tattoo is made in black and it will attract much attention. Tattoos on feet, for instance, may offer you very interesting ideas and designs, which can enhance your and style and the look of your feet. There are umpteen number of designs you can choose from motifs, flowers, words, butterflies or stars. Do not be afraid of choosing large koi fish tattoo in bright colors like orange, red, blue and green. Fashionable flowers, quotes, verses, angels, comic characters, you can design tattoos for feet based upon any theme or concept that you can think of. You have to be careful not to move and disturb the artist while he is carrying out this delicate and painful task. If you are planning to get one, make sure you get it done in summer and keep it uncovered as much as possible.

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