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After completing the feature wall behind my dresser in my bedroom using a lovely  Moroccan Stencil, I felt like the large wall behind my bed was so blank and boring in comparison.
I had this vision of combining  geometric stencils as the background with a very organic and free flowing large flower stencil as the foreground. I decided to paint two of the three canvases with FolkArt Pure Gold and the other FolkArt Sterling Blue (the same color I used to stencil my feature wall).
After using the dense foam roller to paint all three canvases, I layed them out to see the effect of having the blue in the middle.
I loved the way it was progressing with the addition of the craft sized Tulip Allover stencil. After stenciling the Tulip Allover Stencil and the Moroc-n-Roll on the two gold canvases, I decided to incorporate the Dandelion Medium and Large stencils to tie all three canvases together. I chose to stencil the Dandelions in FolkArt Wicker White so that they popped against the background. When it comes to composition, I wanted to have the bulk of the Dandelions on the left side of the triptych, flowing over into the middle with only the seeds floating on the final canvas. After laying all three of my canvases next to each other, I felt the center one needed a touch of gold to tie in the gold from the other two. The Dandelion seed stencils were perfect for my triptych because they floated so beautiful from one canvas to the next.
The idea with the floating seeds was to use a nice variety of shapes and sizes and place them in varying directions so it really looked like the wind was blowing them around. Thanks to my roomie Darin, I was able to get some spot lights above the canvases (which he so graciously hung up for me) Thanks Darin!!! Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! Getting an angel tattoo can be a beautiful thing, and since there are so many variations that are possible, your angel tattoo can truly be unique. When you proceed to the checkout page, the Seller Discount will be automatically calculated. I really just wanted to find a nice way to add some fun and color to my blank wall while complimenting my stenciled feature wall, so I thought it would be perfect to do some stenciled canvas art.

I have a gold Mirror on the feature wall I stenciled with the oasis allover moroccan stencil, and all the hardware in my room is gold, so I wanted to incorporate gold into my stenciled wall art to tie all the gold throughout my room together.
I went with the Moroc-n-Roll Allover Stencil which is just such a cool design and fit perfectly with my theme.
I think having something organic going over the very geometric background allover shapes of the Tulip and Moroc-n-Roll stencils would create a nice effect. I purposefully placed the canvases about an inch apart and taped the stencil down so that it went from one canvas to the next.
A tip about creating an aesthetic composition, is to have most of the weight not only on one side of the triptec but also towards the bottom. I like the affect of having some seeds looking as if they were just coming out of the dandelion, and others well on their way. The floating seeds provided for free with the Dandelion stencil were so great because they are in a variety of shapes and sizes!
She definitely customized her Zinnia Flower Stencil wall art to tie in all of the colors in her bedroom.
The project¬† actually started out was six small canvases that I stenciled the Sycamore Reaching Branch on. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to compliment their feature wall or isn’t allowed to paint their wall (this includes a lot of renters). All of the art I saw in stores was either too expensive or didn’t go with my space at all, most of the time it was both!
My wall is so big, I felt like a triptych would be ideal; plus I just love the look of having three different, separated canvases that are all connected by the art on them. What’s is great about these canvases and Cutting Edge Stencils, is that they are both reusable, so if I end up moving and want to go for new look, I can always paint over my wall art canvases with some new stencils.
If you are painting a dark color or gold on a white canvas, it is always a good idea to base the white out with a midway color, like the Mushroom I used, so that you don’t end up having to apply 4 coats of gold paint. For more detailed instructions on how to use an allover stencil, please check out our How-to Stencil video. For more detailed instructions on how to use a stencil brush we have a wonderful stencil video which is short and very helpful. I wanted to place each canvas a couple of inches apart but didn’t want the dandelions to look elongated once the art was up on the wall.

It also breaks up the composition nicely to have a dandelion only partially showing at the top. Again, love the way I can really customize my wall art so that it ties in all the colors and design elements of my room! I really wanted there to be a very organic and flowing element to the Dandelions in contrast to the very stagnant and predictable background. See how she overlapped stencils and wasn’t afraid to have stencils going off the canvas?
Then I separated the left three canvases from the right three and hung them like that in my sad looking hallway.
Getting an angel tattoo can represent a loved one who has passed, or a symbol of an angel watching over us or our loved ones. Using Cutting Edge Stencils, I was able to customize my colors and patterns to match my personal style and space perfectly and I didn’t have to pay fine art prices. I’ve seen the multiple canvas look all over the blog and design world and just love it!
That to me is one of the great aspects of using a stencil as opposed to a wall decal, you can re-use it and beautify one space after another.
As you can see in this photo, I easily aligned the first row of my second application, with the last row of my first application. Also, don’t be scared to overlap one flower stencil over anther to create a bit more dimension. To make the stripes, simply take your blue painters tape and create three thin stripes (I did it by eye, but you can use a ruler for some assistance). I love the way the Dandelion stencil flowers captured the feeling of motion and flow so perfectly.
Also, after speaking to her, she informed me that the canvas she used was recyled and customized to fit her bedroom this time around!

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