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This collection of fonts has been compiled for UsabilityGeek by Daniel Smith – a freelance designer and writer who often plays with fonts and most of the time creates his new fonts too. Usability Geek is a Usability & User Experience (UX) blog that provides practical and useful information. Our readership comes from various fields including those of Usability, User Experience, Human Computer Interaction (HCI) and Information Architecture (IA).
I’m sure you all have problems with the right font selection in the past or there are times that you cannot decide about the perfect font that would fit your whole design. Today,you can see thousands of different font styles bombarding us and i know it is really hard to choose the best one,especially most of the popular fonts are not free for commercial use.Here on Designbeep,we regularly check for new fonts which commercial use allowed and today we handpicked new fonts free for both personal and commercial use. Here are 12 fresh free fonts to use independently.although we have checked the license agreements very carefully please check back again because font licenses may be updated by the creator of the font.
Designbeep is a design blog dedicated to web developers,bloggers,designers and freelancers.Our aim is to share everything about web design,graphic design,tutorials and inspirational articles and more.
One of the most important elements of web design is typography that could change something ordinary into an attractive and elegant work of art.
Proper selection and usage of fonts and typography plays a dramatic role in presenting information to the clients. Each time you use the old font or design in your work, it creates an attractive and creative effects, and allocates from other works. As a rule, the retro and vintage style items can be defined as the ones which were popular in the late 19th century – early 20th century.
ShmitAcc writes inspirational articles about web design technologies and useful web design tutorials, where you can find a lot of top tips how to create amazing web design artworks. Each time a designer starts work on a new design, there is always a big problem: a lack of high-quality materials, such as fonts, icons, images etc. Of course, you can create a font that will properly fit the design you created, but it’s not a good idea since font creation takes a lot of time, which is never enough when you have to work within a deadline.

There are elegant and unusual fonts, serif and slab serif, rigorous and handwritten fonts and more in the showcase. We are publishing fresh and free fonts on every week, and you just found the right place to download free fonts.
These fonts are applicable for any type of graphic designs, web designs, print, motion graphics, flyer design etc and perfect for t-shirts and other items like posters, logos and so on. I do not need to tell you where to use those fonts, I am here to finds that stuff for you! In this post, I’ll be featuring collection of Professional Free Fonts For Designers. The following fonts are free for (personal or commercial) design. Nava is a clean, modern and responsive HTML template for sites related to sailing boats, yachts, catamarans, ships, cruisers, etc….
Marketeer is a free Ecommerce WordPress Theme which implements the great Easy Digital Downloads Plugin (EDD) to your website. GDJ always keep our readers up-to-date with fresh graphic design resources, especially about the fonts. As a creative web designer I am sure you have the ability to think outside the box and come up with an enthralling website design that can easily capture the attention of the viewers and impress them. If you are finding it difficult to develop an innovative font style from the scratch, then there are many websites on the web that will provide you with ultra-modern font styles from which you can choose. As a graphic designer, I have compiled this list of my favorite free fonts that one finds on a multitude of font repositories.
And when the fonts in retro style are used in modern designs, it gives a kind of old-fashioned objects, awakens in people a sense of nostalgia. There are tons of them all over the web, and we have but collected a small group of 100 free fronts you can download here. Typefaces can help font designers to make more stylish and professional font family for Graphic Designs. Typography is the essential element of any graphic design and fonts are just like a treasure for designers.

In many cases, that workmanship is copyright protected and may not be used on a website without specific permission.The “perfect” font face can drive a logo or website design, transforming it from good to great. In this post, I’ll be featuring collection of Free Commercial Fonts For Designers. So what are your waiting, go and check out all of them and download the ones you like most.
If your client wishes for a simple clutter-free web design, then one of the best options available to you as a designer is a careful selection of fonts. You will get a variety of options to choose from like angled cut fonts, round shape one, sharp angled ones, curved ones, geometrical ones and many such font styling. Therefore, due to such reasons, most web designers are using retro fonts, thus making projects more unique. Today we are put to gathered a list of 16 New Free Fonts for Commercial Use,  Take a look at beautiful fonts for professional design, based upon suggestions from designers and web developers all over the world. The use of modern and futuristic fonts will not only make a good web design, but it will also improve it’s usability while ensuring that the attention of the readers would be fixed on the headings and contents of the website. However, please ensure that you read the individual rules and regulations present in the respective link to ensure that you are using them right. Violating the terms of a license agreement puts the designer, the client and future business relationships at risk.
An ethical approach to font use and font licenses is therefore both good business practice and good business.”Free FontsFonts, even paid ones, are not terribly expensive.
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