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Horsham, PA (July 17, 2012) – Most Americans wouldn’t consider it an impossible task to find a fresh-baked loaf of bread in their grocery store. The Goodbye Gluten brand today introduced its two inaugural products – Goodbye Gluten White Bread & Goodbye Gluten Multigrain Bread – freshly-baked in certified gluten-free bakeries. Musicians dreamed of finding ways to amplify their music to fill a large space well before the technology existed to make it happen. In 1931, the creation of the electric pickup gave jazz guitarists a way to pack a house with sound. Early rock and roll had its roots deep in jazz and owes a big debt to rhythm and blues, but it was the sound of the modern electric guitar that gave the new style its distinctive voice. By allowing artists to control their music in totally novel ways, the electric guitar spurred incredible innovations.
Controversy hit the airwaves this month when Fox News correspondent Megyn Kelly referred to Santa as being white.
Not only did this incident cause a stir in mainstream media, it also appears to have created some colorful conversations within social media. The responses have been vast, and opinions vary based on many factors, including a person’s belief of whether or not Santa is totally made up, or that he is a part of the historical mythology of the Norse.
While there are a myriad of different thoughts on the place of Santa Claus in the lives of children, especially within Pagan homes, there is something to be said for how powerful messages of overculture can be in defining our belief systems. As I see it there are a plethora of issues in potentially conflicting matters like this, individual and familial culture, religious beliefs, mainstream culture, appropriation of ancestral mythology, and the implications on overall current racial tension. All of the aforementioned areas add to the Pagan community’s ability to question our collective identity within the overculture of Americanized holidays and values. Upon watching the Megyn Kelly segment on Fox News, I personally struggled with two different, and sometimes conflicting, elements of my personal identity; valuing the mythology that intersects with Pagan beliefs, and the need to challenge the often harsh reality of exclusions within our American stories. So what do Pagans think about this Santa, Norse, fictionalized conflict, and is it important? Santa has a great bushy beard and a sled drawn by reindeer and a magic bag of wonders; that such a figure would not have some kind of connection to Norse myth seems … implausible. The gods and spirits and so forth are refracted through a cultural lens, and they do not break crisply from one another.
I suppose American Santa has roots in Odin but most of them are completely twisted and watered down.
I grew up with a fairly typical roster of Christmas celebrations–the tree and ornaments, presents, carols, etc. Santa Claus is an American phenomenon, this is where he got his name, his modern look, and his red suit.
While I feel that Kelly’s comments on her television segment were culturally insensitive, biased and racially provoking, there is room to question how mythology, present culture, political factors, and cultural capital all play into the individual and collective needs of the Pagan community. With that in mind, I specifically wanted to ask Pagans whether they thought the race of Santa had any impact on community.
I believe that the Santa Clause of today is a totally fictionalized and secularized character that has developed over time. As a kid raised in an almost all-white school system, in an almost all-white town, seeing images of a non-white Santa might have made me do a double-take. What with the sleigh and the reindeer and the furs and the elves and the home as far north as north goes, one might presume that Santa Claus is Norwegian or Finnish. With such a wide variety of associations with the figure and importance of something like Santa Claus, who is to say what he is, who he is, and how important he should be? The lines between myth and truth, culture and interpretation, race and identity, religion and belief, magic and practice has not always been as transparent from one person to the next. For full statement from Shauna Aura Knight, Jonathan Korman, and Jason Mankey, please click the following link. My semi-regular round-up of articles, essays, and opinions of note for discerning Pagans and Heathens. Aspen, the famous skiing resort, is suffering from a lack of snow, so this year (like last year) they are calling on some extra help to get the flakes started.

A New York school principal who was accused of using school funds and resources to hire a Santera, has agreed to step down from her position. In a final note, today is World AIDS Day, and two Pagan bloggers have already posted commentary in honor of the day. The World AIDS Day site has some suggestions on how to spread awareness of HIV and AIDS on this day.
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But for the millions of people across the country looking for a gluten-free alternative, the bread aisle has been a frustration zone with nary an offering of shelf-stable, fresh-baked options. The earthy goodness of flax and sunflower seeds pairs wonderfully with ingredients such as potato, tapioca, corn and rice, giving each slice a moist, wholesome taste that’ll have you coming back for more! Ingredients such as potato, tapioca, corn and rice give each loaf a soft, rich texture and deliver a mouth-watering taste that you’ll swear was home-baked! Steel strings grew out of that desire for a bigger sound, and they changed the shape and tone of the instrument in the late 19th century.
The Big Band era helped the guitar cross genres, and amplification gave the instrument the power to shine even with a full orchestra backing it. They quickly moved from trying to reproduce acoustic guitar tones faithfully and began to experiment. She was responding to an article on Slate magazine, by columnist Aisha Harris, about the complications of having a white Santa in a multicultural society, and suggested he should instead be no race, like a penguin. Some of those conversations have filtered onto Pagan blogs, articles and Facebook threads, striking up conversations about who Santa is and who he is not. Consistent images of the white faced, bearded man in red, often connects to childhood memories, feelings of family, and emotions associated with this time of year. The intersectionality of these various issues can create a lot of challenging perspectives.
How do the Americanized holidays affect the practices and beliefs of those who walk a Pagan path? The Hermes of my practice both is and is not the same entity as the Hermes an ancient Greek would have encountered. I feel badly for parents who get roped into buying their child’s secret expensive gift in the name of Santa.
However, I personally feel that he can show up as any race–there are old men with white hair (and sometimes beards) all over the world. Santa being such a visible figure can make that difficult, so that’s way he impacts Modern Paganism. For those who are people of color, there are a multitude of layers to unpack around the continuous stream of American folklore, mythology, holidays, and bringers of hope that are always white faced heroes.
Only at the end, at the prompting of a friend, does it occur to him to ask for something for himself — and all he can think to ask for is to be able to do it every year.
In the case of Santa being white or black, I feel that unfortunately it still matters greatly whether he’s portrayed as black or white. As we have seen here, the is such a variety of thoughts, feelings, and beliefs about this historically significant figure that is is not as clear, as black and white, as some people would like to believe. That is the question posed to the Pagan-friendly Unitarian Universalists in South Carolina. That in America he, like many Americans, came from Protestants but is now thoroughly secular in nature. 3D Desktop Backgrounds Free Without Download was upload by Administrator was on August 13, 2014. If download lock by social network button "Please like to download" you must like first and download button will be display. The 1920s roared in more ways than one; the nascent recording industry and increasing electrification of everything meant that dance clubs and concert halls could now enjoy music apart from live performers.
A lot of people thought the electric guitar and its unique sound was a passing fad, but the clear, pure tones spoke for themselves: The electric guitar was here to stay.

Distortion, feedback and other sound manipulation gave guitarists a wholly new form of expression, one that had a huge vocabulary. A huge range of styles from traditional solid-body designs to acoustic electrics with piezoelectric pickups that produce lush, natural tones lets musicians find the instrument that speaks for them. Kelly responded to this by having an on air discussion about the “Attack on Christmas”, and her views of the “facts” that Santa is indeed a white man.
Is the issue arising from Santa’s potential race about preserving folklore, opening up holiday lore to be inclusive of Black and brown people, or trying to be too politically correct in our multicultural society? While associations of this time of year are not joyful for everyone, there is power in the image of Santa. The Santa Claus I encounter both is and is not the same as the Santa encountered by a Christian Minnesota six-year-old in 1890. But I don’t think that images of the jolly old man in red and white affect pagans specifically either way.
Santa is a part of that, though I suppose if I had children he’d be even more present. I’m a firm believer in Christmas as a mostly secular Midwinter celebration with pagan and Christian influences. This lack of multiculturalism trickles down into the many subsets of our general society and directly impacts perceptions of the status quo. But that misses the esoteric truth of Santa which we only reveal to children when they are ready to hear it, that Santa manifests in our performance of him, be it putting on the costume or delivering gifts under the tree; in that Santa is and must be anyone and everyone. If Hollywood has an idealogical stance, it is whatever stance that will make them the most money.
While many of these come from the developing nations, Homeopaths in London are spreading dangerous misinformation too.
Soaring power chords, intricate virtuoso riffs and heavily distorted tones that sounded like nothing else became part of the evolving music scene. Jason Mankey, writer of the Raise the Horns blog on Patheos Pagan Channel, wrote about this magic in his piece on the history and origins of Santa Claus, “It’s a magical memory, the exact type of thing that the image and myth of Santa Claus should conjure up. I believe that Santa shows up in pop culture mythology as an old white guy because that is what power shows up as in the dominant culture. Are the roots of Santa Claus coming from the stories of good old Saint Nicholas, or is he a generated figment of our cultural imagination? I think looking at Santa as his own mythical being and taking him a little more seriously can reintroduce some of the wonder and magic of the Christmas season at a time when the holiday has become heavily commercialized. When it comes to inescapable modern icons, Santa with his message of giving, isn’t a bad one to have plastered everywhere for two months out of the year.
These generations are coming of age with little-to-no boundaries due to social media, shared interest in each other’s differences (vs.
However, I feel Santa Claus, through means good or ill, has again become his own being, and I feel that because of his popular appeal among Americans of many different races, he should be depicted with more diversity himself. Few myths are as universal in the Western World as that of Midwinter gift-bringer, and it’s a myth that speaks to the best of who we can be as people. But just as we have the mythos of the Rugged Individualist here, I think we could also use a more solid buildup of Santa mythos as it pertains to American culture–generosity, good humor, and a healthy dose of wonder and little-m-magic. If we claim Santa, Santa become a mirror of our own divinity, and we a mirror of It’s. Santa is the spirit of giving and child-like wonder, two impulses that are often in short supply”. The modern image of Santa was really branded and solidified by Coca Cola, if memory serves.
Though the Pagan community does have those few sects of worship who remain firm in their belief that racial segregation is necessary in their chosen path, they are few in comparison to our community as a whole.

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