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If you have a question or a request about worship, media, tech, or anything else, send me an email and I'll be happy to help you as best I can. Fun Photo Box | Free Online Photo Editing Service I love to create funny pictures from my photos. The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible. Here are 5 free software applications to add several effects to photos without any kind of artistic skill or knowledge. PhotoFunia is one of the best and easy to use application to add effects to photos for free. Dydelf is another straight forward software to enhance your photos and to add effects to photos. Hot Spot Studio is another simple software which can be used by anyone for adding light effects to photos. 99Sounds is a place for talented sound designers from around the world to collaborate and promote their work with the audio community. Massamolla is an extraordinary collection of foley percussive sounds, abstract sound effects and complex rhythmic sequences crafted by Smhertz of Silence+OtherSounds records.
MGF Audio is Martin Peploe’s fantastic free collection of analog synthesizer multi-samples, organic percussion one shots, digital noises and abstract sound effects. Samples of Tenalach is a state-of-the-art toolbox of sci-fi sound effects and otherworldly sonic textures crafted in Johan Ekelove’s interstellar sound design station. Simply Space is a unique collection of synth stabs, EDM pads and lush background textures crafted by Nigel Good. Punching Percussion is the latest free sound pack by the insanely talented Joshua Crispin aka Generdyn, who is also the author of the brilliant Cinematic Sound Effects sound library. Mangling Audio is brought to you by Poztman, the winner of the first 99Sounds Music Making Contest with his awesome track Crystalline Chant. Magnetic Fields will take you to dark distant worlds with an impressive set of atmospheric soundscapes crafted by Matt Bowdler aka The Unfinished. InterSpace is a unique collection of sci-fi sound effects created by Johan Ekelove aka Introspectral.
Sound Design Tools sample collection features an arsenal of high quality foley sounds, futuristic sound effects, glitchy one shots, weird sonic textures and electronic drum loops crafted for use in music production and sound design. White Noise SFX is an extensive collection of white noise sound effects in 24-bit WAV format, created by Elias Pettersen aka Ammicuz. Vinyl Noise SFX features a set of vinyl sound effects in 16-bit WAV format, crafted by Chia.
Dark Engine is a collection of feedback sound effects and distorted drum samples created by Timur Arynov aka MyOSS. The library contains 94 audio samples in total, featuring 57 distorted drum samples and 37 processed feedback sounds. Cinematic Sound Effects is a free collection of cinematic SFX samples for use in film scores and electronic dance music, crafted by Generdyn. Rumore Cinematic Impacts features 50 different impact sound effects created by Alessandro Alcinesio aka HAL9K.

The Weird Side Samples is a brilliant collection of glitchy sound effects created by Johan Ekelove aka Introspectral. Rain And Thunder is a free collection of rain and thunder sounds recorded during a thunderstorm in Belgrade city. With over 600 MB of audio data and 64 audio samples in total, the library features all the sounds you may needin order to evoke the atmosphere of a rainy day in an urban area. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this.
These software are easy to use and comes with tons of effects to give your photo real looking effects. This free app basically identifies the face in a photo and further allows you to add several real looking effects to your photos. This software has got a simple user interface which can be easily understood by anyone in the very first time.
With the help of this free software you can make yourself look more glamorous than you actually look. This online tool comes with several effects old photo, night vision, sketch, fish eye, black & white and more.
You can use them for music and video production, game development and any similar creative process. Download this free sound library and dig deep into the world of experimental sound design and loop creation.
The library also contains a set of 50 presets for the Ableton Operator virtual synthesizer. It is the third and final release in Introspectral’s brilliant SFX sound pack series. The included samples were designed to fit perfectly with any given key, making them the perfect tool for adding depth and a sense of space to your EDM style mix.
His latest release features a set of over 60 modern impacts, body hits, slams and fighting sound effects. His first sound pack release is an epic collection of glitched out samples and databending audio loops perfect for use as percussive elements or sound effects. Prepare your spacecraft and don’t forget to bring your oxygen mask to this exciting sonic exploration of weird alien planets and the secrets of deep space. Inspired by a story of a long forgotten spaceship roaming through distant galaxies, the pack features a brilliant set of futuristic SFX, abstract soundscapes and alien noises. The library includes 62 swooshes, risers, tension builders, sidechained noise sweeps and various other transition sound effects which are synced to 128 BPM. The sounds were processed with the Boss OS-2 distortion pedal and the MXR Carbon Copy analog delay pedal. Packing 50 professional sound effects in 24-bit WAV format, this free sound library can become your main toolbox for futuristic cinematic effects. The library is based on a set of eerie field recordings which were captured in an abandoned military storage facility. The included samples can also be transformed into great sounding risers simply by reversing them in your audio editor.

The library contains 182 samples in total, featuring a broad range of  glitch samples, weird sound effects and abstract sonic textures for use in sci-fi inspired audio projects. The sounds were originally used on his album called The Weird Side of the Mundane. The glitches, impacts and SD tools will come in handy on a project I’m currently working on. It uses the latest face detection technology to joint your photo to their PhotoFunia Effects Templates.
With the help of these software you can completely alter your photos and make them as you want them to look like.
This free software includes several special effects and artistic effects and includes other effects to enhance your photos.
For using this software you need to upload your photo, and adjust the effects using slider. You need to simply upload your photo, select any effect and leave the rest of work to Mess My photo. Many thanks to all the sound designers who have released their sample libraries on 99Sounds so far! Our sounds may not be redistributed or resold as part of another sound library or virtual instrument. The included samples of rattling chains, glass scraping and creaking doors work great as horror sound effects, as well as organic percussion samples. Alessandro has designed a high quality collection of impact sounds which work great in cinema scoring as well as electronic dance music. These sites have pretty good search functions so you can find what you’re looking for in a short amount of time. These software can add several artistic effects, photographic effects, light effects and other photo enhancing effects to make your photo eye catching one. While taking pictures sometimes in a hurry we are not able to make use of camera settings for better picture, but anyhow with the help of this free software you can edit your photo and make it look better.
Double check the Licensing request when you download – attribution is required for use of some files.
You need to simply upload your photo choose any effect from the available effects and leave the rest to PhotoFunia.
This free software adds real looking glamour effects to your photos and enhances your photo. With the help of this software give your photos spotlight effect that too in your favorite color.

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