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Throughout all this week, Fox News Magazine will feature their "Tattoo Takeover," a special series in which the content on the site will focus on various aspects of tattoos, from artist spotlights to after care to some tattoo history and naturally pop culture today. On the Facebook page of the wonderful Loretta Leu, matriarch of the renowned Leu Family's Family Iron, I began seeing fantastic portraits of the Leu's and other artists as well as photography from events like the recent tattoo convention in Paris.
If you're like me and always searching for the perfect font when writing threatening letters to your neighbors, the Creative Blog blog has the answer for you. We're gearing up for the NYC Tattoo Convention, May 17-19, at the Roseland Ballroom in the heart of Times Square.
The general public tends to think that the people who come to me for work are a bunch of deviant, social misfits looking for shock value. When I was in high school I was a punk rocker, the only punk rocker in school in suburban New Jersey--only Mohawk in the whole place. With the news about Boston being on lock down and all the violence that has been going on, I decided to ditch my original post and just share some beautiful tattoos. In an age when anyone can grab a starter tattoo kit on Amazon and eBay and start drilling, those old prison-style DIY machines still hold some magic.
This Saturday, April 13, at 2pm, Margot Mifflin and I will be at the Brooklyn Museum presenting "Art, Sex, and Power: Tattooed Women Today" in the Forum of the Elizabeth A. If you can't make it to the film tonight, check the trailer above and additional videos and photos on the Tattoo Nation Facebook page. So, I set out to find who was behind the lens of such engaging images so that I may share them with y'all. It remains one of our favorite shows because of the finely curated roster of international artists, the fantastic stage show performers, and because we get to see our traveling freakshow of friends who come into NYC specifically to be a part of this convention.
He was crowned the "The new king of rock tattoos" by Rolling Stone Magazine in 2002 for his extensive work on metal bands including Slayer, Pantera, Slipknot, and Lamb of god. I almost feel like a walking contradiction because there's a strong part of me that keeps a real I don't give a fuck attitude, I don't care what people think or say.
People don't seem to understand that dark does not necessarily mean evil, baby eating, Satanism. But for my clients, underneath all the initial surface shock or negative tones, ultimately there's a positive.
However, if you're making them more beautiful and feel good about themselves, that's not self-harm.
It's because we come from backgrounds where there's a greater degree of feeling like outcasts I suspect. I'm walking around with blue and red hair, angry (yeah, like that's changed) and my appearance became my filter.
The take-away from the NY Times article is that those in conservative offices are more likely to cover up than those in more creative fields. In the book's 336 pages, the octopus is interpreted by 440 artists of different disciplines and genres in nearly 1,000 different ways, including tattoos, photos, graffiti, jewelry, cake art, glasswork, pottery, poetry and so much more. The ingenuity of taking found objects and creating a working instrument that creates art -- and the prison culture from which that ingenuity was born -- has inspired Goof Vermeulen, a production designer and art director in Amsterdam. I recently found Kim through Some Quality Meat, a fun tattoo portal with tattoo videos, images, and news items.
Nine prints are arranged in rows and columns of three to create the shape of a square, with the tenth print displayed off to the side. As I noted earlier, this is a limited two-day engagement in most cities, so try and get there tonight. Over the past few years, when I'd interview tattooers, many--if not most--would decry "the scourge" of reality TV in the tattoo world.

Or that subtle reminder to your man to pick up the wine in the "Drunk Tattoo" font by Xerographer fonts? He's also the only tattoo artist to be accepted into the prestigious The National Arts Club. But there's another side of me that gets frustrated with a human being's ability to believe without any validation.
If you had the depth of character to get past my appearance and find out who I am, then you're worth my time. For the more contemporary rock star look, check the Stainless Steel Crown Logo tunnels, shown below. If you're looking for reference for your next eight-armed cephalopod tattoo, this book is a must-have especially.The next incarnation of the Inspiration Art Project series will be entomology and insects, and Jinxi is looking for your bug art, also in all different kinds of mediums as long as the artwork focuses on insects, arachnids, or snails, -- and it should be some kickass work. He's created jailhouse tattoo "guns" -- in the same manner as they're fashioned in prison -- as works of art. Central to the installation is the idea of energy and connection, where each of the ten laser-etched prints are not only physically connected by string but also spiritually connected to the artist.
The event is free with museum admission -- and it is an incredible museum -- so it's worth the trip all around. It seems that the theater won't be handing me a mic for any Q&A as planned, but look for the tattooed redhead afterward for post-theater drinks at a local dive to discuss the film.
He appears cool and comfortable on the set, and more of an insider than an American Idol contestant hanging with the cool kids. The news made Twitter go atwitter, but then we all just became transfixed staring at his thighs and nothing else mattered in the world. I love that they chose esteemed artist Mike Rubendall as one of their first artist features, which includes a Q&A and a good sample of his tattoo work. They are seriously affordable and they offer free shipping in the US for any order over $20. In fact, he has been a driving force behind fostering fine art endeavors among tattooists, particularly with the creation of "ArtFusion Experiment," which he co-founded with Filip and Titine Leu, to champion collaborative painting and drawing among tattoo artists worldwide.Ten days ago, his Last Rites Tattoo Theater in NYC celebrated its 5-year anniversary with an art show featuring an exceptional roster of artists, including many tattooers.
I'm also digging the trippy (and very reasonably priced) Galaxy plugs.The winners can choose whatever style they want. What would have meatier is to do some research on the public perception of tattoos, now that so many more people are covered, now there we are inundated with reality shows, now that Kat Von D is a best selling author. The iconography is a confluence of motifs with Jondix's signature mystical imagery and Eastern-influenced patterning. Our talk and visual presentation center around how women's tattooing relates to sexuality, fashion, fine art, and feminism.
He's a great representative of the tattoo community and what the highest standard of tattooing is all about.
Bobby's work reflects an intimacy with her subjects, many of whom I know are not keen on having their photo taken but seem to be enjoying their shoot with her. I'll have N+S stickers, pins, and bear hugs.Check my bad photos from past shows on Flickr, including the ones below. There are 100s of plugs to pick from in wood, stone, acrylic, bone, horn, silicone, and stainless steel. If you think tattoo discrimination no longer exists, read the comments section of any tattoo article around the world -- go ahead, I'll wait --  and see that there are multitudes of people with unblemished skin who are personally offended by yours. These themes are wonderfully explored in Margot's absolute must-have book, Bodies of Subversion: A Secret History of Women and Tattoo.
She's also captured so many great moments in the tattoo world and beyond, which you can find in the Events section of her portfolio.

Internet comment trolls aside, are people who don't like tattoos not going to go to a restaurant or not buying a Starbucks coffee because some employees may have them? As he says on his Esty page, the machines, although workable, are not meant to be used on skin but simply to be displayed as art.
Bobby graciously permitted me to use these images above, including the action shot of a collabortive tattoo between Kurt Wiscombe & Filip Leu, shown above. There's always some lower level manager who barks that he would never hire someone with tattoos, of course not knowing that his CEO probably has one. I also encourage everyone to share your thoughts on women and tattoo culture in the link to this post in our FB group page, or Tweet at me. Lars provides an accessible overview of the art, from tattooed mummies to indigenous cultures that still practice the tattoo traditions of their ancestors. Check more of her work on Facebook & on her site, where many of her prints are available for purchase. Is there one overriding message that you really want to get across-about you personally-in any interview? With the strong response to these articles -- which advertisers love because they can flash more products in your face while you're seething at Bob from Boise -- you'll find that the same reporting gets thrown out there.Yesterday the NY Times published its own tattoos-at-work story. And this will likely lead to more people thinking they know how to tattoo by just watching a TV show.
The Starbucks in a small religious town may feel backlash but it's not going to happen in my hood in Brooklyn. When I was creating this series, I put myself in that position--trying to create something that will come to my mind in the future--and serendipitously I found my favorite place.Aeons Tulpa will be on view at the Against the Stream gallery for a year.
Perhaps having managers of different regions decide the policy would be a better option than a company-wide ban.
I do think companies that have a legitimate right to want to protect their brand image should be able to do so within the bounds of the law, but they should do so within the bounds of common sense. For more on Raking Light Projects, and their art prints created by renowned tattooists, check our post on them here. I've used this example before, but I do think that if I wanted to hire just heavily tattooed badass attorneys, I should be allowed to. Polite dinner party conversation has moved from Nathan Lane on Broadway to Ami James on NY Ink. Joe thinks it adds to this season, explaining:There will be a bit more emphasis on the "Skins" (tattoo clients) story this season, which is really cool. If I want to reach a tattoo collector and artist clientele, having just tattooed attorneys conveys that we have a personal understanding the issues. And so, considering the vast audience these shows have, perhaps it's time to help shape them and offer a better representation of tattooing, through constructive critique and support of strong artists featured.
For those who may have missed the first season, Best Ink is one of the tattoo competition shows in which twelve tattooers compete in different art and tattoo challenges to be the last one standing, winning $100K and a feature in Tattoo magazine. The public should also be aware that many of us get tattooed simply because we just like the way it looks. But we also need to balance that with legitimate rights of people and companies to do business the way they want.
There needs to be corporate responsibility but also personal responsibility for our decisions.

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