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He is considered to be one of the hottest and sexiest men on the planet, so no wonder that Orlando Bloom tattoos have got so much of attention. Orlando Jonathan Blanchard Bloom was born in 1977, in Canterbury, England.  Orlando’s father was political activist fighting in South Africa for civil rights, but died when Orlando was just 4 years old, so he grew up with his mother and sister and a part of family became a family friend Colin Stone.
As a child, Orlando was fighting with dyslexia, but he was interested in visual arts and became a part of local theatre in Canterbury.
Working on this movie wasn’t easy and the team spent around 1,5 years in New Zealand for doing it.
Another permanent tattoo he has is also the first one Orlando got: a little Sun is inked on the left side of his lower abdomen. Atlanta Boston Calgary Chicago Dallas Denver London Los Angeles Minneapolis Montreal New York Portland San Francisco Seattle Toronto Vancouver Washington D.C.
Always sunny, always packed, and always beautiful, Florida is a huge vacation spot for people across the world with it's tropical climate, active nightlife and world champions Miami Heat. Brainchild of the highly acclaimed tattoo artist Frank La Natra and Mickey Steinberg, Into the Woods thinks outside of the box in their presentation and delivery of custom art and quality tattoos.
Miami has always been a bright and colorful city, but Miami Tattoo Co has been helping south beach become that much more eccentric through their brand of unique tattooing. With over 15 years of professional experience under his belt, Mike Parsons opened his own tattoo shop in Florida under his own namesake in 2010. Salvation Tattoo Lounge is one of the best known tattoo shops in Miami, Florida and for good measure. Truly bridging the gap between the tattoo artist and the client, Black Tie Parlor offers a free flowing, creative and comfortable environment for anybody that steps through it’s doors.

With so many people always coming in and out of Florida, specifically hotspots like Miami and Orlando, it’s no surprise that there are tons of Florida tattoo shops trying to get their own piece of the pie.
For a big surprise, when Orlando was a teenager he got to know that Colin Stone, not Harry Bloom, is his biological father. He was also studying poetry and winning several poetry reciting competitions, but when Orlando turned 16 he started his way into professional art of acting – he moved to London, became a part of National Youth theatre and started serious drama studies. During this time the team went through different difficulties including broken ribs etc, but the result was for sure worth it. Home to an eclectic and diverse native population, cultures are always blending and interacting together; such is the case with Florida tattoo shops.
Resident artist Christa Zurich came up with the name from the fabled theme of fairy tale characters journeying through “the woods” facing their fears and obstacles and coming out the other side a better, smarter and more enlightened soul.
With at least seven tattoo artists on hand at any given moment, Miami Tattoo Co is always ready and willing to satisfy any custom tattoo demand from their growing list of clientele, no matter what the style may be.
Winning countless awards and attaining critical acclaim from his peers in the tattoo industry, Parsons commands respect through his passion, skill, knowledge and dedication to his craft. Voted the number one tattoo shop in Miami, Salvation Tattoo is the perfect combination of affordability, talent, cleanliness, professionalism, knowledge and customer care. Opened by Jose Rosado and wife Nori Lane in 2013, Black Tie Parlor is uniquely decorated by artifacts brought in by their satisfied clientele, leaving their mark on the parlor that did the same to them.
Hopefully this list enlightened you to just some of the best tattoo shops in florida, but make sure to do some thorough research before you make your final decision.
The nine members of the Fellowship of the Ring decided all to get this a tattoo and remain with it for the rest of life.

Orlando has not given his own explanation for it, but as we know, Sun has always been a symbol of light, power and warmth.
Though there are many of them, below is a short, introductory list of what we consider to be some of the best tattoo shops in Florida. Aside from world class custom work and a beautiful open gallery,Into the Woods holds art workshops, seminars, and classes in order to better educate the next generation of artists of all mediums making it one of the best Florida tattoo shops.
Staying current, Miami Tattoo Co is one of the few tattoo shops that offers UV and white ink tattoos as well as a wide array of piercings for any and all body mod enthusiasts. Only taking the best and brightest talents to create by his side, Mike Parsons Ink has emerged as a premier Florida tattoo shop for enthusiasts looking to get some serious work done. Catering to all walks of life that make their way through Miami’s sandy beaches, Salvation Tattoo Lounge also offers “permanent makeup” also known as “micropigmentation” which deposits non-iron oxide pigment into the skin to emulate the result of a professional make-up job, forever. Clean, sterile, professional and homey, Black Tie Parlor treats everyone with respect and is willing to forge the perfect positive tattoo experience for any client, big or small. All other Orlando Bloom tattoos you have seen on him in movies and pictures have been temporarily made for his roles in movies.
It’s just the tip of the iceberg though, check out this more comprehensive list of Florida tattoo shops and tattoo artists. From portraiture to new school to traditional and anything in between, Salvation Tattoo has built a reputation as one of the most prestigious tattoo shops in all of Florida, sometimes even drawing in celebrity clients such as rapper Lil’ Wayne.

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