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For some Portland food people, cooking is such an important part of their lives that they make it part of their bodies. For ancient Britons, tattoos could signify high status, identify members of a group or make a fashion statement. Unlike other kinds of craft that produce something you can keep, wear or live in, cooking doesn’t last. The brightly colored sleeve in its place deals with samuri culture and elements of nature, and each detail means something very specific in terms of food, service, learning, practice. The prompt for this tattoo came while making dandelion salad with wine-mulled poached eggs, candied walnuts and lardo at Gotham Tavern. Elizabeth Markham Daniel Wakefield PasleyFormerly a bartender at Clyde Common, Yakuza and the Victory, Elizabeth Markham now divides her time between Beaker & Flask and Laurelhurst Market.
Lindsay Laughlin Twenty years ago, when Lindsay was 6, her parents started The Fishwife in St.
Now, after earning a degree in culinary arts from Clark College, apprenticing at Pix Patisserie and spending years in her family’s restaurant, Laughlin is manager, pastry chef and line cook at The Fishwife.
An intricate tattoo of Dungeness crab, scallops, oysters and tiger prawns covers Laughlin’s left shoulder and upper arm. Vito DiLulloTwo hundred years before Christ, when Macedonian Greeks ruled Egypt, Pharaoh Ptolemy IV is said to have pledged his devotion to Dionysus with tattoos of ivy leaves. Vito DiLullo met Paul Zenk 14 years ago when they worked together briefly in the kitchen of the legendary restaurant Zefiro. Lisa Higgins Daniel Wakefield PasleySweetpea Bakery owner Lisa Higgins got her first tattoo at 18 — a little falling star on her back. And she has a lot, including a pair of winter mittens around her neck, a sleeve of Northwest elements, designed by Jerry Ware to look like architectural drawings, and a cluster of images in homage to Ferdinand, the bull who preferred smelling the flowers over fighting. Our BannerFeel free to use this banner on your blog and share the cupcake love with others!
Here is what their website has to say about cupcake tattoos:  A cupcake is a permanent symbol and reminder that you have given and supported such a worthy cause. Apologies, as I have been remiss in sharing the wonderful reader submitted cupcake tattoos that have come in this year.

The standard and cute cupcake tattoo has been transformed into very personal and intimate forms of artistic expression. Although I am unlikely to have a tattoo like this I would love this picture as a piece of art! Have you got a tattoo that covers your love of cupcakes and something else special in your life?
Submit a BakerySubmit your favorite bakery and where you live to help us in our search for bakeries by state! Women in ancient Egypt and pre-Columbian Chile and Peru used tattoos as protection during pregnancy and birth, and in Borneo, women tattooed symbols of their skills on their forearms. In Portland, our narrative is about doing things our own way, especially in the food world. Gotham shared kitchen space with Ripe’s Family Supper, and then-Family Supper chef Troy McLarty noticed his poaching prowess.
Pale and willowy, she can seem like a demure 1930s starlet or free-spirited rocker-girl, and her tattoos reflect her range. And then, in the middle of his chest, is a heart-shaped roast, bound in butcher’s twine.
Soon Roman soldiers emulated this fashion, which spread across the Holy Roman Empire until Christian emperors banned the practice. When they ran into each other a year later, Zenk had married Amanda Myers, the founder of Infinity Tattoo, and also started doing tattoos. And its simple beauty now seems a precursor to the less literal, wilder and wider variety of food tattoos that are now a staple of Portland’s restaurant kitchens. Now, that star has become beets and kale over a little banner announcing Leap Before You Sour (a translation of an Italian maxim), and Higgins’ vegan bakery business is five years old and booming.
But it’s the brightly colored, pastry-based mural on her lower leg that reveals her sense of humor and perseverance, as well as her medium. This photo was taken by Jacquie Gibson at the Ink for Heroes tattoo convention, which was held in York in June. The Cupcake Club consists of Rose Green, Colleen Moss, and other talented volunteers who attend shows all over the UK, tattooing cupcakes and raising money and awareness for soldiers.

The many restaurants with open kitchens mean we can literally watch the process of our meals, and witness the craft and craftspeople who have put our city on America’s culinary map. There’s a tattoo of an old English breed of pig based on a wood block print from an 1883 handbook on pig breeding, and also a sturgeon, done by Jerry Ware at Atlas.
On his right shoulder, a knife deftly slices into a heart, marbled like a steak, above a dramatically inked banner that commands: Love the Knife. And Ingle recently had a snake eating its tail tattooed on his elbow, to match the image his father had inked on his hand, in 1969, by the legendary artist Lyle Tuttle. He’d noticed a roast in the walk-in at Clarklewis, and thought it looked cool, and also that it spoke to his life in the food industry.
Her father was working as a seafood purveyor for the now-defunct Portland Fish Company, and her mother was the third generation of a restaurant family.
Ten to 15 years ago, arm bands of green garlic, vegetables, herbs and fruit seemed to symbolize the same sort of statements among local cooks and chefs.
Sweetpea is just down the sidewalk from Scapegoat, Portland’s only vegan tattoo parlor, but even before Higgins became a vegan, she always knew she wanted a lot of tattoos. And if you watch, you notice that many of these artisans are tattooed — with images of food, as well the tools used to make it. And in an increasingly virtual world, these indelible statements on the canvas of one’s body hold an undeniable power and lasting beauty. Below it, artist Cheyenne Sawyer tattooed a crown-wearing egg inside a corona of heavenly light, and the scroll held by imps reads: Born to Poach. Ingle wanted to get it in the same spot, but was warned away from getting a hand tattoo, since they still have a certain stigma, even in Portland. Laughlin and her sister spent time during summers and weekends at The Fishwife, and though there was a TV in the back room, she always wanted to help.

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