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The shapes that you will draw in this step is the guides for the flowers in her hair and on her neck. Using the shapes you just made, draw in the flowers in her hair, and then take your time as you draw the larger flower on her neck. The water that surrounds the geisha is not done yet which is why you will draw in the loop, and circle that flow from the side of the bun. She told me that she would really like to see what type of tattoo I could make in the form of a cool Geisha face surrounded by everything about the art.

When you have accomplished that task, begin drawing the eyes in the form of lids and lashes.
When the flowers are sketched out and detailed, you will need to draw some fallen flower petals. Now you can color in the drawing using either black and white shades, or use all different types of colors to make a piece that looks like some Ed Hardy's work.
A few days went by and ironically four other people asked for a tattoo in the form of a geisha girl.

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