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Author: admin | Category: Harley Tattoos | 07.06.2015

I was looking through some searches the other day and noticed lots of visitors were looking at the sacral spine tattoo in this post.
I started going through my photo archives and noticed I have dozens of photos I’ve taken (mostly at Expos) of girls and their tattoos.
I think the above tattoo was on the same girl, fairly certain but I cropped images a ways back and would have to check originals.
Thanks, I didn’t realize how many tattoo photos I had until I started going through the archives.
This girls entire back was tattooed with flower art and writing (you can see a peak under her bikini strap).

She was posing for photos hence the red shoes and lace, it didn’t just happen that way.
Star tattoos appear to be in fashion but I like these starred shaped flowers, and the mini stars surrounding them. Not certain that all of these came from the same expo (I doubt they did) since I’ve been to many over the years.
I suppose much of that has to do with the fact that I’m in LA, which seems to be a popular area for tattoos. I would imagine back of the thigh tattoos would be painful, especially going down the back of the knees.

I don’t make a habit of taking tattoo related pictures but I did find quite a bunch besides these. I did ask some patients and they said other cities are even more known for their tattoo galleries than Los Angeles is.

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