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Noomi Rapace WAS the character in the Swedish version, much more than Rooney Mara in the US version. People think that criticizing everything is the best (easiest) way to make them seem discerning, and therefore intelligent. The first one by Fincher was 90% the same with the Swedish original and therefore extremely predictable. In terms of cinema, the script, cinematography, editing, score, make up, set design and direction were better in Fincher’s version too! I like Noomi a lot, she’s the best thing of the Swedish film but for me the more of Salander the better, Make more movies, in every language of the world, TV series, animated version, everything. No one is trying to replace your dear Noomi, she’ll always be Lisbet, So will Rooney.
This is my first audiobook, I chose this one because I thought listening to the story would be easier than reading it.

I ‘caught’ this box of audio discs off Ythan yesterday [just a few minutes ago really], on Monday evening, by the way thanks, and plan to listen to it before sending it off on a journey. Arrgh…overwhelmed with books so decided to let this go and I and am releasing it at Costa coffee in Cults right now.
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I loved the book Girl who Played with Fire and I am now about to read the Girl who kicked the Hornet’s Nest. The Sweedish movies were fantastic but David Finchers vision, style and attention to detail is honest to the written works. But have to say that both the Swedish and US version are pretty bland in comparison with the wonderful book. They forget the part where if the critique isn’t intelligent it just makes them seen boorish.

Really no need for English language sequels when the Swedish editions are so beautifully executed.
I hope Fincher and Mara will do the spy thriller Red Sparrow as the Swedish films really can’t be improved on. I can’t envision the two being pared down to one movie without sacrificing numerous significant plot lines, COULD it be done ,,,,Yes, Would what was left make a watchable movie? It’s been a number of years since I have ‘listened’ to a book, an activity I sometimes used to be able to indulge in at work, and it always used to be a real treat.

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