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Globe Tattoo calls for a€?Resistancea€™ as it launched bolder and better products along with its newest brand ambassadors at Ayala Museum Thursday night. Providing the techno-savvy, social media enthusiasts with prepaid or post-paid options, Globe Tattoo pars with their fast-paced lifestyles with add-ons to the already powerful products. Who can better represent resistance than Globe Tattooa€™s newest faces, a€?Filipino Flasha€? Nonito Donaire Jr., Chicosci vocalist Miggy Chavez and supermodel Georgina Wilson, who are now at the peak of their chosen careers because they resisted mediocrity, uniformity and limitations. The event, hosted by Sarah Meier-Albano, showcased people who are known for making a name in the industries they are in. As Globe leaders reiterate, the company has taken on to the challenges of the future as it recognizes the growing need to let go of traditional and begin with the new. Since yesterday I’ve been problematic about a credit card bill that reflected a charge from Naumi Hotel in Singapore the amount of SG$ 941.60 or about Php 32,686 for a hotel stay that didn’t even occur last December 26, 2011. Last December 26-30, my family and I stayed at the Quincy Hotel during the Christmas-New Year break and had a good time.
A few hours later I received an email from Simon Tham at Naumi saying I will still be charged with a no-show fee, attaching a confirmation letter from the hotel which I was seeing only for the first time. To be honest, I am such an OC traveler that I immediately print out all confirmation letters for hotels and plane tickets, put these in my travel case in the safe.
I also diligently check in early and reserve seats online because I am super OC about flying. Naumi is such a beautiful hotel if you get the right room (not the one with open bathrooms).
While waiting for some good news (hopefully) from Naumi Hotel, I watched a DVD of Chalet Girl, which stars Felicity Jones as Kim, a former skateboarding champion who loses her zest for the sport when her mother dies in a car accident. Bored with life and to make ends meet, she takes a winter job as a chalet girl in Austria, where she meets Johnny, the rich heir, played by Ed Westwick. The movie made me feel like a 20-something again, made me wish I was skinny, European, and liked snow (I truly hate winter). I just love the setting of the movie because I’ve got my eye on the Chalet Dolce Vita in Italy, not because of skiing, I just really like how cozy this looks. It’s nice to hear Ed Westwick in his natural British accent and watch Brooke Shields as his snobby mom, a former Concorde air hostess who married rich (Bill Nighy). Two of my favorite characters are played by Sophia Bush, as Chloe (Ed Westwick’s sosy fiancee) and Mikki, the “single guy from Finland” who teaches Kim how to snowboard.

In honor of Bench’s 25th anniversary, let’s look back at our favorite ad campaigns.The Sculler, with Richard Gomez.
To celebrate 25 years of Bench, all Bench Lifestyle Cardholders (that’s me!) get an additional 25% off sale items just for today, January 25, 2012! I’ve read that the Year of the Dragon may not be a good year for the sheep (financially), so I decided to stop by World of Feng Shui at Serendra to inquire about my luck. At that time, model Georgina Wilson had enrolled herself at Belo Medical’s new Sexy Solutions program. Georgina (right, with host Raya Mananquil) said she signed up with Sexy Solutions to work on her problem area—her waist. She felt especially self-conscious, having to model a swimsuit at the Bench underwear show in 2010.
Sexy Solutions, a subsidiary of the Belo Medical Group, is a reduction program that offers to get rid of stubborn fat through the combination of diet, exercise and modern science.
For some of us, no matter how much time we exert in eating right and working out, getting rid of those last few inches is the hardest. Breaking through the fat loss plateau, Sexy Solutions’ first class treatments help make abs tight, thighs firm, and arms toned—without the use of invasive medicine. Paired with an effective diet plan by Biggest Loser Philippines nutritionist Nadine Tengco and expert consultation from fitness and sports science specialist Edward Mendez, getting to and sustaining the healthier, fitter, and sexier you can become a reality. TATTOO, the number one, most preferred broadband, unleashed its daring resistance campaign against uniformity, mediocrity and limitations. Special performances that translated the Resistance movement were interpreted by model Jasmine Maierhofer, the Hot Legs dancers, and Nina Terol.
Tattoo’s new faces were also unveiled: the Filipino Flash Nonito Donaire, Master Model Georgina Wilson and Chicosci lead vocalist and Rock Rebel Miggy Chavez. Sarah Meier hosted the event, while Tattoo’s brand ambassadors—race car champion Marlon Stockinger, cyber superstar Saab Magalona and Ford Supermodel of the World 2010 Danica Magpantay—also came to support the new campaign. The Tattoo 4G Flash at Php 1245 runs up to 7.2 mbps with free 120 hours valid for 5 days, plus free surfing on Facebook for 30 days.
Enjoy non-stop surfing for 3 days with SUPERSURF for only Php 120 to avoid the hassle of daily registration. These are the Speed and Volume Boost that will maximize the potential of the newly-launched set extending the internet speed up to 12, 21 or 42 mbps and widen its volume for the kind of broadband power that suits your needs.

Prominent personalities and the media have been invited to a€?join the resistance.a€? Bloggers and retailers were invited as well. Globe Tattooa€™s campaign is expected to create a louder call for resistance in the next months. I would describe her telephone personality as stern (read: not friendly) as she said it was a no-show fee and instructed me to email them a complaint. The last correspondence I had was from me asking her to book the said hotel and giving her my credit card number. I fill up everyone’s immigration forms, including arrival cards at the destination way in advance. Last night I ran so hard just to take the pain away from the thought of an electronic error that is costing me money. Not your typical girly girl, she transforms from chalet girl into the snowboarding champ who gets the boy. The Nestle Twins), I always found Raymond cuter—although I can’t tell who is who from this vintage photo I bought at Tiendesitas.
But some of his best friends—Georgina Wilson, Isabelle Daza and Liz Uy—felt it was time someone told he needs to lose weight. The Tite FX machine, using a high voltage pulse combined with radio frequency, heats up the skin to tighten and shape the body. I’m so happy because I feel like I have a partner in losing weight and maintaining my ideal body.
It comes with unlimited surfing at a up to 7.2 mbps, plus a free online subscription of either Inquirer, FHM, Cosmopolitan or Yes magazine.
I ended up booking at the Quincy a month later—note that I received a confirmation letter from them.
I am begging for consideration on a refund, or at the very least a discount for the no-show fee. It doesn’t all happen in the Sexy Solutions clinics—exercising and dieting are integral to the program, but I definitely feel like we’re all working towards the same goal: a body I am happy with.

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