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I used Amazing Chic Nails Little Gucci Dress as the base color, which looks a little bit like a chalkboard when it's mattified!
I did really want to make a video but I ran out of time and energy and so you guys will just have to do without a video this time. I'm a Dutch nail blogger, I focus on independant nail polish brands and all kinds of nail art, mostly detailed hand painted art. I would ask him to say hello to the rest of the class, but I need you all to put your sunglasses on first.
Now not only is “Day Glow” offered in the small size, but the full size as well!! It is super easily build-able which is great being that it’s a yellow base and that builadbility is needed to cover streaks. I’m so sorry if you were offended, I meant no offense- I was literally just addressing your name as it was written on my site. SORRY FOR THE CAPITALS AND THAT IM TALKING SO MUCH BUT DO YOU MAKE NAIL POLISH YOUR SELF AND DO YOU HAVE OTHER PEOPLE MAKING THIS FOR YOU AND FINNAL TWO QUESTIONS THAT ARE IN MY MIND.
This website is simply a blog website (created and moderated by me) that is intended to show, promote and share my love for nail polish. She is in the middle of a restock right now, meaning that she usually sells out within days of restocking the shop of the day glow polish.
That is where you can contact the owner of the brand, including about further information regarding day glow!
Well in order for this polish to look it’s absolute best, one does have to do the minimum of 4-5 coats and make a few of those coats of decent size. I’ve never tried that, but I was really surprised that normal topcoats didn’t affect it at all! I love glow in the dark nail art that has a different meaning in the dark than it does in the light. It's the Roubloff 00 that I got from Adnails Manucure (it's a French shop) but Roubloff is a Russian brand so they sell it in lots of other countries as well. I worked on it for three days, making little drawings of nails and writing it out to see how it would look.

My blog is meant to inspire people and to give help and tips to everyone who is interested in nail art, both beginner and advanced. I visited Pretty Quirky to look at her mani for the 'N is for New' prompt for the A to Z challenge that's going on now, and I spotted the miniature in the linkup and somehow I saw something different in it than in the big pictures. I could have put more effort in the trees perhaps, but it was meant to be a quick and cute design. In those two weeks, it did not peel nor chip nor show wear other than the obvious cuticle area growth.
I am not affiliated with the line in any way- I’m just showing you pictures and providing a review of the (awesome, gorgeous) line. Some companies send me product to review for them, other times I purchase the nail polish myself.
I do not know when the exact date of the next shop restocking but I do know it is in September, possibly any day now.
I do not have any different information nor am I affiliated with the brand nor can find it for you. I have seen a few swatches of this with only two coats and it doesn’t capture the incredible, full amazing potential of this polish. For the large stars, I cut a stencil out of scotch tape and for the smaller ones and dots I free-handed them on with a toothpick and black nail polish! I did not use a base coat, however you could use white in order to use less coats of polish. Does this polish still glow properly under a coat of the gel top coat, the kind that has to be dried with a UV lamp?
I've painted tiny text before, and it was still hard with the Roubloff but this brush moves where my eyes look, and how my hands move it.
I'm calling it 'over the treetops' because that's what I went for, the last light disappearing and the night creeping up.
Opinions expressed are 100% my own and not influenced in any way other than the quality of the product itself. I had full natural sun light coming in from the front, and artificial light coming from a room to my left as well as a room to my right.

For the accent finger I cut stars out of scotch tape and used them as stencils, peeling the tape up before the black was dry.
The same effect can be done with paper punches and tape (or scissors and tape like I did with the stars) if you have more time.
Serum No.5 company contacted me to send me samples of their line for me to review, I loved it, and have taken pictures and shared it with my readers.
And I also wanted the glow words to be part of longer words in the light, so you wouldn't immediately see the secret message. Those entire two weeks when it came around bedtime, I would see a floating thumb walking through the room. If you’d like I can point you in the direction of one website that I know of that does sell glow in the dark polishes year round but they are nowhere near as quality as this one and do not glow very brightly.
So definitely contact the brand via the two above links going forward as she is the one that will have the answers to questions such as this! I happen to love doing detailed nail art designs and that's what makes my heart sing, so I'll keep doing those.
I wanted to see how it would wear, and how the glowing properties would fare through that time as well.
Would the glow effect work as well if it were layered on top of another color or is it better on its own?
I know I’m not the only one who dreams about how cool it would be to do that and all the many different combinations that are possible.
I thought so seriously about delving into the nail polish business that I calculated the costs (hundreds on hundreds of dollars just to start, ouch) but I’m still not sure if I would ever do it.

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