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Home Leadership Consulting Keynote Talks The Accountability Blog MoreContact About Linda Galindo Buy Linda’s Books Accountability in the Headlines Where’s Linda? Start every day with a mindset that you will own every decision – whether it’s to focus on your sales call list for 10 minutes longer or wander on to your social media site. Accountability is THE most important difference you can make – in yourself and in your organization. The Straight Truth®, The Straight Truth with Linda Galindo®, and The Voice of Accountability™ are registered trademarks of Linda Galindo. I always try to remind myself though that I was lucky because my dad lived a long, full life, so we had a lot of time together. While you go ponder on that, I think I’ll choose to try and make today a happy, loving and productive one, in spite of the occasional secret urge to sob. I hope that those that celebrated Mother’s Day yesterday did so with an abundance of love.
I simply LOVE coffee, and for all those trying to cut it out of their diets, you may as well SHOOT me if I do. I used to quietly sit and meditate using breath-work only, but since the Oprah and Deepak Chopra 21 Day Meditation challenge, I now enjoy guided meditation. As many hours of sleep before midnight as possible. Countless studies show the health benefits of sleeping as any hours as possible before midnight, but I have been living this way my entire life.

Early Date Nights. During the weekdays, I rarely speak to my husband for more than five minutes. In financial services growing your client base depends on both the quantity and quality of prospecting: you plan your work and work your plan. From stepping away for 10 minutes to shake off what you interpreted as rejection to deciding to dial just one more prospect before taking a break.
And to get the results they strive for, they are not afraid to step out of their comfort zones, try new ideas, change their habits and stick to their commitment to grow their business.
Your life - as long or short as it may be - really is the sum total of the choices you make.
The things I do, the things I love, the things I can’t live without, the things that have kept me healthy and sane (on most days). And when you want to do everything but what you need to be doing remember this key: empowerment.
The best part of self-empowerment is that when you succeed,  you know you did it on your own.
So make good ones, and quit wasting time on non-issues that won’t even matter a year from now. And when you fall flat, you are equally aware that your choices led you to an unwelcome result — Acknowledge it, figure out what went wrong and empower yourself to try something else.

Making conscious choices that are right for you help the people around you respect those very same choices.
Whether my parents take the kids and we stay in, or if we go out for dinner, it’s how we reconnect as partners. I was the loser sitting EVERY SATURDAY MORNING mesmerized by those Cindy Crawford Meaningful Beauty infomercials. If you are on the brink of burnout, figure out where you can cut-back financially in your life and work 4 days instead of 5. My ultimate favorite coffee is Douwe Egberts (which is very difficult to find and which I have discovered out only tastes good if you actually OWN the Douwe Ebgerts $5,000 percolator from England), followed by Illy. If you wish to feel more energized during the day, program your body to go to bed 10 minutes earlier each night until a pattern develops.
Sebagh opened those canteloupe’s from France and claimed to have found the fountain of youth in his serum?
I also never do the same exercises each time – some days strength training, some days yoga, pilates, hip hop, TRX, core, spinning, walking, running.

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