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Now, you have type at the bottom of a circle.At this point you can select the type and key in the legend for the bottom of your circle.
To finish, you can use the Direct Select tool once again to shift, stretch and adjust the circles to fit your needs. Tap Arrow keys on the keyboard "Nudge" the anchor in the direction desired Remember to count your taps on the arrow key. When designing anything involving typography, Matson Graphics uses tracking, kerning and leading to make your business cards, logos, flier’s, brochures, etc. First up we have tracking, which refers to the space between each letter of a word, line, or block of text.
Now offering: Orange County Web Design, Hosting, Print Design, Logo Design, Printing, Signage, Banners and more. Many graphic designers don't like to discuss rates because every project is different and its difficult to estimate the time requirements until they know exactly what the client wants.

Logos and Business Cards can range in price, around $500 for the design and additional charges for printing, depending on the run size.
The cost of getting the cards printed was priced separately and we add an admin fee for handling the project and mark the print cost a bit. This leaves us with a layer for the type on the top, and a layer with the type on the bottom.
DT&G was originally published each month on AOL and Compuserve for attendees of Fred Showker's design and publishing seminar and conference appearances. Kerning is sometimes confused with tracking but whereas tracking deals with a whole word or sentence, kerning is adjusting the space between two letters to give a word a more visually pleasing result. Now you know the three basic tools we use here at Matson Graphics when personalizing your text!
At we have two professional graphic designers at our disposal ready for any graphical task you set them, including graphics for online use.

If it's recreating something, we charge a lower amount, if it's original design work, we'd charge a higher amount.
It will take time and effort, several fittings (or in a graphic designer's case, drafts) and eventually you will have the final product. Let's start with the type already set along the circle (as described previously) at the top of the circle.

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