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I just concluded a post on what do graphic designers do, and I had a similar report for social media manager salaries.
The most popular web programming languages list is dominated by languages that are used in designing and development. WordPress is still growing, and so there is going to be demand for designers in that field for many years to come. The content written by this author is still frequently updated, but due to some changes in the past, all new content published by this author is being done so under a new username. Node.js or most commonly know as Node, is a JavaScript platform that allows you to build large scale web applications. Coding in Python is not hard, in fact - it has been acclaimed as the easiest programming language to learn for a long time.
Ruby is one of those programming languages that have been around for many years, twenty in this case. I think it was late August, 2011 - Twitter finally decided to open-source the Bootstrap framework for front-end developers. Web scraping is as old as the web itself, it is a very widely known term in the programming world, and in online businesses in general. All readers of CodeCondo are entitled to our free web development and web design courses over at Eduonix, our sister company. For over ten years, the Coroflot Salary Survey Guide has collected and reported salary data from tens of thousands of design and creative professionals around the world. Discover more than just your earning potential and add your own data to make the survey even more valuable. We then compared the salary ranges for those three jobs, Web Designer, Graphic Designer and Web Developer, at three points of education: High School, Bachelors, Masters or higher.

While many creative professionals posses a broad range of skills that eclipse multiple areas of expertise, we wanted to find out what they were calling themselves.
We wanted to discover exactly how the creative community is landing their gigs, so we asked which of the 7 sources of employment below led to their most recent job. It’s a common assumption that working for a small, agile and fresh boutique agency or tiny company often means you’re out of luck on the benefits front. Coroflot's Design Salary Guide compiles compensation data collected from thousands of creative professionals worldwide. I think both posts were a success, and so I decided to publish one for graphic designers, and how big a salary they can expect in 2014 and onwards. I was actually expecting that number to be much higher, somewhere in the 70k range, but it still looks very reasonable – considering you can teach yourself to become a web design in literally a few months. We’ve got to respect the fact that the economy around the world is still very shaky, and so it might not be that bad of an idea to try and allocate some time for learning things like graphic design.
This infographic presents the most recent findings and reveals the current state of creative employment for those who are searching for jobs and those who are hiring. We received responses from over 58% of the countries on earth, with a majority coming from the United States. The data reveals increases in salary earned for Graphic Designers and Web Developers as education level increases. Creative professionals tend to find jobs through industry events and Meetups as often as they do through LinkedIn. Your general web browsing experience will be much improved if you upgrade for free to Internet Explorer 9 or Google Chrome. I’ve taken a deeper look at PayScale, and learned that Art Directors can expect to earn $70k, while senior graphic designers can be bumped up all the way to $65k.

This map shows all the countries involved in the survey, color-coded by the number of responses, plus the 20 most represented cities.
If you went to any of these schools, the salary ranges provide a gauge for your own earnings comparison, whether you are fresh out of school or a seasoned industry veteran.
We isolated the three most represented job titles from respondents who reported High School as their highest level of education.
When examined as an accurate sample size of the entire population, this information reveals where the greatest potential for job competition lies and which jobs may be easier or more difficult to hire for.
According to a recent Jobvite survey, 16% of job seekers credit social media with their most recent job, which means the creative industry is not leveraging social media as much as the general job seeking population. Our respondents revealed that benefits among smaller companies still aren’t as prevalent when compared to much larger companies. We added the aggregate 25th, median and 75th percentile salary points to each city, just in case you want to move your creative career there, or if you want to hire a creative professional in that area.
This salary comparison shows a falling salary rate as education level increases among these professionals. But for those working in larger companies, it’s great to see that most receive medical coverage as well as retirement benefits.

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