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Be polite, be courteous, show professionalism, and have a plan to kill everyone in the room.
Most of the messages and videos I send you are about leadership, elite productivity and bringing on your A-Game for the benefit of the world. I have found that people who are on the path of their heart’s calling, face greater adversity than the other people. Dearest Robin today was one of my hardest days in the physical and when I read the quotes it all made so much sense . I am going through hard times and the message has lifted me and given me strength was undoubtedly that of Albert Camus.
Thank you Robin,The Quotes are very Inspirational and Motivating, in particular the one by Haruki Murakami ,and that is very true for me at the moment. Thanks Robin, these quotes are very inspiring; helps me to keep my situation in perspective knowing that challenging times are building time and its my responsibility to maximally utilize the opportunity.
Thanks, i got this mail when i am struggling in every stage of my life, in relation, in profession. Please keep on shining and do remember that you may not always know the difference you make in other peoples lives, but please believe me: You do!

God bless you Robin Sharma , for sharing your beautiful beautiful light and brightening peoples lives.
I would like to thank you from the depth of my heart, because you are helping me every day, even if you don’t know about it.
The story of the novel was primarily concerned with the mysterious young millionaire Jay Gatsby who wanted the beautiful Daisy Buchanan with all his heart. Although, the movie has a strong plot and a great storyline, the most amazing aspect was the dialogue. I have chosen to be here and the hardest lessons is to let go of the ego and have the wisdom to ride the waves of the sufferings as they bring magic to your life that you only will understand once you have come through them .Your message in my in box was Devinely guided. You don’t know me and although I live in Europe, you cannot imagine the positive steps I have taken thanks to you! Jay Gatsby was a believer of many things such as idealism, decadence, social upheaval and resistance to change.
Some of the lines in the novel and the movie adaptation were so amazing that the readers and the viewer’s remember it with their hearts.
Not many people know the fact that the movie is actually based on a 1925 novel which was written by American author named F.

The novel at first was not liked by many and hence only 20,000 copies were sold by it, however after the World War II, the novel revived and suddenly became a necessary part of the curricula of many American high schools.
These dialogues touched the mind and soul of the viewers and had great insight if the person understands them correctly. Before I was (I mean till day) a nerd who always felt shy to speak to people and try out something new. The Great Gatsby reached the heights of fame when the 2013 movie adaptation of it was made.
But now I realised that living as a lifeless safe plastic flower which does not enjoy anything is nowhere equal to a live flower which has its own risk in survival. Now, the novel is considered to be a literary classic and is ranked among some of the greatest works in American literature.

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