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The word “angel” comes from the Greek word “aggelo” which means to pass along or announce something. Many angel tattoos for men can be seen with wings wide open to symbolize the flying angel spreading the lord’s word.
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This is the reason for many people to have a belief in the saying that angels are messengers of God that have been sent on earth to bring serenity and peace to mankind. There are several angel tattoos that show a falling angel where the wings are withering off or the angel is hurt badly.
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Such tattoos are made to high-lighten the bad aspects of the human mind that is not willing to take the God’s word.

These designs are done accordingly to the preference of the individual personality type according to their choice.
Several other tattoos for men with angels are shown along with another tattoo of the devil.
These tattoos try to juxtapose the two sides of humanity, one is the angelic side while the other is evil.

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