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You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. It seems to be a concern that we’re discussing meanings behind these tattoos or any that might be similar to them.
Also, if you still think I’m being judgmental or claiming to be an expert on the subject of tattoos, save your breath. I agree, there are definitely really awful tattoos out there, but what I’m trying to shed light on is the amount of awful tattoo TRENDS. I think that if you take that idea to an artist they could definitely come up with something cool and unique to represent your daughter and her love of birds.
I think that’s wonderful that your committee has been able to raise so much money and awareness for your cause!
I thought the ink culture was full of non-judgemental people…this shows that that it is a lie.
Just as this post is my opinion, you are certainly welcome to yours too, but I thought I would explain myself a little more in-depth since you seem to have your own judgments about who I am. I absolutely love dream catcher tattoos, I would love one because when I was a child I had horrible reoccurring nightmares every night, my mom got me a dream catcher for my window and told me it would filter out all my bad dreams. Hi Sata, I appreciate the time you took to comment, however it doesn’t appear that you took the time to read the full post. There’s much more about dream catcher to add to my story but that was one of the reasons. A few years ago I was thinking of getting a tattoo and wanted a dream catcher (I have a few that I really use, I saw it as a tattoo representing the stage in my life where I had got in to uni and was catching my own dreams). I’m glad that I waited before I got it because people are obsessed with Dream catchers now and it kind of put me off, considering I may have been associated with Miley i think it was a great decision. Thank you, at the moment I have a nice idea using magpies, I don’t think it is a trend yet. I have been trying to find an origin story to the infinity tattoo and stumbled across your article. A few weeks ago I got to travel to Cincinnati, OH for a tattoo convention put on by Shane Oneill Productions, called The Gambling Rose. The WWTC is not a tattoo convention, but a series of professional seminars with a didactic purpose. To discover million image quotes, simply type your search terms into our powerful search box or browse our topics and the authors pages.
Dream catchers – This one is extremely popular among 18 year old white girls that are not the least bit Native American. The reverse body suit – Guys will get their neck and hands tattooed before anywhere else to give the appearance that they are tattooed from head to toe. Infinity symbol – I can assure you that if you are my friend and you get this tattooed on your body, our friendship will be dissolved very quickly. I think the meaning of why you got it really stands out and the fact that it wasn’t a tattoo you got in the last year. I think birds are lovely, I’m thinking of getting a few different bird tattoos, I also want all my tattoos to be black and grey realistic style.
I have been thinking about getting a feather tattoo because My daughter loved birds and I thought it was a better idea than just getting her name…. Don’t nix the idea just yet, just talk to a few people and see what ideas they throw around! The post is of pure opinion (which we’re all entitled to) and meant to shed humor on the trends that wash through the tattoo world. At the end of the day you should be getting your tattoos for yourself and no one else, so if you’re happy with your work why even care what anyone else says?

Sounds like a bunch of regurgitated opinions from a tattoo artist (ahem, your man make your thoughts for you now?).
I do apologize if it comes off offensive to you or other readers, but this is my place to share those thoughts.
I know tattooists shouldn’t preach but I think there should be a moral bar that sees an artist question someones thought process who wants their face inked before anything else. You should think before you say stuff like this, because what you have doesn’t make you more or less original! I desperately wish that you would educate yourself on the English language and clean up your grammar and misspellings. Back than in my country I had no idea what a dream catcher really is or its origins other than it protects you from having bad dreams. However I have been thinking of getting an owl (again representing my education) but it seems that is becoming a thing now. My mum is super superstitious and it will represent her, but I also think they are beautiful birds.
Very funny and what has really entertained me are the very sensitive and defensive comments made by people with one or more of the tattoos you listed.
But I got these tattoos in 2007, nearly 6 years before it was trending, and 8 years from when I am writing this quote.
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As we say goodbye to 2013 we can only hope to say goodbye to some of these antiquated trends.
Unfortunately we’re seeing girls with little to no tattoos or full color sleeves getting this, resulting in awkward looking hand tattoos that don’t flow with the rest of the their arm. 9 times out of 10 you’ll see this one on the ribs and you can thank Miley Cyrus for making it so popular. There are better ways to express the concept of infinite love, so trust your artist and his or her creativity. Getting a tattoo of a feather or birds or a dream catcher that you allowed an artist to draw for you and ultimately make a one-of-a-kind of piece is a bit different than demanding he or she tattoo some garbage you printed off the internet. The point is to find inspiration, but allow an artist creative freedom to come up with custom artwork.
Recently I’ve seen a tattoo of a feather in the shape of a infinity band with words on both ends.
They can be spontaneous or funny and it’s great to look back on those moments you received them.
Ever since then I loved them in general and the idea of getting it as a tattoo is just awesome to me.
You have a connection towards that particular image, you’re not getting it because a celebrity and a thousand other girls thought it would look cool. My tattoos were not ones that I printed out from the internet and asked my artist to replicate.
Not everything I write is going to be a cheesy intro to a cupcake post or a light-hearted piece about doing crafts.
I got an email about new comments on this post so I came back and skimmed through the post and some of the newer comments, and I found inspiration for my feather tatt idea! If anything, if I were planning on getting one of these tattoos I would want to know if they were being widely done and that might affect my decision instead of just regretting a dreamcatcher on the ribs in a few years.
Plus, when you take their clothes off they just look silly, like they are wearing gloves and scarf. I’m an artist and I design my own tattoos and a lot for others, and it includes feathers and mandala designs. Just as tribal armbands, yin yang symbols, and butterflies were popular in the 90’s, some of the designs here are popular for the current generation. I have several tattoos that I know thousands of people have their own version of as well, so if you happen to have any of the tattoos on this list, try to have a sense of humor about it.

Let them draw up something more complex than an awkward-shaped figure eight with the words family, love, or faith in it. After all, wouldn’t you rather have something unique and custom made for you versus a design that thousands of share too? But I think what this article was talking about (mainly) were the bird silhouettes, commonly paired with a feather or three on the shoulder ( a trend which I think was inspired by the divergent series).
Its in memory of a dear ex serviceman who inspired us to start up the charity a few months ago. A black feather bursting into silhouettes is one of the most common you’ll find on the web.
I would say that as long as you go to an artist and allow them to draw it up for you versus copying one online, then you’re going to have a one-of-a-kind tattoo that really means something to you.
I think I will get my daughters name either written inside the stem of the feather, or written as the actual stem (if that difference makes sense…). If you disagree so strongly with me and this post, why are you wasting your time commenting? My best advice is to seek out a trustworthy and talented artist and talk about some of the elements and ideas you have so you can collaborate on a unique and meaningful piece of art.
Everyone has their own unique reason for the trendy tattoo but refuse to see the act of getting it as unoriginal! This is merely a comical post to discourage people from the bad habit of typing in ‘tattoo ideas’ in the search bar of Pinterest! I originally got the tattoo as a constant reminder to myself of the concept of an infinitely large and expanding universe as a relative value for my own infinitesimally small significance.. From what it sounds like your logo doesn’t resemble anything of the sort aside from the likeness of a feather. I would love it but I don’t want everyone who sees it to think I was just some stupid Hipster who got the same generic tattoo as 90% of my generation.
A lot of people took this article in the wrong tone and thought I was attacking meaning behind the images, when it was really more to laugh at the trends we go through as a society.
Our society today is a pretty tattooed one, so you’re bound to share a similar style or tattoo with someone.
I think a lot of people thought my article was saying NEVER to get these images tattooed or if you did have them that you were just another trend follower, and neither point was the case. Although I have had that tattoo of the feather breaking out into a flock of birds saved as a favourite for a few years now. I think the protection element of the wrens symbolism would be key in your tattoo, as a mother you are very protective of your child, they are sacred to you and you to them. My post is not vindictive or attacking anyone, it was meant to be comical and poke fun at pop-culture and art trends. I encourage you to start your own blog to discuss art, trends, and culture since you are so clearly a world traveled expert on all subjects.
The key is to always discuss your design and reasoning behind it with you artist so they can draw something up that is unique to YOU and you only, not printing something out from Pinterest or a website and asking the artist to tattoo EXACTLY that, which happens all too often. So although I do have sentimental feelings for the feather tattoo, I can assure you I am no Forrest Gump or ‘feather tart’! Go travel and educate yourself a bit more on what other countries and cultures are doing with their body art and tattoos. Make it your own and know that you got it for YOU and not just because it happened to be a cool trend at the time.

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