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Many a people associates star tattoos with high goals, achievement, persistence, hope, protection or an illuminating event. If you desire your star tattoos to have more meanings, you can add variations to them since the tattoo you ink should be unique and show your personality. If you’re a female you create a small string of stars at your foot or past your ankle to enhance a sexy appeal you can opt for various sized star tattoos.
Stars can simply mean goals or achievements in life (pretty much like the star stamps pre- schoolers get from their teachers). A pentagram is often seen as a symbol of the devil, however, it also symbolizes balance and protection, ironically, from evil. The Six pointed stars have also been discovered in cosmological diagrams in other religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism.The Same star is also used by Christians specifically The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints and Zion Christian Church.
The Nonagram or 9 pointed stars symbolizes wholeness, achievement, supreme sanctity and because 9 is last single digit in the decimal system, it also represents boundaries or limit. Whether the meaning of the star tattoo lies between the simple and the complicated, religious or rebellious, the star remains one of the most popular tattoo designs in the world because of its’ diversity.

Except the various symbolized meanings, star tattoos also looks stunning and cool since it can always offer you some balance and fun. The shining shooting star formation tattoos are super popular, since they can leave a long-lasting impression of romance, or any special things. People are now using their body as canvasses to show what is important to them or simply conveying their individuality.
A Hexagram, also known as the Star of David which symbolizes Judaism is also known as the Creator’s star. In fact, it is a sacred symbol for the Wiccans who follow the faery tradition, in which it is known as the Elven star.
It can be connected to several mystical groups most notably to Ogdoad which refers to the eight primary deities of Ancient Egypt.
It is also connected to nine-fold systems like the Taiostkanji (psychic centers) which is similar to Hindu Chakras. Therefore, today in this post I have collected very beautiful and awesome small tattoo designs for 2011.

Nautical starsalso known as the North Star wasnormally used by sailors mean hope for guidance and protection. The six points represent the six days of the week and the space in the middle represents the Sabbath. In Kabbalah, it represents the seven planets, seven alchemical metals and seven days of the week. You can also add a splendid skull or some numbers or some color swirls to make your star tattoos special and eye-catching.
Later on, the markings became a sign of wickedness and were attributed to people who spent time in prison. In Islam, septagram can allude to the seven latifah(subtle faculties) of the Islamic mystical thought.

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