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Ingredients: natural henna, natural indigo, alma gooseberry, false daisy, neem leaf…(that’s it).
For more application instructions, how to spot test, and gray root process go to our detailed application page. I have blond hair and it came out very red…which I don’t mind, just not what I was expecting! I am allergic to hair dye, which used to really make me mad until I started researching how bad commercial dye is for your hair & body. Super easy to use (more so than the Lush blocks I’d previously tried), mess notwithstanding!
I started out with a dark strawberry blonde with a few highlights in the front and I came out with a brown color with red undertones. I thought it was a little odd that there were no negative or mediocre reviews on the site, but then I tried the product.
I waited a few weeks to write my review because I wanted to see how the color developed, and I couldn’t be happier. After washing out and blow drying my hair, there was a lot of bright red (I didn’t notice any green as some people mentioned, but I have a great deal of red in my hair naturally and I was coloring over bleach so maybe that explains my color).
Within a week, however, my hair was a gorgeous light brown that looked perfectly natural with minimal red. I researched a lot of different companies before deciding to order from here and I am so glad I did. Learn how to make your own green cleaning recipes for your home!Get my DIY beauty recipes for making your own lotions, salves, and even toothpaste!Create a chemical-free home by using simple and cheap ingredients!
Because the red-orange dye molecule is binding to the keratin that surrounds the pigmented hair core, the resulting color is different for every strand of hair, and for every person.
You can put the Henna in a piping back, squeeze bottle, or just use your fingers and apply. Our Select Harvest™ Henna makes a great base for this color, while indigo and added herbs taper back the deepest red and leave a warm, auburn finish. By mixing extra natural conditioning agents (alma and shikakai), we can stabilize the red & brown pigment release to make a vibrant rusty-brown hue. My hair feels amazing, I decided to use this product because I have gone shampoo and conditioner free for the passed year and I didn’t want to smear chemicals all over my head when I was feeling sassy and wanted a change (it would completely defeat the purpose of going shampoo free) so I tried this and it gives rich color and highlights, the only thing is that it is a lot darker than I expected.
Okay, first off my hair is naturally ashy blonde but I always thought I looked better with darker or red hair. For as longs as I remember I’ve had scalp issues dandruff, itching, and greasy hair within 12 hours of washing. If you section your hair into small sections with sections on the back and each side and start with the back. Wait at least a few days before you bawl your eyes out because you hate the color and either shave it off or run the the salon for them to get rid of it. I am by far no expert so I suggest you talk to one if you have questions concerns or problems relating to henna before doing anything too drastic that can’t be undone.
I used the proper temperature of water and made a paste that was about brownie batter consistency.
I suppose it is mostly my fault because I did choose to apply this dye to my hair, and it did add more red. I’ve been chemically dyeing my hair red for probably 20 years, and I HATE how fast the chemical color strips out of my grays around my face. My gray roots are a LOVELY shade of bright auburn, but it turned the rest of my hair a dark brown, almost black. I ordered 4 packages of auburn in the Super bundle along with a single package of the ginger blonde. Until now, my hair stylist (a family friend of mine) hadn’t seen henna in a while, and I’m glad I could take my henna to her, because it definitely reduced the mess!! Color Note: Very light hair (gray to blonde) may require two applications for richest black color—may come out Dark Brown initially. It took the right combination of Indigo and Henna to create this deep ebony classic. Indigo fights for the dark reflective cool shades, while henna battles for the vivid auburn warm notes. Quick Note: Very light hair (gray to blonde) may require two applications for richest black color—may come out Dark Brown initially. This is my first henna experience and ill be a believer for life and also of henna color lab. I was really skeptical about the henna first because I always have hard time covering my grays.
A few months ago I used a product from an Etsy seller that had henna in it, but it also contained lots of other strengthening herbs and oils (which made it super runny).
I did like the way it mixed very smoothly with distilled water, but my hair is now SUPER dry. I have been using this mixed 1:1 with dark brown henna to cover my 20-30% premature grey hair since almost a year and I have been very satisfied. I can’t imagine using henna for that much premature for a very long term basis but that is general statement for any Henna mainly because it is little more cumbersome than say semi permanent dye and it does start to wash off sooner. It colors fairly well in about 2 hours of leaving on and most importantly the way these things fade, it makes for a much easier transition and even if you miss your schedule, it would end up looking much more natural. I have used couple other brands of Henna that did not cover as well as this so this is definitely superior. My hair is dark close to black and my daughter’s hair are dark too but lighter then mine. I recently stopped putting chemicals of any kind in my hair and wanted to try henna hair dye.
Nice earthy smell, makes me feel like a greenwitch as I’m slopping the paste all over my head.
I am all about products that are cruelty free, animal friendly, save the earth- products, and love. Typical story, damaged hair from years of chemical lightening, and I wanted to be able to color my hair but not damage it with chemicals.
I’ve learned over the years of doing Henna on my hair that these are very poor quality of Henna.
It won’t dye your hair completely red, but it will give it red highlights, loosen the curl, and make it silky!
Mix enough henna with lemon juice to make it like the consistency of mashed potatoes (see photo below).
When all your hair is covered with Henna, wipe your skin clean of any Henna, and wrap everything up in a plastic wrap. Once mixed, the two bold colors are resisted just enough by the added conditioners to bind at slightly different rates. I’ve been using the mahogany color for about a year now, and was basically happy with it.
I am 30 years old and have been dying my hair since high school (just because I like change and also shiny, healthy looking hair). About 4 years ago I switched to sulfate free shampoos and the greasiness and most of the itching and dandruff went away. To make it darker I know all I have to do is another layer of henna and it will build up, which is another wonderful plus.
If you expect it to be EXACTLY the color it shows and are going to be an unhappy camper and complain you should just leave your hair alone. Then twist all the hennaed parts into a dreadlock state doing it yourself is no problem at all. I didn’t want to try to do this myself so i took it to a professional to have her do the coloring. I have been dying my hair for almost ten years and the most recent bleaching, color oopsing left it with tons of split ends, unmanageable and a very awkward yellow blonde.(Also in the past my hair always grew fast and it literally stopped growing for like three months) The Auburn covered my hair perfectly and reinvigorated it with shine and thickness and by the third or fourth use my hair was growing fast again.

I also accept that henna is unpredictable in the way it reacts with every person’s hair color. Lately I’ve been having a reaction to chemical dyes and went in search of a natural alternative. Unfortunately, the only time i attempted to dye my hair with conventional chemical dyes, my hair became brittle and fell out. I had previously dyed it last month with the medium brown and loved it, but I’m now in the mood to add some red hues. I have nothing but good things to say about this product- I used 2 auburn for myself and my mum used an auburn mixed with the ginger blonde.
Ive never dyed all of my hair before, but previously before I used the henna, I had light brown hair with blonde ombre tips. I was constantly researching different brands and actually placed an order for lush henna in black but then immediately canceled it. I have medium to dark brown hair and the only thing the henna did was make it a shade darker.
Just follow the instructions, maybe even leave in the henna longer than 2 hours, and see how it works for your own hair. More people need to switch off of using the chemicals and try a stunning, traditional method of hair coloring which gives natural looking color and strengthens hair!
And yes, I deep conditioned right afterwards for a couple of hours, with TWO types of protein free conditioners mixed together. I then rinsed it off and put some more on some sections that I missed and slept with that.. The way we use this one step black henna is knowing it will make our hair darker and if we want more depth we are happy to do the treatment again in a week or two since it’s natural and only makes are natural curly hair more beautiful.
Neem oil and additional herbs blend into the mix enough to hold back the darkest color expression, allowing a light, balanced color that’s equal parts gentle and rich. My intention was to improve his head of hair and go back to my natural color (or at least close as possible) which is a medium brown, but with a little kick qnd spice. In my late teens and early 20’s I had colored my hair every color in the rainbow but I know how damaging that is––not to mention all of the chemicals. It smells bad (reminded me of a horse stable) and took me about an hour and a half to cover my whole head (my hair is about 4 inches past my shoulders and one package was plenty) but I LOVED the results.
If you want a true chocolate brown color I’d try something a little darker (especially if you have light hair), but overall this is beautiful! This conditioned my hair (somewhat damaged from years of dyeing) beautifully — feels shiny and strong! The smell is kind of hard to get out of your hair and I didn’t have any blue or green undertones at all. Recently my hair had been falling out and breaking off so I had decided to stop using chemicals of any kind on it which meant no more coloring. I started with past shoulder length chemically treated level 9 blond hair with about 2.5 inches of dark dishwater blonde roots.
They are produced by adding synthetic dyes, metallic salts, and other plant dyes to a poor quality of Henna. Hennaed hair looks like you grew it yourself! The color you get on your hair will vary depending on your hair color you have now and the chemicals you already have on your hair.
If lemon juice is too harsh on your skin, use something less acidic like grapefruit or orange juice. And then you have the rich chocolate base, with the rusty auburn-red henna hugging the outside.
I am so glad that I decided to purchase from henna color lab (instead of trying lush’s bars) because my hair turned out wonderfully perfect, and my curls couldn’t be happier! However, there is a lot of indigo in that mix, so my hair has been getting blacker and blacker.
I was hesitant to try this because I was fearful that the years of dying would turn it a funky orange (not what I wanted).
The color bleeding and fading I’m guessing is connected, once the bleeding stopped so did the fading. My hair is a natural light brown with red highlights that I had never dyed before in my twenty one years of life. When buying this product remember that it is not an exact science and funny looking, cool toned red (cool is a description of shade of red). I had my hair chemically dyed a light auburn, so I went with the auburn, figuring better too dark than too light.
Recently, I went vegan and in changing over my beauty products to cruelty-free options I learned that henna is vegan and all natural!
I found out that they really aren’t 100% natural and I feel the company is a bit misleading when it comes to their products.
I did not get the natural black color I desired or was said to get so that was a big con for me. Mixing and application was easy (I have shoulder length hair, straight, medium thickness, and I had some goop left over even though I only used one package… in case that helps anyone decide how many to buy!) and it rinsed more easily than the other brand I have used. It as been 3 weeks and my hair is still fabulous and a beautiful black with pretty hi-lights! The henna covered that up flawlessly:) I only gave it four stars because my hair turned out a deep neutral dark brown, not black. My hair was really soft from that so I decided to get the Henna Color Lab’s Natural Black Henna, because the color change from the other stuff was non-existent. My hair is the darkest brown with a lot of natural red highlights-this color somehow darkened it while keeping quite a bit of my natural highlights. Undertones can range from light red to green to blue before fully maturing—very normal (most blend within hours). I had also tried different types of henna over the years but had never been fully satisfied with the color. First, I was nervous that I would end up with colored hair which still showed my roots but that did not happen, the color applied completely evenly on roots and colored hair and looked so natural, I love it! When Henna is mixed with an acid medium, henna will stain your nails, skin, or hair into a reddish-brown color. It had been 3 months since my last Henna treatment and the color was still going strong (other than my new roots). I then wrap a large DARK towel (remember Henna will stain anything it touches) around my head.
If you can’t stand the smell, you can add 1 TB of powdered ginger, clove, or cinnamon to your Henna mix.
The color is beautiful, although mine ended up much darker than in the picture shown, so make sure you look at the color result chart before you pick your color. Due to the extra redness, I actually washed the original hair treatment out with conditioner, as advised, mixed with a nickel worth of shampoo, which lessened the red some what, and made it look more like this picture.
There is also something about the buildup of indigo that makes my over-40 hair dry and frizzy.
However, after i was rinsed and styled according to the instructions there was no color change :-(.
At first I was very nervous to put it in my dreads, I was fearing that I was not going to be able to get all of the henna dye out, but it wasn’t all of that difficult. Using our balanced proprietary combo (and some time & natural oxidation) they blend into a beautiful deep black. The main draw for me over the other brand is that this stuff isn’t loaded up with perfumes.
Also the curls are softer my hair is fuller looking which is awesome since I have been having thyroid issues and been loosing so much hair. However, I did leave it in my hair for 15 minutes less than the recommended time, and I am in no ways an expert at DIY hair.

But if you have medium to light hair I wouldn’t expect black results from one treatment. I thought I was just going to have to live with at least a years worth of bad hair until it all grew out. However, the original color is also very pretty and I would recommend this product to anyone!! I had a demarcation line between my old and new growth that was about three inches or maybe four inches. I have hair a few inches past my shoulders and I mixed half a pack of Auburn color with one pack of medium brown. The auburn has indigo in it so the more you use it the darker it gets, so I switched to the copper which is a little more orange, but nice too.
I am now going to spend the remainder of my night Googling ways to remove henna in a timely fashion.
Definitely going to experiment with some of their other colors this fall, namely the mahogany, and probably the wine red to add even MORE red goodness to the hair! At first it was blue ish with green undertones and dry feeling but I followed the instructions and only conditioned right after the treatment. I followed all instructions and had an experienced henna user help me so no fault on my part.
After application, my highlighted hair had a green tint (I believe his can be attributed to the indigo), the rest of my hair was a dark bark brown. After the application and wash out last night, I really think I will never use another brand on this hair. On me, it was a dark auburn for the first week, and with time has gradually came out to be a very warm reddish brown. Henna has been used for thousands of years to keep hair healthy and to color white or gray hair. The henna I was using (purchased elsewhere)turned my new growth a pretty medium to dark auburn, but the old damaged hair was a very bright coppery color. The auburn turned my medium dark brown hair a rich auburn with vibrant red hues in the sunlight. My daughter also got her hair done in the wine red color on the too half of her hair and natural black on the bottom it looked beautiful!
I don’t think the henna is bad quality at all, but I now know that I have to add tons of other things to it to soften my results. Now I look at the color chart and it does look more copper than the hair on the model, so therefore it was my fault. After 1 week my hair is a gorgeous light brown color and I just ordered 4 more packages of Light Brown!
I did notice the slight green tint initially due to the indigo, but it was gone within 24 hours. Did my hair today and left it in for about and hour and 45 mins not including the amount of time it took to apply it. This is not necessary but I have found that it covers my gray hair the best when I leave it on for, at least, 6 hours. I tried the dark brown, and that didn’t seem to work on my hair at all (very poor gray coverage). The color looks even better than what I would pay in a salon; natural, glossy, and healthy looking.
I’m trying the medium brown this week cause I want to return to my natural color, and the henna treatments for the summer. Instead of a natural looking auburn I now have an extremely unnatural cool red coloring to my hair.
One thing I suggest with all henna colors is to wrap your hair in Saran Wrap for the required hours and I’m going to do a bit of mahogany on my greys before doing the two packets of natural black to see if I get 100% coverage.
The quality of this henna is the best I have ever used and we will be buying this shade again.
I recommend doing that your first time since it made applying the actual color easier since I had practice.
Personally I love the red tones, and I think next time I will mix half a bag of this light brown shade with half a bag of pure henna to bring out even more red but still temper it with the light brown tones. The recommendation is 2-4 hours, but if you know that your hair is resistant to dye or has gray, then you may want to leave it on a little longer. Henna colorlab is easy to use, inexpensive, has fast delivery and is really an all around great product. I will repeat again that I have never dyed my hair before and did not expect this result to be so far from what was advertised. I want my children to know of all natural products and not have hair problems later in life!
The funny thing is, I was never really able to achieve a color that I was happy with until now. The color is rich and natural looking, and my hair felt stronger, its been a couple weeks now and my hair still feels strong. Sally told me to be very careful because henna could be unpredictable and this auburn may turn out dark or not take depending on if my hair had hit the saturation point. Yes, the earthy smell and pasty application take some getting used to, but it’s so worth it! They also constantly have great deals-so much cheaper than salon or even drugstore hair dye and sooo much better for your hair. It smelt like a tea almost ?? after dying my dreads with the henna, my hair got redder throughout the next day. I would highly urge everyone to buy this brand and definitely this color if you want a natural looking beautiful black head of hair with incredible shine. If anyone is on the fence about trying this product, let this review be the one that makes up your mind. I actually sleep really well with Henna on my head and it is also known that Henna can soothe headaches. I decided to give the auburn a try, because my demarcation line was getting really tacky, and I refuse to use anymore hair dye and chemicals. If you want a change go for Henna and don’t be scared by the clay, it’s kind of fun to think women have been doing this for thousands of years!
Auburn turns my gray hairs an Irish Setter red, and gives my dark brown (and indigo black) hair a reddish glow. I just dyed my hair with the pure Henna yesterday to cover some spots I had initially missed. I love this color but now I only wonder if just go full force and let the red in:) I love your product and look forward to experimenting with a few colors. I am already getting my next order together and taking advantage of the special so I can try the shampoo as well. There is no hard line between the indigo dyed hair and the auburn colored roots, so the red seems to flow naturally into the brown and black. If you have a lot of gray, I do warn you that your hair will be a whole lot redder than the example photos. It took about 5 shampoos to completely rinse the excess henna, and it took about four days for the color to develop completely.

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