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East versus West, two geographic terms often used in distinction rather than in unification.
Born in the Eastside community of Boyle Heights, Homeboy Industries began in 1988 as a job-training program then known as Jobs for a Future. The pastor, who is now Father Greg Boyle, guided the jobs-training program and bakery in Boyle Heights to become Homeboy Industries by 2001, an independent non-profit serving high-risk youth with an alternative to gang life and offering recovering gang members a second chance at life.
What many might not know is while Homeboy Industries and its many endeavors have a distinctly Eastside flavor, the non-profit owes at least part of its existence to a benefactor from the Westside.
It was film producer Ray Stark who, in 1992, helped finance Boyle’s conversion of a vacant building into Homeboy Bakery.
Just the same, Homeboy Industries is not allowing itself to be boxed in to geographic definitions. Not only are some of Homeboy Industries’ graduates and participants foraying into career and life alternating opportunities in cities such as Beverly Hills and Santa Monica, the non-profit is also venturing into the Westside with storytelling events. On March 25, actor-comedian Tommy Davidson hosted Homeboy Industries’ first-ever foray into Beverly Hills. The non-profit promises more storytelling events will be coming to Westside communities in the near future, building a bridge from the Eastside and a foundation for growth in a region where geographic distinction is not only used in everyday parlance but also a significant aspect of cultural, economic, political, and social interaction.
According to Lauren Grubaugh, a development associate with Homeboy Industries, the non-profit definitely has a presence in the Westside. For example, three of Homeboy Industries’ own are associated with Bouchon Bistro in Beverly Hills. Mary Ann Marino, an executive producer with Park Pictures in Santa Monica, said seven people from Homeboy Industries are within her company’s core group of crewmembers and freelancers. Introduced to Boyle by Grace Campos, one of her production supervisors, Marino said she discovered Homeboy Industries’ job training program and decided to help offer job to some of graduates during the past two years.
She shared three success stories of Homeboy Industries graduates who have worked with her and since built promising careers in the film business.
Andre Hollins, for example, worked in the office for 10 months before visiting sets and becoming interested in grip department. Then there is Arleen Ayala, who was production assistant on set and became interested in art department. Marino also pointed out another crewmember, Johnny Garcia, was noticed by the Oscar-winning cinematographer for Gravity and could be on his way to landing significant crew gigs in the near future.

Because of Park Pictures’ work with training Homeboy Industries’ graduates to become productive crewmembers, two other production houses with Westside operations took notice: Epoch Films and Uber Content. Megan Murphree of Epoch Films introduced Mamta Trivedi, the head of production at Uber Content, to Homeboy Industries. She added participants from Homeboy Industries and Homegirl Cafe bring unique perspectives to a production. Perhaps the different dimensions can be attributed to the volume of high-risk youth, recovering gang members, formerly incarcerated individuals, and others who have reached out to Homeboy Industries for assistance. Grubaugh told Westside Today anywhere between 10,000 to 12,000 people come through Homeboy Industries’ doors during the course of the year to take advantage of many of the non-profit’s services, ranging from tattoo removal to classes and support groups on parenting and substance abuse.
There is also a job-training program where participants work on improving their respective personal lives while also acquiring job skills.
Job-training skills often involved participants taking on administrative or clerical positions within Homeboy Industries (after a three-month probationary period) before entering into a social enterprise or internship program. Trainees are paid, allowing them to do the work they need to do while supporting families, pay rent, and ultimately move to safer neighborhoods. And while Homeboy Industries has Eastside roots, Grubaugh pointed out clients came from all over Los Angeles County, including Santa Monica. In terms of recidivism, Grubaugh stated about 30 percent of Homeboy Industries graduates who were once in prison returned to prison. For those who make it through the program, the progress can be both tangible and immeasurable.
When Marino started working with Homeboy Industries and its graduates, she was uncertain how everything would pan out. Microsoft at Westfield Century City hosted a free DigiGirlz event Friday, as part of Microsoft’s Make What’s Next campaign. At Homeboy, laser tattoo removal is provided to individuals whether enrolled in the Homeboy program or walk-in community clients. Often the first step in leaving gang life is to recognize that gang-related tattoos are unwelcome in the work place.
In professional basketball, for example, all-star and championship games are often pits a team from the East against another representing the West. Six years later, in the wake of the Los Angeles Riots, a Dolores Mission Parish pastor who founded Jobs for a Future launched Homeboy Bakery as a vehicle to provide work for high-risk youth and former gang members who sought a second chance.

Little by little other industries were also added, such as Homegirl Cafe in Chinatown, a diner in City Hall, and a food concessions at the Writers Guild of America Theater. With its strong Eastside roots, Homeboy Industries is coming on strong here on the Westside. The ‘Transformation Stories Live’ event featured former gang-members sharing their respective stories of how Homeboy Industries helped them recalibrate to lead productive lives.
Not only do many donors still come from the region, but also some of Homeboy Industries’ graduates and participants work in the area.
Hollins was able to collect enough workdays to join the union and, according to Marino, quickly became in demand. Once there, Homeboy Industries graduates would enter a three-weekend training program, where Marino taught the nuts and bolts of how to do key crew jobs on film sets. For those who were incarcerated, life-improving steps include expunging records, reuniting with family, and reconnecting with children. However, in general, about 70 percent of released from prison and do not enter into Homeboy Industries are back in prison, Grubaugh added. Now, Marino says the relationship between her company and those who come out of Homeboy Industries is more than about providing jobs.
This has proven to be a critical service for former gang members because the majority possesses visible tattoos – a physical obstacle that makes it difficult for them to obtain secure employment. At Homeboy, tattoo removal is a free service provided to trainees and walk-in community clients.
Here in Los Angeles, Eastside and Westside depict more than what side of downtown you work, reside, or socialize; the geographic distinction is loaded with rich narratives pertaining to culture, lifestyle, status, and countless other nuances that appear to highlight differences instead of boasting similarity or commonality.
He has been a journalist since 2006 and is an alumnus of UCLA and the University of San Francisco. One of the most mentioned reasons among our clients for why they want to remove their tattoos is the hope of setting a good example for their children.

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