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Line 6 made a name for themselves by making amps that used digital models to change their sound. To feed sounds onto those speakers, the AMPLIFi also includes Bluetooth support, so you can stream audio wirelessly as well as via a cable. With a cloud community of guitarists uploading their best patches, AMPLIFi Remote provides a unique and powerful resource for finding guitar tones.
You can overwrite them, and hook up a pedalboard to change between the four patches + control a wah-pedal etc.
This will be a hell of a deal in 5 years when line6 or apple completely changes their business model and takes the servers offline. Right now the only way to find a pre-built preset is to search for a song name in the play section of the app. I’d also like the ability to control and switch between presets via midi coming into the ios app. These restrictions really limit its potential, so i hope Line 6 provides some better support for more serious players for it. Can you play with iOS apps, stream to the device and in the same time plug what you want in? The AMPLIFi is doubling as a general-purpose speaker, and has more models and effects – provided you can use the iOS app to access them. Also, following a growing industry trend, the whole line is class-compliant, which means it can work with iOS (and Linux and Raspberry Pi and all that, too – and your laptop, without drivers). And, of course, backlighting, because apparently there’s some new industry rule that everything must now light up all the time.
What I do see as potentially encouraging is that the MPD232 appears to improve on what the Trigger Finger Pro already did. I like the trend to more neon-y colors (RGB is so 2012) but I gotta have the tops of my buttons light up or it’s just not right. Anyway, looks like Akai is still lacking a standalone pad device that can compete with its older MPCs. Now, Ableton Live users with an Android phone or tablet they do love can add one killer application. Works perfectly on my first gen Nexus 7…as does pretty much everything Android related.
CDM is an online magazine for creative technology, from music and DJing to motion and more. CDM by Create Digital Media GmbH is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Hidden as an extra, Mario Paint Composer was one of the first software creations to meld music creation with game.
If you want to bring in all your old Mario Paint 1x songs all you need to do is copy your prefs folder from version 1 into this folder. Selling merch on the road – whether your band has CDs and shirts or you run your own enterprising business in geeky goods as our contributor Liz McLean Knight does – is a big challenge. The application in question is called Innerfence, and Apple gets it, too, as they’ve added it to a new TV ad. Cool, but this immediately makes me wonder why we aren’t seeing more of this sort of thing.
One key advantage to having an app may be that your fans would be a little less nervous watching you key in their Credit Card number, but maybe there’s a way.
I also imagine we’ll soon see more netbooks with data plans, which will open up another way to do this. I know there are times where I wanted to buy a CD but didn’t have cash handy, so I might use this as a customer.
I can't help but wonder if it might be possible to write the app in such a way as to take a photo of the credit card, do an OCR on the numbers, and then of course promptly delete the pic of the card for security purposes. I think I'll mention that there will need to be a confirmation step to make sure the OCR got the number right before sending before someone else comes along and says I left out an obvious piece. Obviously the EasyPay terminals have worked well enough that Apple has been using them since 2005.
It looks like there are other apps, including Accept Credit Cards, which is free but you need to have a Merchantware subscription.
Year after year, a lot of what the music instruments industry does is iterative – evolutionary, not revolutionary. That means, for example, Clavia’s announcement of a new Nord Electro 5 keyboard matters.

I actually had the pleasure of visiting Clavia when I was in Stockholm last year, hosted by the city.
I still do not understand why 73 note keyboards are still putting an E on the bottom like an old fender rhodes, instead of going C to C like every other keyboard in history.
It might be that because they are used mostly in rock bands with guitars, that a lot of the music played ends up in E.
I’ve always loved the feel and functionality of these keyboards, but the red is too much for me in a live setting.
Modeselektor is Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary, in turn behind Monkeytown and 50 Weapons. The boundaries between those artistic voices are blurred even further this time, though perhaps removing some of the edges, too.
The results still have some of the rhythmic push and sharp intensity of Modeselektor, the melodic fancy, vocal polish, and ear candy of Apparat. With that fair warning, for anyone expecting the driving force of the last album, you can’t really complain about getting one record from these two talented acts.
The label made the decision to put the music on NPR, and even made it an exclusive, so this is hardly a case of a listener-supported radio network somehow taking advantage of the artists. I have actually been listening for quite a long time to this Moderat Album released in 2009.
Am I imagining this, or does Bad Kingdom sounds really muddy and squashed relative to the rest?
The applications are obvious: this is an amp that you can use to play along or practice with, and also can fill in at parties and dinner dates and the like. Within the cloud community, guitarists can rate their favorite tones, upload their own, and build their musical network by connecting with other musicians and fans. The cloud features may or may not catch on, but it’s not hard to imagine a lot of guitarists would love an amp that can double for regular listening. I’m a little leery of devices like this that require specific phones or apps to function, I know that an amp from 30 years ago will still work today, but will this thing be any good 10 years from now? It’s ecologically damaging to continue throwing away electronics at the rate we do, and when it comes to instruments and musical equipment I tend to expect it to last longer than your average consumer electronics. So if you had a foot pedal working with your ipad, you could then use that to move between presets while playing.
The numbers are parallel to the MPD18, MPD26, and MPD32, but these are really new pad controllers.
But now you get lots of controls on the whole lineup and a new step sequencer on the top-of-range MPD232. US$199 for the MPD218, $299 for the MPD226 and $399 for the MPD232 retail list – so cheaper than that street. I want to buy a cheap akai controller that has the swing, to control ableton live or other daw.
If you can integrate it to the Ableton like Push, the 232 is actually more interesting than Push.
LIVKONTROL was already one of our favorite Ableton Live remote control apps, with a balanced set of features, a really nice clip editing function, and a handy bank of generic MIDI controls you can use for anything you like.
Then again, at the price of something like the Nexus or a blowout price on a Galaxy, you’ve got some change to spare.
For some strange reason, this creation has inspired endless musical oddities, uploaded to YouTube. To make flats(b) you hold ctrl and then enter the note, to make sharps(#) you hold shift and then enter the note. I considered putting all my creations on YouTube so I think all you guys should look for them.
I almost bought one, expressly because I want to develop for it, but the battery life and processor power issues killed it for me. But for the day-in, day-out operation of a lot of gigging musicians, some of the less-thrilling announcements are the ones that simply make life better. The number of stage musicians who rely on the signature red keyboards from Sweden is simply stunning. These things really are built by hand in the middle of the city, in a tiny assembly line tucked away in an unassuming residential block.
In fact, you might have some trouble working out what’s new from the press materials, so let me help. 1GB of sample memory with sympathetic string resonance, first seen on the Nord Piano, have made it to the Electro.

The dedicated Sample Synth section has a library of sounds including some licensed officially from Mellotron and Chamberlin. Everything is in stereo, you get control pedal access to effects, there’s a new Stereo Tub overdrive, and you can use Delay and Reverb separately. I let the Electro 4 pass by, because the improvement in specs was just too homeopathic for my taste.
And by the way, Piano keyboards DO need 88 keys, in the same way that Hammond keyboards need 61 keys. And while this release is dreamier than the last, the focus is now exclusively on these three – and just as beautifully made.
Once the album gets rolling, what you get is a free-flowing cruise through ever-present, immaculately high-quality production values – each thump seeming meticulously constructed, even when in a dense wash of sound. I suppose I’d be obligated to deduct a star relative to the triumphant debut of Moderat. Simply mesmerizing… Absolutely massive sonic landscapes to ponder on, and to get as an inspiration before starting recording a song. Instead of just being something guitarists would use in the studio and stage, for the first time it’s an amp system you might want to bring into the home. But while it can be loud like a traditional guitar amp (in 75- or 150-Watt versions), inside is a full-spectrum, five-speaker system.
If they designed vintage synthesizers in the same way they design modern electronics, we wouldn’t see this booming second-hand market.
Right now you are restricted to a FBV pedal plugged into the amp, which only allows you to move between the 4 internal presets inside of the amp.
I could even perhaps sync modstep and this, as the Akai would give me more tactile control than tapping and sliding fingers on glass. I know it is because you’ve got 3 banks to switch between, but it always annoyed me when manufacturers make their stuff sound greater than it actually is. I hate the black buttons on the Push, so I’d rather have a bit of light show to see what I am doing. I’ve been particularly happy with a second-generation Nexus 7 as a second tablet, for instance. I used to love messing around with this years ago when I still had Mario Paint and my Super Nintendo.
That’s why I’m absolutely with Hypebot’s Virgil Dickerson: running credit card numbers on an iPhone is a game changer.
Right now, you also get a $50 gift certificate to iTunes, so you can catch up on LOST and buy the new Depeche Mode and feel like the whole thing is free. I’m hoping all those Google employees who now own G1s are starting to think about their stuff running on the phone.) The advantage of PayPal in particular – which a smart on-the-road merch seller could offer alongside a real terminal like this – is that hipster eBay addicts may already have some cash in those accounts ready to spend.
Nord aren’t cheap, but their attention to detail has earned them a lot of impassioned enthusiasts.
And on the Electro 4 page, they’ve got a chart to compare with the previous generation. There are no guest artists joining the supergroup, no remixes – only a reverb-heavy electronic fantasy.
That means when you play music on it, you get stereo sound (plus a subwoofer) and tone more like you would expect from a home music system. Fortunately, Line 6 has supported a range of iOS devices, so if you don’t own one, your best bet might be to pick up one cheap. It means if you lose your charger for a day for your iPad you can’t change amp models or effects. I really hope they provide a normal effect preset browser in addition to the search by song title method of trying to find a preset.
This way it could be used as a controller for laptop based musicians AND work as a legit sampler for hardware based set ups. Think that les grandes marches could be one of the greatest starts of any live act by any artist.
Here, however, in 8-bit glory it sounds like a theme from a B-grade action adventure game for SNES. Ironically, it puts to shame the terminals Apple employees themselves use at the Apple Store.

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