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Artist Liz LaManche worked on a tattoo to represent England, one of the many countries represented along a dock in East Boston.
As planes took off over Boston Harbor one summer evening, artist Liz LaManche was bent at the waist, outlining a 50-foot dragon on the concrete surface of an East Boston pier.
Her dragon, for example, is an amalgamation of images she found on the plates and dishes that once arrived to Boston on trade ships from China.
She made a 9-foot paper stencil to draw the middle portion of an intricate Irish knot tattoo, perching a projector on a ladder one evening to trace its edges.
Outline complete, fellow artists started volunteering their time to help fill it in with black cement stain. A few Boston-area artists came out to help each evening, getting free beer and grapes in return. An enthusiastic response to a test tattoo at last year’s HarborArts festival inspired Liz LaManche to make a larger project. The Somerville resident, who holds a bachelor’s degree in architecture from Yale and a master’s in social work from Smith College and has her own computer graphics and software interface design business.
She said she got the idea for the tattoos over a year ago and did a test tattoo, titled “New England Sailors,” at last year’s HarborArts festival. Though dock managers and festival organizers had been enthusiastic about the idea all along, LaManche said seeing the public respond to that first tattoo was the moment the project crystallized for her.

She spent the winter researching traditional symbols, such as the Celtic knot, from different cultures, and then started drawing.
She hopes that when the East Boston dock is done, air travelers will be able to see the designs as they take off and depart from Logan Airport.
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Another trick with smart bro is to manually make a dial-up connection with the following settings. Because sailors learned tattooing in the Pacific Islands, she collaborated with a Maori artist from New Zealand to design a Maori tattoo, which is also complete.

The final tattoo designs represent New England Native Americans, Basque fishermen, West Africans, Brazilians, Russians, the English, and the French, among others. It is based on a vision of a swirling black-and-white design she said she had when she was 9 or 10 years old.
She will have a few years to book a flight and see for herself, as she expects the tattoos to last that long. He got to chatting with LaManche in the evenings when he passed by and soon offered to paint. The electro stick will give enough signal it seems like having four feet antenna on your USB modem. It is the centerpiece exhibit of the daylong event, and LaManche has been out there working on it three evenings a week for three months.
He said he might install a concrete dock-inspired patio as well, a place to enjoy the evenings.

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