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Recently AutismSpeaks asked on Facebook and Twitter what 5 things that people would tell parents right after their child was diagnosed. So having boiled it down to one answer, which encompasses them all but is still a little too vague entirely on it’s own, I will broaden it out to answer the original question: what 5 things would you tell a parent right after their child is diagnosed with Autism? The scariest part of getting the diagnosis is that most of us really don’t know what Autism actually is at the time and so our minds start racing about all the things that must be wrong with our children and all the ways their future is going to be impacted.
This has to be your second step because early intervention is the key to helping your child overcome Autism and live a productive life.
The sooner you find the best places to go for help, the sooner you can get in the door to talk to them.
Also, some places will take you but not until after you’re approved for funding, or some other stipulation and again, applying right away means you get the paperwork done faster. If it’s a nutritionist, ask for a list of essential foods to try for, ask for suggestions on how to get a picky eater to eat the things they have to instead of just what they want to. The one good thing about Autism being everywhere is that there are so many people out there going through similar situations. Children with Autism are extremely diverse and you’re very likely to find parents that have children that are extremely low functioning, some that are high functioning, some that have had made great progress in getting their children developing and even some poor parents that have had their child regress.
On top of all that, unlike most parents that are forced to become doctors, psychiatrists, chauffeurs, banks and so forth, you’re also going to have to become a researcher, scientist, psychologist, therapist, nutritionist, supporter, event manager and even more. It sounds pretty daunting actually, but the good news is that even though it does happen pretty fast, it’s still not over night. No matter how busy you become, don’t be too busy to put it all aside and play with your child.
I’m still not nearly at the super-hero stage, so I guess the only thing that I would add is that it could take years before you reach that status! This post is awesome…I would have loved to have read something like this when I was first being thrown into this new world. I am on the stage of shocked when the psychologist say that my daughter might have light symptoms of autism. It’s difficult to give advice as everyone in the world has different levels of services available to them. However, I can say that if you want to move forward, an official diagnosis will go a long way. Use these lessons, grouped by subject, to learn about American culture, expressions, history and politics, and practical matters. It is a fact: countries whose students consistently perform well in schools will find economic success.

Some argue that the numbers must be taken in context: American achievement has not slipped so much as other nations have raised student performance and, as a result, become more competitive. Their answer, to paraphrase, is to create an education system that offers equal access to a high-quality education for all students. High-performing nations have obvious cultural, political, and demographic differences, but the elements of their success reveal similarities.
Many of the reforms detailed in the report were informed by American research and practices.
Students are able to choose from an extensive range of vocational education and training (VET) certificates offered either at the College or at an external training provider as part of their senior secondary studies. The College has a reputation for quality curriculum design and engaging vocational education and training (VET) programs across the arts, trades, and technologies. Different sectors in Singapore gather to study workforce demands of the future, and plan how to create a supply of highly qualified workers. A worldwide new education survey ranks US students well behind many of their Asian counterparts.
An international port city reformed its education to meet the new opportunities of a knowledge economy.
How one nation turned around its education system radically--and achieved an 86 percent higher ed enrollment rate.
The vision and components that made Finland one of the top-ranked education system in the world.
Asia Society is the leading educational organization dedicated to promoting mutual understanding and strengthening partnerships among peoples, leaders and institutions of Asia and the United States in a global context.
Asia Society takes no institutional position on policy issues and has no affiliation with any government. Pooja Jaisingh: Hi Sama, text effects are currently not supported in the responsive projects. We start going through our memory files trying to think of every single thing we’ve ever learned or heard about relating to Autism. That is to say, you may have speech therapy appointments once a week which help a lot, but how much more would it help if it was daily instead of weekly??
They are professionals but they can only do so much because it’s not just your child that needs them. I do my very best to stay educated and do what ever is necessary to ensure my children have the tools they need to thrive. You might be able to get by without it with some people but you’ll hit a lot of roadblocks.

Your doctor likely won’t be able to do it but they should be able to refer you to someone that can. And nations with students demonstrating low academic achievement will face detrimental effects to their economy.
Asia Society asked the highest-ranked nations and ones making steady improvements what they do to ensure high achievement rates among students.
With clear goals, strong and coordinated leadership at every level, most high-ranking countries were able to realize substantial improvements in their education system within five to ten years of launching reform efforts. Recruit the best university students, and offer incentives (including opportunities for growth, and high-quality professional development) to retain a strong and highly effective teaching force.
Experts agreed that government intervention is needed to aid reform efforts when some students have access to an excellent education, and others do not.
Vanessa Shadoian-Gersing, a former OECD analyst who writes and consults on global education, offers observations based on her recent work in Vietnam.
All views expressed in its publications and on its website are the sole responsibility of the author or authors. Talk to your doctors and also hit the information super highway to learn how Autism affects people. In fact, you will likely find a much larger support group online since you literally have the whole world at your finger tips.
I share my stories and experiences in an effort to further grow and strengthen the online Autism community and to promote Autism Understanding and Acceptance. I say tell them that even though their life is about to become full of new and unpleasant stuff (like the learning, learning, learning + therapy + insurance fighting + education advocacy, etc etc) that it is very important not to give up on family joy and having fun. This message came through clearly at a two-day conference that brought together education leaders from throughout the world to share best practices. What are the roadblocks in our implementation strategies, and how can the American education system overcome these challenges? As you learn the signs, symptoms and effects it has, you’ll begin to recognize them in your child. You’re going to stand up and make sure that people are treated far better than they have been, when before you might have let it go or just said something without getting too involved.

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