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Share your tip or idea by uploading it to the Teach Junkie community so we can ooh and ahh over it! I love this idea of teaching or reminding students so much, I thought it would even work great to bring it directly in front of students as a think before you speak name tags template. Envision teaching an expectation of how to think before you speak and the discussions that can be opened by having these words posted in the classroom. The poster above is from Shannon who has a gift for blessing others and for creating meaningful printables.
Teach JunkieLeslie {aka the original Teach Junkie} digs learning new things that makes teaching easier and saves time. 2016 is going to see a big increase in startup business, with many new businesses and products coming to the market. There are plenty of new ideas that you could use for a social photo app such as games involving pictures. There are many people who do not have the time to run their websites anymore and instead just leave the hosting and domain name to expire. One of the biggest problems for visitors coming into a city is find a location of where to park.
To solve this problem you could create a website or mobile application that tells users where their nearest car parks are and whether or not there are spaces available.
Website security is becoming more important these days, with hackers targeting all sizes of websites looking for ways to make money and steal data.
You could provide a backup service that takes website backups every few hours for users, ensuring that their data is secure. If you are ever searching for a job then it can often take a lot of time to go through jobs one at a time until you find a job that you are interested in. Many of use have goals to achieve but do not know where to start or often even have the motivation to get started.
There are many authors out there who spend time writing their own books and guides from home but do not know what to do with them. You could start by researching the best marketplaces to sell eBooks and what makes them sell. With over 90% of all the information on the internet being created in the last few years, there is big business in big data.
Read previous post:The 7 Personal Qualities You Must Have As A Startup FounderYou might have the perfect idea for a startup, that should be a guaranteed success. These Christmas gift ideas cover all ages and will help you find the perfect gift for those on your list.
Approximately a million and one drawings later, when I was a junior at Georgetown University, I drew a red hippo, named him Simon and put him on a college t-shirt.
I went on to grown-up things like graduate school and jobs in advertising, media, and entertainment. I first syndicated It's A Jungle Out There to an educational network called Lightspan, then to companies like AOL Kids, National Geographic Kids, and Paramount.
Here's a comic I drew about Suzanne, a bird and fortune teller, talking about global warming on a hot day. When cartoon characters talk about their problems, kids hear them - and discover that they can do something to help.
It's my big hope that kids will love my new half-hour cartoon musical, The Power of Poop (and other ways to save the world!). NASA, as concerned about climate change as any federal agency, has hosted several screenings of the cartoon at their Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, CA. And a recent Los Angeles screening of The Power of Poop led to "A Planting and Painting Day" in Marina Del Rey where local students came together with their community to create gardens and murals featuring the story's characters. When Maximino Hoz presented his case asking for relief from deportation, he submitted letters from his children’s teachers, therapists and friends saying his family would suffer extreme hardship if he were removed from the country.
As President Barack Obama and members of Congress on both sides of the aisle pledge to take on comprehensive immigration reform following the election, the heart-wrenching, one-paragraph letter from Anthony Hoz highlights the pain of family separation that has become a common by-product of the current U.S. Dear Rex Ford, please I beg you with all my heart to leave my dad with us Because we need him so he can pay the bills of the house, and we love him so much. The letter was first uploaded to the Facebook account of DREAM Activist, an advocacy group. The Hoz family arrived from Mexico in 1993, according to Reyna, who says immigration officers detained her husband Maximino 11 months ago and sent him to Broward Detention Center in Florida. Maximino's case file contains letters from concerned teachers, friends, and colleagues, all pleading for leniency in Hoz’s deportation case. Since their father’s detention, Hoz’s five children have struggled with depression, according to a teacher and a therapist.
Rex Ford, the judge to whom his son addressed the letter, has a reputation for tough rulings. Jiang had no criminal record and was seeking asylum in the United States after being forcibly sterilized in China at age 20, according to the New York Times. Hoz also has a criminal record, including two DUIs and driving without a license, that will make his case hard to win, according to Aliseris. Estrella Manuel, 2, holds an American flag in her mouth during a news conference in Miami Wednesday, June 17, 2009. How to graph data for your science fair project Posted by Dr. Once you have your data, you will need to present it to your teacher and science fair judges.
Type of graphs: Your first choice is to determine which type of graph would best communicate your findings.
LINE GRAPH – This is the second most common, but frequently used incorrectly, so be careful here.
PIE CHART – Pie charts are good for projects that have qualitative independent variables and have generated data that can be expressed as percentages of the total. SCATTER PLOT – If the purpose is to see if the variables are related (common in environmental projects), but there was not a clear choice for independent and dependent variables (for example wind speed and water temperature), then a scatter plot would be your best choice. Scientists do not label graphs with a title, but if your teacher asks for one — make sure that is there too. If your independent variable is quantitative (numbers) then you could do a LINE graph or a BAR graph, but if your independent variable is qualitative (categories like colors, or male vs. Hope that helps, if not – ask a more specific question – what help do you need? If you only measured growth one time at the end, then you could do a bar graph showing the total growth attained.

If you measured growth several times over the course of the time you let them grow, then you could do a line graph showing growth (y-axis) over time (x-axis). You may want to re-phrase your question: What is the effect of temperature variation on stalactite growth? If you have a quantitative dependent (time, weight, size, etc.) then that will go on your y-axis with type of soda on your x-axis. You can use excel to make a graph, but it will be hard for me to explain how if you aren’t familiar with excel. Hello, I am doing my 6th grade Science Fair Project on Whether Pop Cans will sink or float.
Generally, you can’t graph qualitative variables like which one stains the most unless you can come up with some sort of a rating scale. Please help me, i think i should use a bar graph and have different colors for each trial, because i am finding the speed of waves through three trial.
I need a bit more information… Sounds like you could use a bar graph for that type of data. My daughter is in 3rd grade and has to show a graph or table but I have no idea how to help her with this… Her project was sucking an egg through a bottle and all three times the egg went in… How would you graph it or make a table with that information????? Hello , my daughter is doing a science project : color changing carnation , but we do not know how to make a graph , we use a food coloring in blue , 4 tubes , with 4 carnation , de first tube no colorant so no change , the second tube 10 drops , the third 20 drops and the fourth 39 drops of blue , the flowers in tube 2,3,4 changed blue , the fourth was the darker , how we can do ? The x-axis (horizontal) would be the number of drops, the y-axis would be something you measured.
I am doing a science fair project to see if lemons or potatoes will keep a lightbulb lit the longest. To make a graph, you need to collect data… so are you testing different types of potatoes? If I have 10 trials, and in each trial I mark yes or no that my bug tried to climb the wall of the maze, and I want to show change over time, how could I show that on a line graph? The next eight tracked whether or not wall climbing happened while my intervention was in placed. So, I need to show the Yeses go down over the course of ten trials and the No’s go up over the course of the same ten trials.
These printable posters are a fun and colorful way decorate your classroom and make a point. No blog needed, but if you have a blog, be sure to leave your link so we can read more there if you have more to share. Her THINK poster was the inspiration to create my own in a colorful style that matches my favorite colors.
There are plain and chevron backgrounds to give you options in printing. They look great inserted into a photo frame or laminated and hung in the classroom. She enjoys featuring classroom activities, organizational tips and fun lesson plans from creative teachers. If you’re looking to get your own business started then now could be the perfect time. With many popular markets now being saturated, if you are looking for a successful idea then you are going to have to come up with something that is creative and unique. People are taking and sharing photos more than  ever thanks to the help of app such as Snapchat and Instagram.
With Snapchat currently dominating the private photo sharing trend, there is plenty of room for competition with an application that allows private sharing of photos.
All the time we are looking for new information, whether that’s the latest news or a tutorial on how to cook. As customers look for more unique ways to stand-out, personalised clothing is going to become more popular. If you have an eye for fashion then you could start customising clothing items such as trainers and then selling them on local marketplaces such as eBay. You could then buy it off them to resell or you could sell it for them and take a fee as commission. Car parks are usually hard to find and when you eventually do find them, many of them are full.This means you need to spend time looking for somewhere else to park and wasting valuable time. Users would be willing to pay for this app as it adds value by saving them time and money when looking for somewhere to park for the day.
For owners of online businesses, this can be a nightmare if they get hacked as they could potentially lose everything. You could also target niches such as WordPress users and offer this service exclusively for them. Furthermore it can also be time-consuming with a lot of different job boards, meaning that you can never just look in one place. It could take some more work to actually get employers posting jobs on your site but you could try contacting them directly.
Personal trainers and teachers are there to work with us individually to help us achieve our goals. You could start by advertising locally to build up your first clients and then expand from there. An eBook publisher would help authors to get their books published on various online stores and increase their earnings. Gathering information from data is valuable to all businesses as it allows them to see trends and gather customer information. This is vital unless you like the funny palpitations surprise bank statements or credit card bills tend to induce. Like the head honcho of Christmas shopping himself, you should make a list and check it two or three times. One tendency that needs to be rooted out is the feeling that you must spend a certain amount per gift. Avoid the crowds and stores altogether and shop in your bunny slippers in the comfort of your own home. But not only did I keep drawing Simon, I soon found myself creating jungle friends for him like Peep the Bird and Billy the Zebra. I still can't get enough of poor old Charlie Brown and the Red-Haired Girl or Lucy and her psychiatry booth.
And if that eco-minded kid is then inspired to turn off the computer and go explore the great outdoors, that's an added bonus. For all its poop jokes, the cartoon gives a science-based lesson on the powerful effect on climate change of methane and carbon dioxide.

After seeing the premiere, he was inspired to throw a climate change bake sale to save carbon-absorbing jungle (which is still disappearing at an alarming rate despite Henry's efforts).
It's my hope that The Power of Poop, for all of its playfulness, can inspire action on one of the most serious issues of our time. Enjoy with your friends and family and let's preserve our incredible world for today's kids - and tomorrow's too! The Huffington Post obtained the file from a Dream Act activist, who obtained the file from Reyna. He once ordered a Chinese woman deported for answering questions before the court interpreter had translated them.
For a safer, faster, more enjoyable user experience, please update your browser today or try a newer browser.
In a science publication, you would choose between a table and a graph, but for the science fair project it is acceptable, and even encouraged, to showcase the data in both forms. You may select a bar graph when your independent variable is qualitative (categories) or quantitative (numbers).
You should only select a line graph if your independent variable is quantitative (numbers) and you hypothesized that the changes in the independent variable would result in changes in the dependent one.
I will be testing the wind every morning for 7 days and then compare the wind activity for the same seven days last year. We measured the time , for example ; we checked every two hours , and we saw changes in color , until 10 hours that was the darkest point . I want to show it on the same line graph for comparison, but I can’t figure out how to show it . To test that am going to use eggs, i am going to put the egg in one type on drink, then I am going to let it sit for one day, the I am going to place a whitening strip on the egg for one day then I am going to compair the results.
Since these how to think before you speak printables are free downloads you can print as many you want to fit your classroom space!
Take a screenshot with your computer and save it as a background for your classroom computer desktop backgrounds or screen savers.
With many new domain names becoming available and new sources of finance such as crowd funding, there is now no excuse to get started.
A new business with a difference has a much higher chance of success than a business that is attempting to start in a saturated market. Social photo applications allow users to connect with each other in more ways than just sending a message and this trend is increasing.
However one of the main problems is that there are lots of different websites out their, all providing different information. There are several small businesses already offering this service where they customer popular trainers by adding jewels etc and selling them for often over double of the original price. This creates a win-win situation as the website owner makes money from their own site and the buyer doesn’t have to start from scratch. This would be a service worth paying for, for many authors who look to make a profit and distribute their books. Why is that so many people are rushing frantically to the 24-hour Christmas Eve last chance sales? A few things you will avoid by staying home: fighting for parking, lost crying children, sharp elbowed fellow shoppers or less than helpful store clerks. Beyond the fun and games, Schultz taught me something: cartoon characters can have real-life issues. The letter, begging judge Rex Ford not to deport his father, is just one compelling case among the nearly 400,000 people deported every year. We beg you not to send my dad to Mexico, Because we don’t want him to be killed over in Mexico.
Immigration and Customs Enforcement's name for the facility, did not return a phone message asking for comment. For example, line graphs are great for showing changes in the dependent variable over time or distance along a transect. In the x axis can we put tube a ,tube b , tube c and tube d and in parenthesis 0 drops , 10 drops , 20 drops and 30 drops ?. None of these websites tend to supply everything we need to know about a particular subject in one. You could even expand and create a membership site with access to courses in a specific niche. Buying a website can save you starting from scratch and spending a lot of time building the website up. If they do then you might want to question why exactly it is you include them on your list anyway.
Unless you like the challenge and stress of doing your shopping with huge crowds of desperate and rabid shoppers, get it done early.
A few of the pros virtual storefronts have to offer: savings in gas, many online stores have free shipping offers, special web only sales and offers, and perhaps the biggest advantage of all shopping and shipping to distant relatives without going to the post office yourself.
Please I beg you with all my heart to leave my dad with us and I promise you I will be a good student and I will be somebody in life to help this country.
The director of a community organization said Hoz contributed hundreds of hours volunteering at a food distribution center in his free time.
For example  if you want to create a mobile application you would have to visit different websites for each part of your app, all of these giving you different information and answers. If you find a gorgeous cashmere sweater on sale for 50% off, there is no need to spend the amount you saved on supplemental gifts. Gorgeous entries!Anne Marie Rasmussen - Congratulations to all the winners and participants; a wonderfully eclectic entry this month.
Why take the risk that you may not have the time or selection to find what you really need? If the item is not on your list, but happens to truly be perfect, bump another item from the list. If you start early enough you can bargain shop much more effectively than if you wait to zero hour when the need to get something, anything eclipses all other concerns. Don't feel guilty for not spending a certain amount; instead feel savvy for finding a smashing gift for a price that leaves a little something for a rainy day.

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