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As it turned out, another internet user had purchased the offending image from that same stock photography service and uploaded it to a photo-sharing website under a Creative Commons license. That's when it hit me: What if marketers didn't have to shell out more money for images, obsess over copyright laws, and fret about permissions?
Whether you're prepping a social media post, designing a landing page, or drafting an email, visuals are an effective way to enhance the performance of your marketing initiatives. Everyone knows that "a picture is worth a thousand words" -- and this particularly rings true for landing pages.
Given that visuals are pretty, umm, essential on Pinterest, it should be pretty simple to understand how stock photos can fit into your Pinterest marketing strategy.
Calls-to-action are the pathways to conversion, so it's important to design them in a way that attracts visitors' eyes and compels them to click through.
For more help choosing h blog post images, read this post about how to select the perfect image for every blog post. According to its 'About Us' page, SlideShare receives 60 million monthly visitors and 215 million pageviews -- and its popularity (and thus marketing potential) is only increasing. You could use this as it stands, but you might want to do a soft little plug for, say, your own website. Insert the stock photo into PowerPoint, then grab a screenshot of the website you want to put on the screen and insert that into PowerPoint, too. Once you get the image a little less stark, just crop it to fit in the stock photo's dimensions, and voila! You could apply this technique to any blank areas of stock photos to showcase something that matters to your brand -- or just to add some easter eggs to your content!
The great thing about adding text to your images is that it makes them more dynamic, and gives them more use cases across your marketing. Now, since people don't all write in perfectly straight lines when they're whiteboarding, let's tilt that text box a bit so it looks more natural.
Did you know it's insanely easy to add frames and borders to your photos to make them stand out from the crowd? If you expect one of your photos or posts to get shared a lot, you might want to add some brand identifier, like a logo, URL, or company tagline, too. At the bottom of the photo is the URL to a blog post, and a compelling quote from the post is pulled and put onto the photo. One of the key elements of inbound marketing is the use of automated workflows because they allow you to better engage leads through a set of targeted emails, while saving time by automating the process. Workflows can be used to help nurture potential students through their buyera€™s journey with your institution. The series of emails can help tell your institutiona€™s story while building a relationship with the students, from the initial introduction about your school and the exciting open house event coming up to downloading checklists or the application. Workflows are also a great way to promote content up front without having to do one-off emails every week. In order to have the most success with workflows, you need to tie them into your overall marketing strategy. Students who do submit an application would get enrolled into a different workflow that provides information on the next steps, like filling out financial aid and putting down a deposit. Make sure to back track and set the trigger date several weeks before the deadline so you can provide helpful tips and reminders beforehand. Many high school students begin the college search and application process their junior year, but some do it their sophomore year, while others wait until senior year. If the student graduates high school in 2016, he or she is most likely a senior and would enter the senior, more specific workflow.
The majority of parents help with the college application process, and many of them want to be just as involved as the student. When planning your workflow content, make sure to include a call-to-action (CTA) in every email. Set the workflow delays to work alongside the other email blasts, making sure both schedules are coordinated before you hit send.

Then, you could build workflows around each major or department, and place each list of students into the appropriate workflow. Once a student takes an action, they can get taken out of that workflow and pushed into an additional workflow that is more middle or bottom of the funnel. But the truth is, high-quality stock photos don't have to come hand-in-hand with a hassle or high price tag.
From architecture to technology, Negative Space's continuously growing collection of images is one you'll find yourself tapping into again and again. With new photos added daily, there is a wide selection of high-quality images to fit a variety of different topics.
Montpetit created Lock & Stock as a way to give back to the online community and share his own photos. Karolina, a web designer from Poland, is the creative eye behind this awesome resource for high-quality photos.
While there are no formal attribution requirements, Karolina does ask that you include photo credit with a link back to the site when possible. Not only are the photos on Fancy Crave free of copyright restrictions, but they're also pretty remarkable. All the photographer asks is that you never advertise the photographs as your own, and provide attribution when and if you can.
While the name is specific to startups, there are plenty of professional options to use no matter what industry you're operating within. All of the photos that make the cut are under the Creative Commons Zero license, meaning that they are free for personal and commercial use with no attribution required.
With new photos added weekly, Gratisography is another awesome website serving up high-resolution photos covered under the Creative Commons Zero license. If I had to describe Mantri's photos in one word, it'd be "scenic." But don't just take my word for it. And all it takes it one quick scan of the website to know that it is succeeding in doing just that.
Editor's Note: This post was originally published in February 2015 and has been updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness. Consider the goals for your homepage when choosing photos, then conduct user testing to determine which image resonates best with your target audience.
In fact, HubSpot testing shows that photo posts on Facebook generate 55% more Likes than the average post.
The photo shown as the featured image on the pinboard below is from our business-themed stock photo collection.
Make your CTA pop by overlaying a brightly colored button on top of a full-bleed image background -- like the image below from our 80 assorted stock photos collection. While we don't recommend cluttering your email campaigns with photos, images can certainly help entice readers to click, improving email clickthrough rates. For instance, we'll often add text to our blog post images so that they can get more engagement on social media.
Here's a compilation of just a few of the things you can do in PowerPoint alone just using the "Picture Styles" in the "Format" tab. This is something you often see on photos from Creative Commons, so that the original creator's name is attached to the image somehow. Then, to brand it a bit more, a logo is inserted at the bottom of the photo to ensure credit is always given no matter how much the image is shared.
They might enter the workflow after their first interaction with your institution and end it with full knowledge and a desire to apply. This frees you up to spend more time on strategizing other ways to reach your potential students. Instead of having admissions counselors follow-up with each student who has started, but hasn't yet submitted, an application, they could set up a workflow to automate this process. Set up workflows around certain dates for things like FAFSA deadlines and ACT or SAT dates.

Adding a field for "graduation year" to your forms could be the starting point for a standard workflow.
If the student graduates in 2018, he or she is probably a sophomore, so they would enter the workflow that has more top of the funnel information. Begin with introductory, basic content in the first few emails and segue into more personalized, deeper content for the last few emails.
Creating a workflow for the parents, based on self-selection, will provide them with helpful information alongside what their student may or may not be receiving. Common CTA examples include a link pushing them to your site to learn more, a checklist to download and use for their campus visit or an application to fill out. An example of this could be students identifying which major or department they are interested in, and subsequently being pulled into the corresponding smart list.
Let's say you have a general workflow that provides top of the funnel information to students about your institution. This can be done by creating a smart list that would be used as the goal list in the first workflow and the starting list of the second workflow.
It is a simple way to have consistent contact with potential students while moving them closer to your end goal. You are using an outdated browser, we recommend you upgrade your browser for a better and safer experience. All of its photos are shared without copyright restrictions, meaning that you are free to use them however you please.
This request will help her grow the website, and in turn, provide even more awesome photos for everyone to use.
According to its website, Life of Vids serves up free footage videos, clips, and loops, weekly. And if you need some inspiration to help effectively incorporate images into your homepage design, check out our free flipbook of 50 Examples of Brilliant Homepage Design. You can do this by right-clicking on the image, selecting "Size and Position," and then adjusting the "Rotation" number to the degree that works for you.
To make the website blend into the computer more, we'll have to make it a tad fuzzier, as the laptop itself is kind of blurry. It's been a while since we talked about the booming unicorn industry (long-time blog readers may remember a time when that popped up quite frequently in our posts), so let's pretend this is a photo for a blog post about expanding your unicorn business product offerings. You'll probably want to change the font -- you could even download a custom font that looks like whiteboard writing! This would be particularly useful for adding a simple touch to social media images to make them stand out in a cluttered feed. When a student creates an ID or login for the application, they could get enrolled into a workflow that gently reminds them of their application and provides tips and contact information if they need help.
Additionally, workflows can work alongside blog posts, social posts and additional inbound marketing activities to achieve the greatest outcome for your institution.
Or if you're not sure what specific angle you need, just click the green circle above the image and rotate it to be the angle you desire. To do that, right click the image, and select "Format Picture," and use the "Soften" toggle bar to, well, soften the image.
Download our white paper to learn more about using inbound marketing for the college admissions process. Depending on the color of the website's border, you might want to add a glow around the edges to help it blend in a bit. They're still available, and we've seen them floating around the internet here and there, and we think it's awesome. Once you have that figured out, plan out how you want the workflows to run and what content each one will contain.

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