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Well, tattoo shop and esthetic body modification known for its dark and saturated aesthetic interior.
From street views, the tattoo and body piercing studio workshop really look bright and enchanting. While the working room hidden, large multi-function space seen from outside consist of customer service area, a small art gallery, and design area. The balcony is very large; you could put a table and four chairs out there alongside the dish sink and preparation counter.
I have been working in Singapore for 4 years , so have made the trip to Bangkok many times , usually spent my days at NaNa. Rick, the new place looks great and I have been around that section of town a few times ans I really like it. Now you just have to find the right combination of girlfriend, maid, cook and all around caretaker to take care of the rest of your needs.
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PREVIOUS POSTAdventures in Thai meals I’ve had a wide variety of food recently at a wide price range. Three years of living in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam and I still haven't settled down yet. The bird painted mural of old school tattoo dated back at 40’s outside clarified in the interior with stencil technique, so it create beautiful wall decoration of tattoo shop interior. Groceries speak for themselves (except you can buy beer, liquor and cigarettes there, which most Canadians would appreciate if they could buy same in a grocery store!). I will check for watering holes, although that might mean sitting on the 15-inch high plastic chair with Leo in hand and an eye out for taxi bumpers. And I’m excited because I will be living in a part of town I only know a little about, but at least it’s off the Sukhumvit same old, same old. Another interesting decoration is the hanging tattoo sketches that bring creativity spirit for this art workshop. Just a hop, skip and jump from Rama 9 (Pra Ram 9) MRT subway stop and not far from the next northward MRT station, Thailand Cultural Centre.

Inside Fortune Town is a totaly different story, with halls and halls of mobile phones, computers, washing machines, DVD movies and much more. If it's got a watering hole or two then it might take me a week or two before I ventured out of the soi.
This tattoo shop studio interior has well-lit and friendly appearance in order to increase awareness of the tattoo art. This photo was taken before the lead photo, which was chosen because it's so much more interesting than completely artless, bald-assed concrete. I did eventually make it down to Pattaya 2 years ago, and enjoyed the sight of the ocean as well as the noon breeze from my bar seat, except for the zillion depraved 300+ full bodied tattoo western MEn , the place would be perfect?

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