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Seriously, we can get over hundreds of business ideas, but sometimes our brain is blocked for a single tattoo idea.
These became popular in the 80s and are great for those who love to have something unique as their tattoos.
Same like skin rip tattoos, 3D tattoos too can bewilder watchers, because they look so real!
Some people are both – lovers of their pets and lovers of tattoos – to such an extent that they can’t leave their pets without tattoos. Throat tattoo designs are sure to turn a few heads, but this optical illusion tattoo on the throat is probably enough to make people stop dead in their tracks!
For the mechanics searching for throat tattoo designs, this crossed wrench design is pretty wicked, especially with the “Working Class” addition! Here’s a beautiful example of a choker tattoo with black lace and a large detailed gem. Portraits aren’t your typical throat tattoo designs, but after seeing this one, I think there should be more like it. There’s something about this apple tattoo on the throat that’s just breathtaking!
As gruesome as some hole in the throat tattoo designs can be, this one os really quite beautiful in its own way. Creepy and striking, this skull throat tattoo with red eyes is a nice choice if you’re looking for something a little macabre. Skulls are popular throat tattoo designs, and here’s another amazing example, this time with some feminine elements for the ladies.
Bold black lines in this tribal tattoo on the throat are enough to get a few second looks when you’re out in public for sure! AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites.

They look as if they are up in the sky with a particular purpose and are flying around trying to fulfill that. This realistic, gothic portrait was done on my clients lower forearm at Dark Age Tattoo Studio in Denton, texas.
Fun Grandfather Airforce Portrait on my friend rad old photo impeccable quality for being so old! I had the opportunity to put a unique twist on a classic biomechanical theme in this lower leg sleeve. I have alot of fun tattooing anything related to Disney, in fact anything cartoon or animated I have alot of fun tattooing. Tattoo has now become a fantastic fashion statement and both men and women are attracted to getting tattoo on their bodies and flaunting them. This tattoo design style is also called rip-thrus or tear-outs because it creates an illusion of torn skin, that may sometimes bewilder other watchers. You can get them anywhere, and in form of whatever you like, if you love to shock others with your craziness! If you are amongst them who love weird clothing and hairstyles, piercing on body parts where other people cannot even imagine, and love any damn out of the way fashion, your tongue can become your tattoo canvas, and there are hundreds of designs again. Some find them beautiful and amazing pieces of artwork, while others shudder at the mere thought of a tattoo on the throat.
Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world.
90% + healed in this picture, other than small touch ups and some blocked pores on the main Hulk on the upper arm! Always a fan of macro photography and microscopic worlds, it was a great opportunity to show the interesting dimensionality of individual pollen grains. I focused on the detail of the fur and the color in the eyes makes them stand out against the black and grey shading.

But those who want something different than the crowd have to scratch their heads much for these designs. Let your skin look like an opened zip or two flaps of a coat with large buttons or some weird creature coming out from your body or anything! You can have tribal work, stars, maze or any other shape which you think you can show others as a symbol of your persona.
In fact, few things can elicit shudders and looks of horror like a throat tattoo for some people. Here are some great ideas that look good and carry all the symbolism attached to bird tattoos. Award winning portrait for Best of Day Saturday, Best Portrait and 2nd Place Best Realistic at City of Rivers Tattoo and Art Festival in Sacramento CA last weekend. But believe me, if you trigger your grey matter a bit, you will come to know that we can get tattoos on any of our body parts, and the designs can be small or big.
Here again, you can choose either to get tattoo on the tip of the tongue, or if you are bold, choose to get it on the backside of the tongue too and if you are ultra courageous, you can get your whole tongue tattooed! You can get inspiration from anywhere you look at when you go out or stay in or fancy about. You will be surprised to know that tongue tattoo is not that painful as you think it would be.
No matter what your opinion, though, you have to admit that some throat tattoo designs are quite striking and beautiful! Reason is tongue is not a part of our skin, but a muscle in itself; so, at the most you will get a tingling sensation as in a numb mouth.

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