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Traditional tattoos like anchor tattoos for girls have become a popular request at Tattoo Shops. Sailors have earned an anchor tattoo once they have successfully crossed the Atlantic ocean which was a dangerous and often tragic undertaking. There are large variations on the anchor tattoo.   As mentioned above, cute small symbols are a popular choice.
As you know anchors are inseparable objects of ships and this is the main reason why anchor tattoos are so popular among sailors and people associated with the sea especially. Since the anchor has the ability of securing the ship in it’s place it represents stability, security and resilience. Other symbolic meanings of anchor tattoos are; strength, ability of overcoming difficulties and struggling against the unpleasant surprises of the life. The combination of an anchor and roses besides looking so spiffy also represent beauty and sacrifice.
If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Deer Skull Tattoos, Family Crest Tattoos, Girly Skull Tattoos and Tribal Wolf Tattoos. The sexy woman sports an equally sexy tattoo piece on her back that oozes mystery and eroticism. Take a look at the chest tattoo of this fearless woman who is not afraid of death and believes in chasing her dreams with crazy passion. The woman is a big fan of the Beatles and this tattoo is dedicated to Paul McCartney who described women as birds.
Take a look at this back tattoo of the woman who carries lily and jasmine flowers along with butterflies and a hummingbird. This Japanese girl has got her whole back inked with a big dragon tattoo that symbolizes transformation. This woman loves the style and demeanor of pinup girls and that is why got the portrait of a pinup girl done on her back.
The girl got this angel tattoo in loving memory of her father with the wish that his soul might rest in peace. The pair of butterflies and the swirls symbolize the beauty of romance and companionship that ultimately leads to liberation. Pink, gray and white shades grace this upper back tattoo that looks super graceful and romantic. Etched on the side of the foot; this quote tattoo looks very cute and gives out a confident and wise message.
This woman is a hardcore tattoo aficionado and the piece that graces her back is full of cute and colorful details.
This gothic style rose vine tattoo is little dark and different but still oozes a feminine touch. Check out the dark flower and its outline etched on the chest of the wearer that looks quite unique. The pink and blue sparrows along with a heart shape and stars symbolize the love life of the wearer. The ring tattoos have become pretty popular among couples as they look stylish and one is also not afraid of losing them. Watch out this mystic tattoo piece that is a symbol of the wearer’s sun sign Gemini, balance and happiness. This animated sun tattoo, sitting on the upper back of the woman, looks very groovy and stands for her brilliance.
Take a look at this woman’s creative tattoo that is a symbol of love, stability and loyalty. This unique tattoo is a symbol that the life of the woman revolves around her husband and two children. The traditional Russian doll known as Matryoshka sits on the arm of the woman and it is dedicated to her mother and grandmother.

The bird and the flowers represent the chirpy life of the girl who is full of lovely people. This mystic tattoo piece holds a lot of personal meaning for the woman and she loves it a lot. The woman shows her freedom loving nature with this pink butterfly tattoo etched on her lower back. A symbol of professional love and commitment; this tattoo keeps the wearer motivated and committed. Flowers are very popular among women as tattoos and they love to wear it on dainty parts such as the ankle. Beautiful, graceful and meaningful; the symbol of resurrection and resilience gracing the back of the woman is spectacular. Big and girlish tattoo piece adorning the back of the woman makes a charming and cute style statement. Back tattoo exhibiting a pretty lotus flower that is symbolic of wisdom, beauty and purity. Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics. None can be used for any purpose whatsoever without written permission from TattooNOW and the tattoo artist. An anchor has an eye catching curvaceous shape and is easily interpreted into different designs and tattoo pieces.  Adding some flowers, hearts, and beautiful colors make them a fun and playful choice. The use of shadow and light colors can give the anchor a 3D effect, which will stand apart from the old school tattoo designs of two color and bold lined styles. The usage of these tattoo designs by many celebrities also made it them very popular and young people often go for anchor tattoos.
These tattoos are suitable for women as they hold a feminine touch in their exquisite designs. According to the body area you choose to get a tattoo your tattoo can be either big or small.
Men and women both like to grace their body parts with these art forms that are a nice mix of tradition and modernity. Flowers, birds and angels are some very popular tattoo designs that find huge favor with the women.With different varieties and equally diverse symbolic meanings, they are sure to fascinate you. Anchor tattoos also make a cute small traditional tattoos, they have been spotted on fingers, feet, necks, and wrists.
Other beliefs tell that anchors symbolize Christianity as they are associated with the symbol of the Holy Spirit.
If you are curious to know more about women tattoos then do go through this post that features 31 images of women sporting varied tattoos. It means salvation and hope and Christians in ancient times used it as a secret symbol not to be caught by Romans. If you want to get a small design you’d better wear it on your ankle, wrist, neck or even finger. All of us must have seen women with tattoos and it goes without saying that their tattoos always look more alluring than that of their male counterparts.
That could mean sailors, seamen, navy personnel and others who worked in the deep blue seas and sailed on the beautiful and mighty oceans.
And today many Christians wearing anchor tattoos wish to show their faith and religious belief. Adding some quotes or personal elements to your tattoo you can make it unique and incredible.
The lovely ladies sport adorable tattoo pieces on their bodies that are really a treat to the eyes. In fact, in the past, it was believed that the anchor design was used to camouflage and shelter the symbol of the Holy Cross.

This was done to avoid being targeted and persecuted, but at the same time be able to display their faith and what it meant to them. This was a fearless move on their part and they used this clever ruse to keep their faith strong but not have it on full public display. By this association the anchor can be seen symbolically as something that holds you in place and provides you the strength to hold on no matter how rough things get.
Life can be hard and sometimes you need to have the little ray of sunshine to remind you to hold on through the good and the bad.
Some anchor tattoos are dedicated to the near and dear ones who’ve played this role in your life.
This person has usually provided you the strength and wherewithal to hold on no matter what comes your way. It’s really cool to think about someone having that big of a role in your life and what an amazing way to honor them through the anchor tattoo. It holds so much power and strength and yet an anchor is able to withstand the strength of the mighty sea. It holds fast to the ship, never wavering or losing the ship no matter how rocky the waters.Check out the beautiful Cross beside the anchor on the sides of the finger. An anchor tattoo is so fascinating because it can withstand the force and power of the sea!
Decide if you want it to be in an area where people will often see it and ask questions or if you’d rather have it in a spot that can be easily hidden. You can add more weight to an already significant design by choosing to have a message added around it. Talk it over with your artist and then choose the spot where you think it will be best for you.Tattoos have such a powerful impact on us, the people around us and our culture at large. When choosing your anchor tattoo, think about what you want it to represent and if you want to impact people along the way.
Many people are inspired by each other’s stories and struggles as well as their triumphs and victories. Reply Swampnuts You will be the dream girl for that one special guy that will give you the world. Reply ivonne i agree with you Reply Alejandro Like you Paul, you are trying to look smart, but… Reply Dave Bean Amen to that brother. Reply Denise It’s not stupid, seeing that the birds are pulling the anchor away from the ocean. I like it and I have an anchor on my wrist and have been looking for a good saying to put around it. Which as a nautical star underneath the swallow was a symbol for each 1k nm more sailed…. So the anchor has nothing to do with not letting the ship dredge away but for crossing the atlantic Reply Val Thank you!
My girl got her tattoo expanded and made me want one so I got an anchor and I think it’s adorable.
A dragon is for crossing the Pacific, and a sailing ship is for transiting around the horn of South America. Fred Reply Albert Avila I’m thinking of getting a small anchor tattoo either on top of my index finger or on the side of my right hand and my meaning is simply to remember my roots and just always be sinked into where I came from. I have sailed roughly 5k nm on 6 different boats so I have learned on this web sight I could put a swallow under the anchor next time I get inked, cool, thanks.

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