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Like other traditional tattoo designs, traditional snake tattoos are made with multicolored ink and have a vibrant appearance. Snakes are one of the most revered reptiles in the Japanese culture with snake tattoos commonly standing for the healing or regenerative qualities of life. Snake tattoos are very popular among girls and women with the shoulder, foot, back and waist being the most common spots to get these tattoos. The skull and snake tattoos carry similar meaning like other skull tattoo designs as they often stand for danger, death and decay.
A snake coiled around a dagger is an ancient symbol with the tattoo representing the fighting spirit and agility of the wearer. In addition to the earlier mentioned meanings, a rattle snake tattoo may symbolize death and transformation.

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Choose from the various traditional tattoos shown above to go along with your sense of national pride and joy.
The reptiles are believed to be sacred in a number of ancient cultures, such as the Africans and Native Americans. If you are in a mood to experiment with ideas to spice up your look a bit further, get yourself a traditional tattoo and you are good to go. Snake tattoos can stand for anything starting from evil, danger and cruelty to knowledge, wisdom, patience and fertility.
These tattoos can be sported by both men and women as they have various masculine as well as feminine qualities.

However, they mostly depict symbols or imagery that had some important role to play in the history of the United States. They may depict the national flag with the symbol of eagle on them, or the pirate ships that were an integral part of Caribbean heritage, or some other image of cultural significance.
Sometimes traditional tattoos may also embrace the Native American heritage of our country. These tattoos are usually very colorful in their appearance and can be worn by both men as well as women.

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