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New York Times best selling author Jay Baer is a frequent guest of the press on digital marketing, social media and consumer technology trends. This is a place designed to showcase thought leaders and my random thoughts to help you succeed. Gingrich tops the survey with 22 percent support, just slightly ahead of Congressman Ron Paul who has 21 percent, according to the Public Policy Polling survey of likely Republican voters ahead of the January 3 caucuses, which kick off the 2012 presidential nominating season. Based on the trends and what I know of each candidate's level of organization in the state, I'm thinking Paul might end up winning pretty big, like by a 10% margin or more in Iowa.
His last debate was by far his greatest, and I watched FOX and MSNBC after the debate for an hour each and not a single time was his name mentioned, not even once. IMO, this whole thing shows that the Republican party would rather Obama be president than RP. I have had the true pleasure and honor of teaching graduate-level classes at Rutgers University for more than six years now. Typically, students in the class are marketing executives from small and large companies in the greater New York area.
I turned to a few people in the field who are definitely staying up to date so we cold learn their secrets. To stay relevant, of course I do the things most people do: Read, read, and read some more.
The challenge of excelling in relevancy is in engaging meaningfully and leading genuinely; this requires really becoming part of one’s community. That means that your continued professional relevance relies on continually adding, refining and even excluding news sources.  It’s the hard (but necessary) work required to be successful in a world that changes in split seconds.
Your work, in all you do, must close the gap that exists between you and engagement now and over time. Our vision is to create experiences centered on people as a way to establish real connections between consumers and brands.
We are in a period of permanent tech revolution, and the way to ensure relevance —for a big company or a small brand — is to start building for the future BEFORE it hits. For me, ensuring relevance is not so much a matter of “What’s New?” but a fierce focus on “What’s Next?” And the pinnacle question of “What’s The Next BIG Thing?” fuels my work day — every single day. Take IoT (the Internet of Things), a tech I launched back in 2013 that has just, in the past year, started coming to fruition. A critical tool to support my learning curve is what I refer to as “hashtag research,” whereas I follow certain hashtags on twitter (e.g. Now in my 23rd year in digital marketing, I fear this scenario of obsolescence more than any other beyond my family, my team, and my health. For example, when I attended SXSW, I sought out sessions on Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Design, and Marketing networks.
I subscribe to blogs on philosophy, tech advances, design, and of course stalwarts like The New York Times and Wall Street Journal. I hope you enjoyed this article and will consider commenting and sharing it with your friends. Several years ago when the world of social media marketing was still emerging, Jay Baer and I had a debate on whether this would be a viable career path in the future. I thought that social media would persist as a specialty because of the need to keep up with the rapid and unprecedented changes in the field. What is going on today? Is social media marketing a viable career option and will it continue to exist as a stand-alone profession? And, as the chart above points out, interest in these jobs continues to climb, although the slope of the curve is not as steep as what we witnessed before 2013.
Social media has become an indispensable tool for customer service, content distribution, consumer engagement, and research. Siloed organizations will struggle for power while lean and focused competitors build unstoppable momentum.
Social media marketing competency can be integrated into other job functions like sales and HR. My point is that while social media can stand alone as a job description, it cannot stand alone as a siloed discipline.
Mobile technology and the explosion of review sites and forums have made it easier than ever for customers to provide feedback – good and bad.
There are definitely more haters in general, and more active ones than ever before, especially online.
Much of what is considered an online complaint might never have been voiced in the pre-Internet era, because the magnitude of the issue wouldn‘t have matched the effort required to mention it. Hopkins says we are training ourselves to be hyper-critical about everything: “We have become a world of critics. Customers are now empowered to publicly log their latte problems, and company participation in onstage channels actually creates more chatter, in more places.
The notion is that customers will gravitate toward onstage channels over time, increasing the number of comparatively inexpensive interactions with companies online, while reducing the number of more expensive telephone and email exchanges.
Customers‘ use of onstage channels has skyrocketed, of course, but the growth in the total number of interactions has essentially eliminated the presumed financial advantage in most cases. But what actually happens is that you now need to handle 30 Twitter interactions, and you end up with a channel shift, but no cost savings. While there is no singular magic formula that will solve every issue, following are five ways to keep up with the burgeoning amount of feedback. If people tweet you and you frequently require them to then call you to actually accomplish anything, you are doubling your workload. You are also gleaning insights to make your business better, and differentiating your business from competitors who don‘t respond publicly.
As chronicled by John Dijulius in The Customer Service Revolution, Umpqua Bank in Portland, Oregon works hard to harvest customers‘ opinions, even while they are visiting a branch location. Every location has a phone in the lobby, with a sign next to it that reads, ‘Let‘s talk.’ Pick it up and you get connected to the office of CEO Ray Davis. Other businesses make tactical decisions to stretch their customer service resources further by using canned, robotic, or abrupt responses. In some circumstances it may be, especially if you‘re giving the same information to different customers over and over, like in a service outage, for example. I’m writing to request a refund on a bouquet of David Austen roses that my husband ordered and bought specially from your Melbourne store yesterday (April 14). So my poor husband was trying to “make things right” by providing me with David Austen roses from your store.
Rodsted is certainly more passionate about rose specificity than most people, but she probably deserved better than a one-sentence dismissal.
Yes, you should answer customer complaints, but for the record, stalking customers and threatening them with bodily harm is not part of the Hug Your Haters success formula.
Social media and review sites are public, and that makes it a dangerous game to pick and choose who you answer, while also blurring the line between customer service and public relations.
Today‘s customers, especially the onstage haters, may easily notice the hopscotch nature of influencer-based answers, creating a potential for backlash.

Justyn Howard is the CEO of Sprout Social, a software tool used to find and interact with customers in social media.
Instead of responding only to influencers, Jenny Sussin from Gartner recommends prioritizing customer interactions by issue type.
The Hug Your Haters mantra is to answer every customer, in every channel, every time, and is a simple answer to how to keep up with the ever-increasing amount of feedback. If you haven’t discovered podcasts as a way to get energized and inspired, the latest edition of The Marketing Companion would be a great place to start. The heart of the show is a discussion of the surprising data behind Jay Baer’s new book Hug Your Haters. GoToWebinar – a leader in online events – is one of the easiest and most effective ways to connect and convert your target audience. The Chicago Bears fan base has been turned upside down with the amount of negative news coming from each and every media outlet regarding everyone’s favorite team. This illustration accurately portrays what Cutler’s personality looks like in the eyes of the fans. Last year, Jonathan Bullard earned the third-highest overall grade among interior defenders in the 2016 draft class. Si hay una pareja que triunfa en las redes sociales es la compuesta por el guaperrimo Jay Alvarrez y su estupenda (y perfecta) novia Alexis Ren. Get a free lifetime license of PokerTracker 4 Hold'em or PokerTracker 4 Omaha, a $99 value, plus 1 month of poker training.
RP supporters will show up no matter what, whereas a lot of other voters will stay in because of bad weather.
He also has over 500 college kids from around the country coming into Iowa for the last week for more ground game before the caucus. Hell, I think some of them might actually like him but are told to purposely ignore him and leave him out of conversation. Apparently he beats Obama among independents and grabs about 15% of the vote from Democrats. I have taught thousands of students but last week, something happened that was … unnerving. So it’s less about keeping up and more about how I filter out WHAT to keep up with because there is so much! For instance, right now we are building an online university for PR pros and I’ve been pilot testing the crap out of stuff. Providing avenues for ongoing user-generated content is one way to stay relevant by empowering a community to share its own story, to be the story, weaving in the brand in authentic ways.
This may date me, but I’m reminded of the scene in the movie “Working Girl,” where Melanie Griffith comes up with a powerful business idea by combining an insight from a trade publication with a news blurb from The New York Post.  Magic thinking ensues, and she beats the villainous Sigourney Weaver. Before you can compete for relevance, you have to understand how someone else defines and measures relevance.
More importantly, you have to connect your value to the way others interpret (and appreciate) value. We are pushing our work to new levels by embracing design thinking that underpins our tactics. Specifically, my formula is to launch 1-2 new tech topics every year… but it’s key that the technologies cannot yet have made their way into the mainstream. Augmented Reality is an area I’ve been focused on since 2010 … and we’re just now seeing the news cover many of the Immersive Technologies (AR, VR, MR). Exposure to nearly limitless categories — I’m on the road about 50 percent of the time now, giving talks. I seek out as many meetings I can with people who are working in diverse fields and companies. The rules of engagement are shifting on a daily basis and it is worthwhile for companies and agencies to have a devoted competency in this discipline. There are still organizational silos in many agencies and commercial departments (Gini Dietrich and I discuss this in this interview).
Well-known pundits like Seth Godin decried advertising as nothing more than a failure to engage people in a compelling product. For most companies, social media has become part of a complex cocktail that includes owned, paid and earned media swirling around many traditional marketing strategies as well.
But in fact, the customer journey is a tangled mess today with social media impressions appearing at any time and any place. All of these aspects of digital marketing must work together to make a modern marketing plan hum.
Further, companies’ participation in these platforms creates even more feedback, the way one barking dog spurs on every other dog within earshot to join the ruckus. From January 2014 to May 2015, there has been an eight-fold increase in customer complaints made on social media in the UK.
Nearly every company interviewed for this book, as well as research from Yelp and others says the same.
In an offstage channel like email, the balance is different, with many more complaints than compliments. We are able to evaluate and share our feelings in a moment’s notice via different forms of media. Consequently, the idea of “call deflection”—used by many large companies to justify the cost of robust social media customer service programs— is a myth. Gartner reports that social media customer service personnel can deal with four to eight times the number of interactions than telephone advisors in the same time period. If you take 10 phone calls that cost you $6 each, it‘s an attractive proposition to shift five of those calls to Twitter interactions, at a cost of $1 each. This equation is exacerbated by the fact that the reduction in calls and emails doesn‘t always happen either.
Your providers of online customer service must be able to actually address the problem and have the capacity to solve it whenever possible. Still, interacting with many of your customers multiple times across different channels is an expensive recipe for business improvement. You can pick up the phone and tell him what you think the bank is doing right and what you think it can do better, or you can ask him anything you‘d like. Note, however, that Shutterstock had a service outage and still responded to every customer with a customized, self-effacing reply. The bouquet was wilted and the flowers were spotted and browning—I can bring them back and return them.
A year ago I ordered my wedding bouquet from your store and as per email below, Nicholas promised me David Austen roses. Not only did they not arrive on Saturday as initially promised in time for our anniversary, when we finally received them they were such a disappointing and sad-looking bunch that it’s almost heart-breaking. So as a thrice-spurned offstage hater, she took her grievances public and raised the stakes.
This attempt to save time by sending a one-line response backfired, requiring substantial effort to repair the relationship with not only the customer, but also the growing crowd of online spectators.

He explains the inadequacies of using influence as a filter for onstage interactions: “We run into a lot of organizations that say, ‘Look, just show us the influential people so we can respond to those. In this latest edition you’ll hear about two new apps to help you create content, a list of the worst apps in the world (including the Death Simulator), and some radical new insights into customer service best practices. I’m still in the experimental stage but see huge potential in this as a flexible and easy way to create quality content.
Tom Webster led an Edison Research team to discover the truth of customer service on the web today. Be sure to check out his amazing newsletter The Full Monty, the best weekly curation of digital news. You can generate qualified leads, establish thought leadership and build brand awareness for up to 1,000 attendees.
The fall man for this year’s debacle has quickly transformed from Mel Tucker to Jay Cutler, with Marc Trestman riding the coattails of both.
Quinn Mattews y Troy Macaronie estaban al otro lado del objetivo para disparar a cada carantona de los enamorados. Haven't seen a recent nationwide poll on the subject and its hard to figure how the media would handle a Paul vs Obama presidential race and how that might affect electability. The philosophy at Arment Dietrich has always been that we never introduce a new tactic to a client until we’ve tried it on our business first.
Our community thinks it’s awesome because they’re in on the ground floor and it gives me TONS of data to work with. To stay relevant today, the agency I’ve founded (AG2 Nurun) is always seeking to push the boundaries beyond mere advertising.
In the past year my new tech areas include Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, as they’re getting ready to tip. That enables me to learn about what they’re working on, and stay in touch with the issues being talked about in my field. I read an amazing article today about Nike blowing the Steph Curry re-signing in 2013 because they overlooked the rise of outside shooting as the new dunk, and totally whiffed on Millennials’ desire for their sports heroes to look more like themselves, rather than blocks of granite. Our culture is that when you find something interesting, you immediately share it across the whole group. I almost always come away with a fresh perspective and ideas that are relevant to marketing.
The moment you think of yourself as an expert is the moment you take a step toward obsolescence. And between 2008 and 2018, the US Department of Labor Statistics estimates that customer service representatives will experience the third-highest growth rate of any occupation. Laurie Meacham is the Manager of Customer Commitment for Jet Blue, and oversees the airline‘s customer service programs. You are impacting customer advocacy, and the very public nature of your participation matters. But some businesses embrace that wave and use it to make their company better, or even use it as a marketing advantage. Fundamentally, when you choose a rote response system, you are doing so based on a value judgment. My heart sank a little on the morning of our wedding day when I opened my bouquet box and found standard roses instead. I’d like to finally give you the chance to make this right by providing us with a full refund or perfect bunch of David Austen roses. She posted her email and the florist‘s response to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram creating a torrent of “I‘ll never do business with them again,” comments from nearby friends. They are engaging in reputation management,” says Frank Eliason, who has held senior customer experience positions with Comcast and Citi. These soundbites are called “waves” and could have an interesting impact on content creation. Trusted by start-ups to global organizations worldwide, GoToWebinar helps businesses reach over 40 million people each year. Take a look at building an engaged and relevant audience through innovative new games, contests, analytics, polling platforms, and other innovations.
Some of these new marketing leaders were in high school when I started teaching this social media marketing class and now they’re in the workforce.
The first step in being relevant is knowing what the conversation in your industry is, so that you can contribute to it and advance it.
In the last 4 days I’ve addressed a big conference of locksmiths, a big conference of health club owners, and now a 10,000-person Adobe event. Having two teenagers at home is very useful in terms of understanding how the next generation of consumers interacts with devices and information. She says that in social media, 60 percent of the customer comments are neutral— questions, mostly. They want feedback from customers—the more the better—and they‘re willing to invest in collecting and addressing it. Nicholas had promised me an “exquisite” bouquet and I was disappointed but naturally I chose to focus on having a happy day instead and it was such a great day that I was euphoric for weeks after! It could be a topic that is quickly accelerating in terms of the overall number of mentions. We don’t recommend being a part-time participant in any channel, so only participate in the ones in which you can fully commit to. It will stretch your mind, connect you to fascinating people, and provide some fun along the way. I am disproportionately good at synthesizing information, and figuring out what’s worth paying attention to, and what’s not.
Half the time I yell at them for always being on their phones, and half the time I’m taking mental notes. And of course there are all kinds of related benefits like improvement in search engine results, particularly at the local level. However later on our honeymoon the niggling picked up and I confided in my husband that the only thing I’d change from our wedding day was my bouquet and became a little obsessed with wanting to call up and ask why I was not provided the promised David Austen roses—naturally it’s become a bit of a joke with us. Remember that many companies have started or fully reverted to viewing and practicing social interactions in lieu of marketing and advertising. So if you‘re Chobani yogurt and somebody is complaining about the smell of your product, that‘s a problem and you want to be alerted to that right away. If somebody says, ‘I think there‘s a bomb on my train’ Metro North might want to reply to that.

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